Sleepaway Camp

Synopsis: Shy, Angela Baker, is sent to camp along side her cousin, Ricky. Strange things start to occur, as the other campers start to get killed.
Genre: Horror
Production: Anchor Bay Entertainment Inc.
Rotten Tomatoes:
84 min

Cut it out! Daddy, tell

Angela to leave me alone.

- Peter started it!

- I did not, you liar!

- Did too.

- Did not.

Alright, let's settle

down and stop fighting.

She started it.

That looks neat.

Can I try it, Daddy?

Maybe in a couple years,

if we ever get a motorboat.

Can we go to the camp one summer?

I bet they'd show us there.

Well, I don't know about that.

Hang in there, Dolore!

You're doing great!

Can't we stop now?

Hey, Craig. How about letting

me take her out once, huh?

Come on, Mary Ann.

You know I can't do that.

Oh, don't be such a stiff.

I know how to drive these things.

My old man's got one twice as big.

Yeah, and is your old man gonna

give me a job when I get fired?

Lighten up, will you? No one's

gonna see us way out here.

Oh, so you think it's funny,

huh? You little schemers!

Come on. Please?



But look, just for a minute.

Not too fast!

Hey John, we gotta go meet the Doc.

John! It's almost 4:30.

Doc's gonna be here soon!

Come on, fellas. Doctor

Thomas is on her way up.

- Aunt Martha's coming?

- Is Ricky coming too?

Nah, I'm afraid he's spending

the weekend with his father.

You look like a skiing hunchback!

Straighten up, will ya?

Turn! Turn the boat!

- What'd she say?

- I don't know.


There's a boat!

Stop the motor. Holy shit! Turn it!

Turn the wheel!

- I can't turn it!

- Give me the wheel!


Oh my God!

Somebody help those people!

Get in the water!

Get them onto the boat, please!

Oh my God, we just hit them both.

Oh my God.

Somebody help them. Please.

Help them! Please! They're

gonna die, I know it! Please!

Hurry! Help them! Please help them!

Oh my God, we just hit them both.

Hurry, sweeties. We don't

want to be late for the bus.

Goodness, no.

That wouldn't do at all.

Richard. Angela. Oh, here you are.

Look what I did. I packed you

and your cousin some goodies

for the ride up to camp.

Wasn't that nice of me, hmm?

Any Chips?

Why, of course. I believe

there's a whole bag.

I'm almost sure of it.

Angela, isn't there anything special

my little girl would care for, hmm?

We gotta go, mom.

It's getting late.

Well of course you do, dear. We

wouldn't want them to leave without us,

now would we?

No. No, I'm afraid

that that wouldn't do.

Come, children. Let's

be on our way.

Now what?

I believe that I've forgotten

something. Now, what can it be?

Oh, I remember what it is.

I knew I would forget.

I just kept reminding myself.

In fact, I tied a string around...

Around my finger,

so I wouldn't forget.


And I didn't. You never

can be too careful.

Well, what is it already?

Oh, just a moment!

I'll be right back!

Good old Mom's at it again.

Here they are! All filled out

and signed by yours truly.

Wasn't that nice of me, hmm?

- What are they?

- Why, they're your physicals, of course.

We can't go to camp without

our physicals, now can we?

Just be careful not to tell

anyone how you got them.

Oh, no, I'm afraid that they

wouldn't approve of that at all.

Even though they know

that I am a doctor.

No matter what they

do, I'll never tell.

Oh, you're such a dear.

Well, run along now.

- So long, Mom.

- Goodbye, my angel.

I hope you have a good time.

But of course you will.

Take good care of my

little girl, Richard!

- Goodbye, Mom.

- Goodbye, dear.

Look at all that young, fresh chicken.

Where I come from we call them baldies.

Makes your mouth water, don't it?

Artie. They're too young to even

understand what's on your mind.

Ben, good buddy, there ain't any

such thing as being too young.

You're just too old.

Ahh! Ricky, how you doin'?

- Paul, great to see you.

- You winning?

Ah, you know. Same old shit.

- Hey, this is my cousin Angela.

- How you doin'?

She's kind of shy, I guess. You know,

first time away from home and all.

Listen, I got to take her down to the

bunks. I'll catch you down the hill, ok?

You got it.

Hey, Rick.

Wait'll you get a load of Judy!

Man, oh, man.

Oh, yeah?

You'll see.

Me and Judy were steadies last summer.

Hey, you'll probably be in the same cabin.

These are all the girls' cabins.

Over there is the rec hall.

Next to that is Ronnie's shack.

Behind that's the archery

range. There she is!

