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Boot Camp
Agatha Dominik
What are you doing? Who are you? Where the hell are my parents? - Get dressed! Why are you doing this? I wasn't gonna do it! We're trying to ...Rate it:

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Das Boot
Wolfgang Petersen
Our bosun's mate. Been on quite a bender tonight. Who are those pigs? Their fireboat drill. They're all from my boat. Captain. Marten's crew....Rate it:

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Puss Gets the Boot
1 [CLUNKING] WOMAN: Jasper! Jasper! That no-good cat. Just a minute, you good-for-nothing, cheap fur coat! Now, would you just look? Just l...Rate it:

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American Pie Presents: Band Camp
Adam Herz
Hey, Stifler, how come Steve got all the talent in your family? Bite me, Fuck Face. Come on, man, you're missing it. I've seen it a million tim...Rate it:

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Sleepaway Camp
Robert Hiltzik
Cut it out! Daddy, tell Angela to leave me alone. - Peter started it! - I did not, you liar! - Did too. - Did not. Alright, let's settle down and s...Rate it:

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Eating Out 4: Drama Camp
Do you already have with the head turned? Yes, I have tried everything, but I get nothing out. Luckily we were the toilet not 't recover. Porn...Rate it:

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Camp Rock
Karin Gist
CAMP ROCK CONNIE: Mitchie! Up! Last day of school! MITCHIE'S TUNES MITCHIE: Whoa Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah How to choose who to be Well, let's ...Rate it:

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Bigfoot Horror Camp
Wallace Olderfield
1 (jungle sounds) (fun jungle music begins) (dramatic electronic music) What was that? That wasn't you? No, I don't growl, asshole. Go check...Rate it:

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Bloody Bloody Bible Camp
Shelby McIntyre

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Todd Graff
1 To all the critics out there, I know they're going to review this, and I know they're gonna try to knock me... is it okay if I say this t...Rate it:

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Camp 14: Total Control Zone
I still suffer from nightmares. It's better than the beginning of my stay here. But I still have nightmares. It's not as bad as used to be. It...Rate it:

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Camp Dread
B. Harrison Smith
- [Voiceover] Do you think you're a good child to your parents? - Why do you want to be on TV? - I don't wanna be on TV. - Why you gotta film...Rate it:

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Camp Hope
...devotion to you, Blessed Mother, for the repose of the soul of my father, Romeo Garbellotto. May he be spared the tortures of purgatory an...Rate it:

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Camp Nowhere
Andrew Kurtzman
[Birds Chirping] ~~Hey, hey, hey~~ ~~Nowhere~~ ~~Nowhere~~ ~~Nowhere~~ ~~Nowhere~~ - ~~Nowhere~~ - [Children Laughing] [Man] If your son go...Rate it:

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Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
Dan Berendsen
(uplifting theme playing) (dings) (girl squeals) GIRL: Turn, turn. There's the sign. Oh, my gosh, I can't believe we're finally here. Oh, wa...Rate it:

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Camp X-Ray
Peter Sattler
Get in there! Spyglass, this is cobra one. Open bravo South. Over. You bitches! You bad man! You got to shoot them in the head! You torture m...Rate it:

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Daddy Day Camp
Geoff Rodkey
Got some. - Dad peed in his pants. - Get used to it, son. When I'm old, you'll have to change my diaper. Another year over. I can't believe it...Rate it:

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Dance Camp
Nick Turner
Now arms out and up. Out and up. Good, Blanch! And up. Out and up. Out and up. And out and up. And out. You got it, Estelle! The wop-wop, ...Rate it:

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Death Camp Treblinka: Survivor Stories
This programme contains scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. In August 1944, a Red Army offensive swept into Nazi-occupied Poland. Fol...Rate it:

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Ernest Goes to Camp
John R. Cherry III
[Crickets chirp, owl hoots] [Drums beating] [Chanting] [Drumming and chanting continue] [Wind whistling] [Wind whistling] [Drumming and chan...Rate it:

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Fat Camp
Chuck Hayward
[spray can rattles] [young boy] My name is Hutch and I got Something on my mind Baby Jill You probably get this All the time Cats steppin' to...Rate it:

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Holiday Camp
Sydney Box
(Whistles) - There's room here. - Thanks. - Are you on your own? - (Whistles) -Oh, here you are, Joanie, give him to me. - No, he's all right...Rate it:

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Jesus Camp
What you want, when you want it. [When you want it] KMBZ on demand. From the voice of Kansas City, news radio. Sandra Day O'Connor, the firs...Rate it:

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Mamula Camp
Ratko Djurovic
It's rude to stare, you know? - Do you hear that? - Hear what? It's a -- a song or something. It's probably from some club nearby. Hey... Ser...Rate it:

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Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare
Jed Elinoff
The story I'm about to tell you is Camp Little Moose's darkest secret. A tale so terrifying, if your parents knew, they'd never send you here in...Rate it:

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Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers
Fritz Gordon
1 Michelle screamed as loud as she could as she ran through the graveyard. But if anyone heard her, they didn't answer. As soon as she found...Rate it:

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Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland
Fritz Gordon
1 Maria, turn down that radio! Today's the day I'm going to camp. Mom, did you hear me? I'm going to camp today. Yeah, I heard you. What do ...Rate it:

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Space Camp
Max Dillinger
1 Only a shooting star. Come on, Andie. Everybody's watching on TV. You can't see it if you don't come in. Can too see it. Just another wish...Rate it:

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Summer Camp
Alberto Marini
And there is still no word on the American camp counselors who disappeared in Europe. The three young 20-somethings had been hired by the El B...Rate it:

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