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01x01 - Ruby''s Piano Practice/Max''s Bath/Max''s Bedtime Season #season 1

by sakura stuckless

added by kw05842107
9 days ago

Human Season #April Episode #1

Once upon a time. One man and one woman lives in jungle.and they aru daily cut trees one day tiger saw and say why u cutting trees?man say it's my problem.why?u asked .Story end.

by Sajan

added by Saj123bohora
9 days ago


1 (door opens) (hinges creak) (door closes) (Abigail vocalizing "Swan Theme" from Swan Lake) (bag unzipping) (rummaging) (Tchaikovsky's "Swan Theme" playing) (horn honks) The temperature okay back there? Is it, uh, too cold or too hot or... Temperature's fine. Just f

by Guy Busick

added by AxelFoley80
11 days ago

Choosing the Best Photography Course for You

Photographyis not just a hobby; it's an art form, a passion, and for many, a profession. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced photographer aiming to refine your skills, choosing the right photography course is crucial. With so many options available, it

by dhruvinjain

added by ved_p
11 days ago

Goon Piece Season #1 Episode #1

Monkey D. Goonie- I am gooning, Goon Burglar Nami. Goon Burglar Nami- That is so hot Goonie, let’s goon together later tonight. Goonarnoro Zoro- Nice try, but Goonie and I already have a gooning session scheduled for later tonight, maybe next time Nami. Goon Burglar Nami- Shut up dumb dirty black

by Eduardo Camacho

added by josej.93616
12 days ago


Very Short Introduction Narrator follows an account of a time of the to-come, mainly with twists, switches, and bangs. Years are mingled like thought formations and geological concretions. When no one's watching, he can continue to teach, dance, and whisper answers asked from his older colleag

by mereuta

added by rm.9
14 days ago

Ambatukam - The Corn Incident Season #CUMMER Episode #69

EXT. DARK RED FOREST - DAWN We open in a dark, misty red forest where a run down cabin can be seen from within the distance. CUT TO: INT. RUN DOWN CABIN - SAME TIME Suddenly, we get an interior shot of the cabin as we cut to the kitchen window, where the tune of "Hush little baby" can be h

by Dreamybull

added by realjeffreyepstein
14 days ago

Civilizatie si (R)egrete

MOMENT I Vega de București, așa i-a zis, a aterizat cu o jumătate sus, la etaj, sau acolo, știți voi, la mansardă. Cealaltă jumătate merge cam des la toaletă, de pildă, în preajma câte unei Biserici... Palindrom, lor le place să vadă sticle sparte, ps drogat. Toate loopurile sunt începături. Uite-o

by Radu Ioan Mereuta

added by rm.9
15 days ago


Opens with wide shot in garden, character is lighting a lighter, the light can be seen on their face. Ambient outdoor sounds are quite wide to reflect the distance. Close up shot of character lighting lighter, the flame glows on their face as they light a roll-up. They take a long drag from it and l

by Kyle Beale

added by kia.23366
15 days ago

Top Gun: Maverick

[Jet engines starting] [Indistinct radio chatter] [“Danger zone” playing] ♪ Revvin’ up your engine listen to her howlin’ roar ♪ ♪ metal under tension beggin’ you to touch and go ♪ ♪ highway to the danger zone ♪ ♪ ride into the danger zone ♪ ♪ headin’ into twilight ♪ ♪ spreadin’ out her wings

by Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer, Christopher McQuarrie

added by Brycenpatrick9
20 days ago

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