Judy! Yo, Judy! How you doin'?


Who's the wimp?

Oh, that's Ricky.

Wasn't he the kid you were

babysitting last year?

Guess I'm not good

enough for her anymore.

Well, here you go, Angela.

If you need anything,

I'll be in bunk 19, below.

Second from the bottom.

- Who were those guys?

- Just some boys I met today.

Weren't they a little old for you?

Don't you know girls

mature before boys?

That's bullshit and you know it.

Ricky, I don't have time for

your nonsense right now.

Well, excuse me. Bitch.

Alright, ladies. Let's

hurry it up and unpack

so we can get these trunks

the hell out of here.

By the way, for those of you who

don't know, the name is Meg.


This here is Susie. You got any problems,

this is the complaint department.

Got it? Ok? Capische?

What are you looking at?

What, are you taking

pictures? Quit it!

You must be Angela. Remember?

Ronnie spoke to us about her.

Looks like we got a real winner here.

You ain't kidding.

Quiet, please.

Thanks for nothing.

Quiet, please.

See what I mean, Ronnie?

She hasn't even touched it.

Angela, Meg tells me you haven't

eaten much since you've been here.

Is that true?

You won't get a peep out of this one.

She hasn't said a word in three days.

Tell you what. How about if you and

me take a walk into the kitchen?

See if we can find something

you like. That sound okay?

I'm gonna take her inside to

see Artie. She'll be alright.

Probably a little homesick, is all.

Come on, Angela.

He's starting to spoil

the little brat already.

Hey Ben, is Artie around? Artie,

can I see you for a minute, please?

Hey, Artie. Be a little more

discrete with the beer can, huh?

Sure, Ron. What's up?

I want you to meet one of our new campers.

Angela, this is Artie, our head chef.

Well, hello there, Angela.

Can you get that, Ben? Please?

As you can see, she

isn't very talkative.

In fact, she isn't much of a

fan of your cooking, either.

You think you could find something

for her? Some ice cream, or, you know...

Phone for you and Mel, Ron.

Do me a favor. Get Mel, will you?

See what you can do, okay,

Artie? I'll catch you later.

No problem. I'll find

something she likes.

I'll bet we can find something

interesting in the walk-in.

You never know what you

can find in there.

Where's my cousin?

Ronnie took her into the kitchen.

- She eat anything?

- What do you think?

What's her problem, anyway? She don't eat,

she don't talk, she don't do anything.

Why don't you leave her

alone? She's just quiet.

If she were any quieter,

she'd be dead.

So Angela, see anything you like?

Maybe I can help you decide.

You sure are a sweet-looking

little cupcake, ain't you?

Yeah. Think I got something

you're gonna like real good.

Hey, what are you doing?!

Keep your mouth shut, you hear me?

You didn't see nothin'!

Got it? Nothin'!

- Sure. Whatever you want.

- Now get the hell out of here.

Hey, What's going on?

What was that all about?

Guess I scared him.

I guess so.

Want to check on the water?

About done over here.

That damn water better be done.

It's been on a half hour. Shit!

- Gimme that goddamn chair.

- All yours, my good man.

It's still got a couple minutes to go.

Gonna grab some hay

before dinner. You coming?

- Yeah, after I throw the corn in.

- See you later.

Boiling yet?

Atta girl.

Motherfucker, you

could have killed me!

Now get the hell over

here and help me down.

Come on, kid.

Get me down and I'll make you a

nice ice cream sundae, okay?

Hey, what the... What

the hell you doin'?!

You little shit!

When I get down from here I'm

gonna rip your fucking head off!

Ben! Help! Ben!

Ben! Get the hell in here! Ben!

Help! Ben! Ben!


I'm afraid I don't carry a

sedative strong enough to mask

the kind of agony he's in right now. Every

nerve in his body must feel like it's on fire.

- What's the prognosis, Doc?

- Well, he's badly burned all over.

Especially his face.

How about his eyes?

Too early to tell.

- Jesus, the pain must be incredible.

- Poor guy must be going crazy.

Yeah, if he's lucky.

Look, can we move this along, please?

No need to upset the campers, right?

Well, I guess I'll be on my way.

Now what?

Now we get this ambulance out

of here as quickly as we can.

Why? It was only an accident.

Because I don't want the kids or their

parents to know that this ever happened.

You understand?

What about them?

Don't worry.

I'll take care of them.

Real shame what happened to Artie in here.

In the future, I hope the rest

of you will be more careful.


I guess that makes you the

head man here now, doesn't it?

I wasn't thinking much

about myself, Mr. Costa.

