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Re-Making America

New States & New City / County boundaries, New Military, New Police, Fire, EMS, and a New USA of North America. USA to revamp our entire system so our country can improve our overall efficiency, economically, militarily, geographically, and socially.

Listed by COLONEL RAY COUGHENOUR 3 months ago

Young "Dirty" Harry Callahan is at the beginning of his police career. His tactics and no-nonsense approach make his style controversial yet effective.

Listed by Derrick Painter 6 months ago
Nicholas Rainbow

When Nicholas' father (Mark) consults with an African traditional healer to cleanse his ailing spirit, the sangoma (Makhosi) informs Mark that Nicholas' late mother Mary's vengeance is the cause of his illness. Stubborn Mark refuses to oblige to Makhosi's warnings, so she turns her divination to ...

Listed by Dhiren Lalkisson 1 year ago

Ben James happily lived in harmony with his family. His wife and two daughters. He had moved to LA for a job transition. On his new arrival from Chicago he fell into a midlife when he was fired from his job. Unaware to his wife he kept it unexposed. The hide and seek game was over when Ben's wife...

Listed by Tuaka Castro 1 year ago

Logline: A young journalist scoops everyone by getting to write the biography of a famous billionaire recluse. But as she goes through his family history, she find his connection to Mount Shasta's legends may be deadly. Synopsis: A pretty, young journalist, Natalie, whose boyfriend is a star NF...

Listed by Thomas Wolke 9 months ago
The Mighty and Powerful Nelson Fire

Nelson Christopher Amador is 16 old from Seattle, WA and he had a really privileged childhood as a boy, But when Nelson was little, his parents were killed by a criminal name Arthur Denherd and Nelson becomes a foster a child and he lives with a very wealthy family The Donavons and Nelson moves t...

Listed by Nelson Christian Amador 4 years ago
My Dark Dreams

My Dark Dreams is about a detective who is on a case of a serial killer, but when the serial killer turns out to be a warlock werewolf. The detective finds himself in looking for how in more, ways than one as he sat out and discovers friends and family that he didn't even know he had.

Listed by Tony Clements 4 years ago
Dearest Mother

Tanya a small time model with a mental illness who experiences romance, drama, abuse, infidelity, and death of a loved one.

Listed by Cheyenne Kersey 1 year ago
Freight Train

Freight Train, an up and coming fictionalized rock and roll band tries to rise to the top of the music industry on the West Coast during the turbulent mid-to-late 1960's. In addition to facing the usual roadblocks of life on the road, the band unknowingly harbors several dark secrets including un...

Listed by brian dongelewic 25 days ago

Seneca Aurora the noble Peace Knight of watches over his Country Arcet. Set 3 billion years into the future people are born new with evolution of Cyborg A.I. abilities with amazing god like capableness of super human strengths. The New world lives off an Nomadic society system of evolving over ea...

Listed by Jordan C Lee 4 years ago

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  • Jay Rastik
    I like The Talent and My Dark Dreams. I'm a new filmmaker, writing a script right now. I want to get a budget together for a web series. looking for guidance and people to work with.
    LikeReplyReport 12 years ago

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