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Leprechaun Revenge

A village of leprechauns go on a killing spree after a large group of people break into their village and steal all of their gold.

Listed by Javon Hill 5 months ago
The billionaire's son

In short, there is a twelve-year-old boy, Alexander, who has a cool father and is a billionaire, but fails to cope with his duties as a father. However, the cool father has no wife, and the boy is being raised without a mother. There is also an eighteen-year-old guy, Dima, who is deceiving his ...

Listed by Narsha Bulgakbaev 2 months ago

Seneca Aurora the noble Peace Knight of watches over his Country Arcet. Set 3 billion years into the future people are born new with evolution of Cyborg A.I. abilities with amazing god like capableness of super human strengths. The New world lives off an Nomadic society system of evolving over ea...

Listed by Jordan C Lee 6 years ago
La Carrera de Texas \ The Texas Run

After a botched bank heist, twelve perfect strangers must make their way across the entire state of Texas in order to cross into Mexico for sanctuary. However, as they make their own treks, they begin dying off one by one all the while being pursued by a legendary Texas Ranger and every cop in th...

Listed by Dyaln Russell Richardson 10 months ago
The Sleepwalker

Norway, nineteen eighty-four. In the Jade Forest Hospital Facility, a new state-of-the-art hospital, a group of insomniac patients opt for a new medical experiment trial with a drug to help them sleep. However, as they fall asleep, they are unknowingly hunted down by an unseen force. They become ...

Listed by Matt Taylor 1 year ago
My birthday coming

Dozens of presentations or something that will bring big life and commitment to the audience to realize this is the great invention that will mean good for the world. Businesses titles and phrases will be implemented and copyrighted along the lines of having an successful play, movie, show, or bu...

Listed by Fred Thomas Lyons 3 months ago
The Future of Earth

The Future of Earth: A campy sci-fi movies in the vein of the 1980’s movie “Invasion from Mars.” Space aliens arrive to earth with a mission, collect human souls and cause the destruction of the planet. They are assisted by American Republicans and terrorists. Who just want to be in charge no mat...

Listed by Van Williams 12 months ago

Ben James happily lived in harmony with his family. His wife and two daughters. He had moved to LA for a job transition. On his new arrival from Chicago he fell into a midlife when he was fired from his job. Unaware to his wife he kept it unexposed. The hide and seek game was over when Ben's wife...

Listed by Tuaka Castro 3 years ago
What we Fear Alone

A teenager eagerly spends a night away from her parents, but she can't shake the feeling that something is in the darkness behind her. The short film is from three different perspectives. One from the teenager, one from the darkness, and one from the "fear". It's hard to distinguish b...

Listed by Christopher Pittman 1 year ago
Listed by Natalie Schwartz 3 years ago

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  • zunai
    my girl story the sad story
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • Jay Rastik
    Jay Rastik
    I like The Talent and My Dark Dreams. I'm a new filmmaker, writing a script right now. I want to get a budget together for a web series. looking for guidance and people to work with.
    LikeReply 24 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Good luck, Jay! Thanks for your feedback...
      LikeReply3 years ago
    • benjamindiana
      What's the web series about?
      LikeReply1 year ago

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