I just don't see how something

like that could happen.

Come on now, Ben. We still got a

camp to feed here now, don't we?

Yes, sir.

Besides, fifty bucks more a week

can't be all that bad, now, can it?

No, sir. I always thought he

had a little devil in him.

And fifteen dollars a week

more for the rest of you, eh?

- That's real generous of you, sir.

- Well, now...

Ben, there is one thing, though...

There's really no reason for the

campers to find out what happened.

You know what I mean?

Too, um, gruesome, I think.

So why don't we just say that Artie found himself

another job, should anybody happen to ask.

Sure, sure. Whatever you say, sir.

Good, and do me a favor. Tell your

friends here to say the same thing.

You don't have to worry

none about them.

Good. Thanks, Ben. I knew

I could count on you.

- What do you say we get dinner going here, huh?

- Right away, sir.

Mind over matter is the key.

Mind over matter says that even the

incredibly simple task of a single sit-up

should be impossible,

should the mind will it.

Come on. There's no way.

Shut up, Mozart, and concentrate.

Concentrate on summoning all your

strength for this single sit-up.

And you will be amazed when the

time comes that although the body

is willing, the mind refuses.

I will count to three. On three, you will

concentrate all your strength, only to

see the folly of it all. Concentrate,

dear boy. I cannot stress this enough.

Mind over matter. Mind over matter.

I shall now begin the count.




You guys are gross!

Don't tell me Mozart fell for

the old mind over matter trick.

Oh, not Mozart.

He's too swift for that.

Hey, listen. Everybody grab

your glove. The games are on.

- They're gonna play us?

- Right now.

I got five bucks riding on

you guys, so don't lose.

No sweat, Gene. We're

gonna kick their asses.

Alright, you better. Let's go.

Come on, Ricky, babe.

Save me my ups.

Hey! Big man!

You and your boys want to place a little

wager while the game is still close?

What do you have in mind, asswipe?

- Buck a man, asshole!

- That's a little steep.

- Make it five.

- You got it.

Come on, Chuck, he's a looker.

Nice shot, Rick, way to go!

Go Paul! Come on, Paul.

Make yourself useful and

bring me home, huh?

This little shit, will be

lucky to make contact.

Should've brought my rabbit's foot.

You got it, you got it, you got it!

You got it! Come on!

Get it! Get it!


- Nice shot, man.

- Must have been lucky.

Come on, Billy, be a hitter Bill.

Come on, Bill!

No problem Geno, this guy blows

dead dogs. Just lay it in there.

- Eat shit and die, Ricky!

- Eat shit and live, Bill.

Yea Bill, he's a little wimp, Bill.

Come on, keep your eye on it.

Drive it in. Let's go.

Right there, Bill!

Go ahead. Go! Go! Go!

Wake up Mo!


Come on, Mo!

You got it, babe!

Nice catch, Motz.

Get off, man.

Can you believe that? Hey, how

many we up by now, anyway?

I think it's 8-6.

Come on. Take the bat

off your shoulder.

F*ck you!

You tell him too, Rick.

You tell him, too.

What are you gonna do

with your big paycheck?

I don't know! Maybe I'll get

a Corvette or something.

How about you?

I think I'll take a cruise.

Hey, Mr. G! How about some

real competition next time?

Yeah! Maybe the girls want a game!

It's okay, we'll get 'em back.

Come on, we'll get 'em back.

Don't worry. We'll get 'em back.

We still need more babes.

I mean, who wants to go skinny dipping

with fifteen guys and only five girls?

Hey, let's ask Angela.

Man, I've been watching her a

whole week, and she is fucked up.

Now wait a second. You guys aren't

afraid to ask Angela, are you?

I think it might be kind of interesting

if Angela were around tonight.

Good. Then you ask her.

Oh, I would, but it wasn't my idea.

Hey, and who am I to steal

a buddy's great idea, huh?

Unless, of course,

you guys are... chicken!

Alright! Alright, we'll do it!

Who knows? We may get

married one day.

Nice shot.

Say, Angela. We're all going

down to the lake tonight.

You know, for a little swim. And, um,

we were kind of wondering if, well,

maybe if you wanted to

join us or something.

Let the pro take over.

Listen Angela, what say me and you go for a

little walk somewhere, talk about tonight, huh?

What's the matter, can't you talk?

I told you she was playing with

half a deck. Angela's a nut cake.

Ain't that right, Angela?

Ain't you Looney Tunes?

Hey Angela, how's this? Remind

you of anyone you know?

Yo, Angela. How come

you're so fucked up?

I mean, like, what's your problem?

Hey, dickface, leave her alone.

Oh yeah? What are you gonna

do about it, asshole?

You fucks! I'm gonna beat

your fucking asses in!

You and what army?

Oh, shut up and let's go.

Come on.


Shut your mouth,

will you, Mel's here?

I don't give a shit.

I think I'd better take you over to the

infirmary before your mouth gets you

into any more trouble.

- You alright?

- Yeah, I guess so.

Don't worry about it, Rick.

We'll get 'em back.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Hi. I'm Paul. Remember?

I met you last week when

we all first got here.

Listen, I heard... Well, I mean,

Ricky told me all about it.

Well anyway, I'm really sorry about

what happened to your family.

Me and Ricky, we go

back a long time.

We've been best friends

for three years already.

We always seem to get

into trouble together.

Last year we hung the girls'

panties on the flagpole.


We got caught anyway.

Could be a lot of rocks.


Then there was this

time last year...

We locked Alan Weinstein out of

the cabin with no clothes on.

Boy, did we get it for that one.

Hey, bunk 19, time to go. Say

your goodnights and move out.

Guess I gotta go. Well,

goodnight, Angela.


Good night!

Come on, girls!

Water's really warm at night.

What do you say, huh?

- I don't know, Billy.

- It's all very simple, right?

Why don't you start without us?

The hell with you, then!

You don't know how to

have any fun anyways.

Come on, boys.

- Come on, be serious.

- I am serious.




Any of you ladies interested

in a moonlight canoe ride?

Hey, come on. I won't try

anything, I promise.

How about it, Betsy?

No, I don't think so, Kenny.

Leslie's coming down soon.

Why don't you ask her?

Leslie's coming down?

Definitely, definitely.

Take it easy.

Have a good trip.

I don't like the way he said that.

Are you two planning something?

Relax, Leslie. You can trust me. Mike's

always screwing around like that.

The water really does

feel warmer at night.

Better not leave your

hand in there too long.

All the water snakes and snapping

turtles come out at night.

Yeah, sure.

Really! If you fall in,

you're gonna get eaten alive.

Hey, quit rockin' it, will you?

Why? You're not scared of a few

snakes and turtles, are you?

Kenny, stop it! I want to go back.

You know, if we fall in, we

may never be seen again!

You bastard! I hate you.

Hey, that's not a water snake

I see over there, is it?




Hey, you!

You guys are real schmucks.

Hey, Leslie! See any

water snakes out there?


Hey, Bob-a-Ray-Bob.

Hey, hey, Bob-a-Ray-Bob.

What the hell are you doing here?

I bet the rest of the boys'll

be interested in seeing you.

Hey, Kenny! You scared

all the chicks away!

That's Kenny.

Love him and leave him.

Hey, we better beat it before all those

girls get caught and tell Ronnie we're

all down here.

Is this what's called getting

caught with your pants down?

Aw, you stupid shit.


Kenny, let's go!

Come on, we're out of here!

F*ck him, Mike! He's

being a wise-ass again!

We'll catch him back at the bunk.

Why do I have to clean up after

these little peckerheads?

It's not my camp.

You'd think I didn't have

anything better to do!

These peckerheads suck!

How the hell did that get there?

Pick up this. Pick up that.

Clean this. Clean that.

Sign here, Mel.

I'd like to see Mel get his fat ass

down here and pick up something.

That cheap son of a...

As far as I can tell,

the boy drowned.

Of course, we'll have to wait for the

medical examiner to check him over

before we can be certain.

Of course he drowned. He was horsing

around, the canoe tipped over.

He must have hit his head.

I don't think so. Weren't any

bumps or bruises when I checked.

Though again, I'm no

expert on this matter.

It was obviously an accident. I mean, the

boy might have gotten scared and panicked.


That could be a logical explanation.

So it was one of those fluke accidents

we could not have foreseen,

and that is all there is to it!

- I don't know Mel, I...

- It was an accident!

I mean, that's what the

officer said, right?

I said the autopsy will

be more conclusive.


- You'll call me as soon as you know?

- You can count on it.

If you'll excuse me I have the unpleasant

task of informing the boy's parents.

Thank you for your help, officer.

The man doesn't take no

for an answer, does he?

I guess he's just uptight

about bad publicity.

Yeah, I guess so.

Hey, weren't you about to say something

just before he bit your head off?

I dunno. I was just thinking, I remember

that boy being a pretty damn good swimmer.

I sure hope you're wrong.

Alright, let's go. Everyone

back to their bunks.

Be ready for the morning

activity. Come on, let's go.

Nine, six.

Get it. Yeah!

Ten, six.

Hi-ya, Angela.

- How's it going?

- Okay. How's it going with you?

Could be better. Your cousin

just whipped me in tennis.

I was wondering...

Want to go to the movie

in the rec hall tonight?

I thought we had to go anyway.

Yeah, we do. But I meant

seeing it together.

So how about it? You want to go?

- Alright.

- Great!

Hey. How come Angela gets to

talk to the boys all day?

And we have to play volleyball.

What's she? Special?

It doesn't seem fair, does it?

- Aren't you supposed to be somewhere?

- I'm going.

- See you later, Angela.

- Bye.

Listen, Angela.

If you're not gonna participate

in our activities,

then you just sit

there and do nothing.

That does not include

talking with the boys.

You're not a goddamn

prima donna, you know?


Big deal, she was talking to a boy.

Let's just finish the game

so we can get ready for lunch.

Yeah, let's.

- Are you sure you don't want to play?

- I'm sure.

Is there anything you would like

to do? Go sailing or something?

That's okay. I don't mind watching.

Twelve, seven.

Mind if I walk you

back to your bunk?

I guess not.

Gimme a break, will you?

Stop acting so stuck-up.

Remember all those good

times we had last summer?

What do you say, huh?

Let me walk you back?

Not tonight, Ricky.

- Where are we going?

- I want to show you something.

I hope you're not mad I did that.

I'm not mad. I better go in.

Can I have another one?

You know, another good night kiss?

I have to go now.

Good night, Angela.

Good night.

Hello, Paul.

How you doing, Judy?

You and Angela sure are

becoming quite an item.

So what?

I just didn't think

she was your type.

You know what I mean?

I gotta go.

Boy, did I have a great time tonight.

Shh! Shut up, or

you'll wake up Mozart.

What are you guys doing?

You'll see.

Go ahead, Baron.

But don't wake him up.

What the...?

What's the matter, Motz?

Five-o-clock shadow?

You bastard!

Look out, man, he's got a knife!

I'm gonna kill you!



What, are you guys kidding me?

Are you nuts or something?

Gimme that. You'll see this at the

end of the summer, if you're lucky.


Come on, Gino, he was just kidding.

Give him a break.

Yeah. Gimme a break.

Maybe I should ask Ronnie

what he thinks I should do.

You'll see it at the end of the summer.

Right, now everybody into bed.

That includes you too, lover boy.

Guess who?

- Um, Ricky.

- Nope!

- Um... Burt Reynolds!

- You're getting warmer.

- I give up!

- Surprise!

Who are you?

Well, well, if it isn't

the two lovebirds.

Why don't you get out of here?

Oh, sorry.

She's such a jerk

sometimes, isn't she?

Uh-oh. Here comes the

wicked witch of the West.

I think I'm gonna go

back into the water.

Talk to you later, Angela.

Well, not going in the

water again, huh, Angela?

What's the matter?

Don't you like to swim?

Can you swim?

Angela, I'm talking to you. Are you

going in the water or aren't you?


Angela! I am waiting for an answer!

Yes or no?

Goddammit, answer me, Angela!

Answer me! Goddammit, answer me!

- What the hell is going on here?

- The little bitch won't answer me!

She never answers me!

You alright, Angela?

Meg, I want to see you in my

shack right after swim period.

Now get back to your post.

Hey, girls.

Let's not forget to thank Angela

for getting Meg in trouble.

I didn't do anything.

You never do shit.

Give me that.

Hey, Angela.

How come you never take showers

when the rest of us do, huh?

You queer or something?

Oh, I know what it is. You

haven't reached puberty yet.

Is that it?

I bet you don't even

have your period.

That's enough, Judy!

Angela's allowed to shower in the

morning or any other time she wants to.

Yeah, she takes showers when no one

can see she has no hair down below.

- Judy!

- She's a real carpenter's dream!

Flat as a board and needs a screw!

- That's enough!

- F*ck off!

I'm going down to see my cousin.

I'll be back before dinner.

You fucking bastards are

gonna pay for this!

Cocksuckers! Pricks!

I'm gonna fight you, chickenshits!

- Angela!

- You chickenshits, you fucking pussies!

I'll kick your friggin asses all

over this goddamn camp, you fucks!

Those pricks, I'll kill 'em!

Take it easy already!

You boys come down from

there immediately.

Those cocksuckers keep

picking on my cousin.

- That's bullshit.

- Enough.

I saw the whole business.

You realize how dangerous

those things are?

You could have taken her eye out.

Ronnie's gonna hear about this,

and there gonna be no

canteen for a whole week.

And that goes for you too on

account of your filthy mouth.


If I ever hear anything

like this again,

I'm gonna throw the whole

bunch of you out of here,

and don't think I don't mean it.

Get ready for dinner.

How do you feel, Angela? Alright?

She's okay.

Better go change before you catch

pneumonia. It's almost time to eat.

Hey! What are you guys up to, huh?

We got a game against the

counselors. You gonna play?


I gotta take a wicked dump first, so

I'll see you guys down there, alright?

Got it. See you later.

Who is that?

Oh, playing games? Is that

you, Benji? Jesus Christ.

I can't even take a shit

in peace around here.

What the hell are you doing?

Hey, get that thing out of here!

Come on, get it out!

Come on! Get it out!

Get it out! No! No! No!

Oh, God! Get away from me!

Get away! Get away from me!

Get away, get away! Somebody

help! Somebody help me!

Help me!

Help me, somebody!

I'm finished!

That's all there is to it.

Finished. Wiped out.

How many are left?

I'd say about twenty-five.

We might as well pack

everything and shut down.

Nobody's ever gonna send

their kids here again.

Why don't we finish the summer, Mel?

Tomorrow I'll consolidate the bunks.

There's no sense in keeping

everyone spread out.


Why make things easier

for the killer?

Hey, don't talk like that. We

don't know anything for sure yet.

I know! I've known all along.

I've seen the hate in his eyes.

But I never did anything. Now,

I'll stop him for what he's done to me.

I'll stop him!

Snap out of it, will you, Mel?

You're talking crazy.

Yeah, maybe I am. Maybe

I'm just... imagining it.


Boo! Scared you, huh?

I thought you were the killer.

Oh, come on. Don't tell me you

believe all that bologna.

Yeah, well what happened to Billy?

Somebody was playing a joke

and it got out of hand.

Now come on. Let's get out of

here before we get caught.

- Or murdered.

- Where are we going?

To the lake.

Wait'll I get my hands on you!

No, don't.

Come on, Angela.

I'm not doing anything.




Okay, let me have your

attention for one minute.

The last few days we've been using

the regular activity schedule.

And that bites the big one,

so today we're going to try

something a little different, okay?

Like in Color War, you're

gonna be separated into

two groups and we're gonna

play capture the flag.

For you guys who have never played before,

Gene is going to explain the rules.

Alright, gangsters, listen up, because

this is going to be a lot of fun.

Now, depending on what team you're on,

you're going to be wearing white strips

or blue strips. The guys with the blue

strips have to capture the white flag,

and the guys with the white strips

have to capture the blue flag.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Now, to capture the flag you've got to

sneak into the other guy's territory.

Capture his flag without getting

one of your strips taken off.

First guy to capture the flag

wins, and that's about it.

I still don't understand why you

got so upset about last night.

I wasn't doing anything

that bad, was I?

I'm sorry, Paul. I just

wasn't ready. I just...

- Hey, I understand.

- Please don't.

What's the matter with you?

I have to go.


- Angela!

- Let her go.

I really don't know why you

keep bothering with her.

She's so small.

- What do you know?

- I know a lot of things.

Angela, you gotta help me. I got

a great plan to get the flag.

We cut through the woods

and sneak up behind them.

You go in one way and

I go in the other.

It can't miss!

- I don't feel like playing, Ricky.

- Oh, come on.

Help me out, will you?

I can't do it by myself.


After we get the flag the game will be

over and you won't have to play anymore.


- Alright, where do we have to go?

- Follow me.

The flag should be around

there, past those trees.

You go in from this side,

and I'll walk around

and attack from the other side.

They'll never be able

to catch both of us.

How do I know when to come out?

Good question.

Tell you what.

Give me about five minutes, and

when I see them run after you,

I'll sneak out and grab the flag.

- I hope it works.

- No sweat, it's foolproof.

Come on. No one will see us.

Jesus, will you loosen up already?

That wasn't so bad, was it?

I guess not.



Hey. Where are you going?

You're a real scumbag,

Judy, you know that?

F*ck you, Ricky.

You're just jealous.

Same to you.

Mind if I sit here?

Angela, I'm really sorry

about what happened before.

I really am.

I don't know what happened.

She just wouldn't leave me alone.

Come on, Angela. Please?

Give me another chance, will you?


Back together so soon?

Boy, Angela, you

sure are forgiving.

Especially after he told

me what a prude you are.

That is the word you

used, isn't it, Paul?

I gotta go.

Bye, Paul.

It's really no big deal, you know.

I mean, he's okay for you.

How about a little

swim, huh, Angela?

What do you say we get that beautiful

bod of yours into the water, hmm?

- Hello, Ricky.

- Hi, Mel.

Seems we haven't had much

of a chance to talk.

How's your summer been so far?

- Alright, I guess.

- Just alright?

Well, it would have been better

if there were more guys around.

It's kind of hard to get a

ball game up now, you know?


It is a shame so many had to leave.

So how about it, Angela?

Let's go for a swim.

Oh, what's the matter? You afraid?



Well say something,

you spoiled little bitch!

What's the problem?

My good friend Angela here

doesn't feel like going

in the water today.

Oh, she doesn't, does she?

Well, I think I can fix that.

No! Stop it! Let me down!

Stop it! Please! Don't

throw me in the water!

Please, let me go!

With all this bad publicity, I don't

see how I can hold onto the camp.

One sec...

- I asked you a question!

- Hey, what are you doing?

Just like all those other times. She gets

into trouble and you run to her rescue.

You try to take care of everybody.

How you gonna do it this time? Another

drowning, or something worse?

What are you talking about?

Let me go!

I saw you those times!

In the rec room, at the water

fight, you killed them!

Stop it! Don't throw

me in the water!

Stop, please! I don't

know how to swim!

You killed them to destroy me,

didn't you? Didn't you?!

Jesus Christ, Mel! What

the hell are you doing?


Oh, poor baby.

You're a real peckerhead,

you know that, Meg?

Little fuckers!

Hey! Animals! Knock it off!

Calm down, Angela. It's okay now.

Everything's gonna be alright.

We won't let them get away

with this, that's for sure.

I promise we won't.

Okay, the only activity scheduled for

tonight is a social in the rec room.

Those on duty can start bringing

your kids up around nine,

except for Eddie, who I've got some

bigger and better things planned.

- A night off!

- Even better than that.

Tonight you get to take those

little darlings of yours

on a camping trip on the lake.

The campfire, sleeping under the

stars, bacon and eggs for breakfast.

- I can't wait.

- Okay.

As for the rest of you, you're all on

tonight, except for... Let me see...

- Jerry and Meg. Any questions?

- Yea.

What's that?

Anybody want to switch?

Sorry, Eddie. Have a

good evening, everybody.

- Boy, are you lucky.

- You ain't kidding.

- I could sure use the night off.

- You and the rest of us.

I'll see you later, okay?

Hey, guess who has the

night off tonight?

Well, congratulations.

Listen, I was thinking... Remember

that dinner you promised me?

UP at your place?

Yeah. Nine, nine-thirty?

You got it. See you then.

What are you so happy about?

- Got me a date tonight.

- Oh yeah? With who?

It's a secret.

I don't suppose you guys would

let me go next, would you?

Didn't think so.

Hey, Jude! Jude! Jude!

Is the water still on next door?

- I guess so.

- Great.

See you later.

Hey, no fighting back there.

Okay, guys, let's go.

You guys got all that stuff out

of the car, right? Hey, quit it!

Give me that.

- This isn't a toy!

- I wasn't doing anything!

Look, guys, you set up and I'll go

get some wood for the fire, ok?

Can I come, Eddie?

What are you, my shadow?

Alright. Alright.

Come on, let's go.


Do you know where Ricky is?

He's back at the bunk lying down.

Said he didn't feel good after

dinner, but he might come by later.

Look, Angela.

I'm really sorry about what

I did. I know I was wrong.

Can't you forgive

me just this once?


I didn't mean what

I said about you.

I was just pissed off.

I swear it.

Excuse us, kids.

Don't they make a lovely couple.

I really hate that girl.

Please, Angela. I'm really sorry.

You know I am.

Please forgive me.


Meet me at the waterfront

after the social.

I'll be there.


Eddie, I'm cold.

- Eddie!

- What do you want?

I want to go back. I'm cold!

- Forget it.

- Eddie!

- Please, Eddie, I want to go back.

- I want to come too!

You guys are really pains

in my ass, you know that?


Alright. Up to the car.


Have you seen Meg anywhere?

- She's off tonight, Mel.

- Yeah, I know.

She was supposed to meet

me about an hour ago.

Did you check the bunk?

Not yet.

If you see her, tell her I'm looking

for her. Will you, please?

- Do you have to kiss so wet?

- Sorry.

Quick. Under the bed.

- Hi, Mel.

- Hey,

You're not going to the

social tonight, eh?

I'm a little tired, so I thought

I might get to bed early.

Oh, yeah? I'm looking for

Meg, have you seen her?

The last time I saw Meg, she was

going next door to take a shower.

- When was that?

- I don't know.

After dinner sometime.

Alright, thanks.

You know, you could ruin your eyes

reading in the dark like that.

Look. I think I'd better beat it.


You just got here!

I don't know, I just don't

want to get caught.

Cut the crap, Mike. He won't

be back and you know it.

You never know. Look,

I'll see you tomorrow.

Don't bet on it.



Are you in there?

Oh my God.

Not you, Meg.

He did this to get back at me!

I had him. I had him

and let him go.

Forgive me, Meg, please forgive me.

I'll stop him.

I've got to stop him!

He won't get away, Meg.

He'll never get away from me again.


Is that you?

Who is that?

Well, whoever it is,

don't turn the light on,

or we'll have to go

to the stupid social.

Oh, it's you. What do you want?





Help! Help!

Somebody help!

Wait a minute. Where do

you think you're going?

- Inside, to get something to eat.

- Oh, no. The social's over.

Get back to your bunk.

Give me a break, huh?

I've been lying down all night

because dinner made me sick.

Just let me grab

something real quick.

Well, dinner was shitty.

- Just make it snappy.

- Thanks, Jeff.




Oh, God, no.

Three of them?

Listen, I'll get them now.

Right now, I will.

I just don't believe it, though.

I gotcha now, you little

monster. Now it's my turn!

Get the f*ck off of me!

Leave me alone!

You killed that Benny and

Billy just like you left Meg!

I don't know what the f*ck

you're talking about!

I didn't do nothing!

Stop it! I didn't do

anything, you crazy f*ck!

Stop it! I didn't do nothing!

Liar! Liar! Liar!

Marie, find all the counselors and have

them meet me in my shack right away.

I'll go get the ones below.

- What happened?

- Just get them!


I got him. Just like

I promised Meg.

I got him.


I gotta get away.

It can't be you.

It can't be!

It can't be!

- I filled them all in.

- Alright, great.

Now I suggest you send

them all back to their kids

to make sure everyone stays inside.

- Angela and Judy are missing.

- Oh, no.

- What's all the fuss?

- There's a killer loose.

Make sure no one leaves

your bunk for any reason.

Paul and Ricky haven't

come back yet.

We'd better go look

for them right now.

Everybody out in pairs.

Look everywhere you can think

of, even the empty cabins.

Let me get my flashlight.

I didn't think you were gonna show.

- Let's go swimming.

- Now?

- What about our clothes?

- Take them off.


Found one.


Hey, he's alive!

It's Meg.

It's so horrible!



Ricky, Paul! You guys out here?

Hey. You hear something?

- What?

- Listen.

Sounds like singing.

Damn it. It's coming

from over here.

It's Angela!

Angela! Are you alright?

Angela! Are you okay?

Angela, can you hear me?

Oh, you're going to enjoy

living with us so much!

Yes, I know you are.

As a welcome-home present I bought

you such wonderful new clothes.

I just hope that Richard doesn't get

jealous that I didn't get him anything.

Oh, but then he is such a dear.

I'm sure that he won't mind.

You see, I've always

wanted a little girl.

But of course, when

my husband left...

Oh, well!

That's all water under the

bridge, as I always say.

Water under the bridge.

But it certainly will be a nice little

surprise when Richard comes home

to find a little girl in the house.

Yes, I've always dreamed of a

little girl just like you.

I mean, we already have a boy.

So another one simply would not do.

Oh, no, absolutely not.

A little girl would be so much nicer.

Don't you think so, Angela?


Such a lovely name.

Why, I believe it means "angel."

Why, yes. I'm sure it does.

I know you're going

to like that name.

Won't you, Peter?

How can it be?

My God, she's a boy.

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Robert Hiltzik

Robert Hiltzik (born c. 1957) is known for being the director of the 1983 summer camp slasher film Sleepaway Camp, which garnered a cult following. Hiltzik graduated from Williams College and continued to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for film and then attended Hofstra University Law School. He now works as a partner in a New York City law firm. Hiltzik had no idea that his Sleepaway Camp had gained such a devoted following over the years until he was contacted in March 2000 by's Jeff Hayes who then arranged for him to record a commentary for the Anchor Bay Entertainment DVD. After a number of sequels directed and written by others, Hiltzik returned in 2004 to write and direct the sequel, Return to Sleepaway Camp. He decided that this newest chapter would ignore the storylines of the other sequels, stating that he wanted to pick up from where the original film had ended. The production was halted for quite some time (according to, the digital effects were being redone) before finally being released in 2008 as a direct-to-video sequel. As of September 2011, Hiltzik has directed only these two films. more…

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