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Jack-Jack Attack
Brad Bird
Wow, it's dark in here. - Wow! And now it's too bright! - 182702. - Agent Rick Dicker interrogating. - Wow. State your name, please. Kari. Ka...Rate it:

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Jack and Jill
Steve Koren
And we were born on September 15... And... And she's the older... Older twin. I'm older by 10 minutes. She's... Ten minutes. Cause she had a...Rate it:

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Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart
Mathias Malzieu
If I could, I'd keep you there, tucked up in my tummy forever. # They say that I was born # # The coldest ever day on earth # # They say that...Rate it:

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Jack Frost
Mark Steven Johnson
We're going to do|a Christmas tune for you now. You got to trust me. This one's|just a little bit different. lt combines the Christmas|colors, re...Rate it:

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Jack and the Beanstalk
Flip Kobler
Warning, who goes there? Confirm voice identity. Confirm voice identity. Mister Evil... Voice recognition failed... Confirm Identity Voice rec...Rate it:

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Adam Cozad
(PEOPLE SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) GIRL: Did you see what's happening? MAN: Come on, come on, let's go! Hey, what's going on? In there. It's on the...Rate it:

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Richard Wenk
Pardon me, excuse me, step aside please. Jesus Christ! Lee's Diner. There are four down. I'll need two MS vehicles. What the hell happened her...Rate it:

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Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff
Good evening. For those of us here tonight that are 70 years old or younger, Jack Cardiff was shooting film before we were born. I don't do ma...Rate it:

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Carry on Jack
Talbot Rothwell
We must have more men, Hardy, more men. When you get back, tell them. Tell them we need more men. We need a bigger Navy. We must have more rec...Rate it:

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Casino Jack
Norman Snider
You know, I do a shit load of reading and studying and praying and I've come to a few conclusions I wanna share. People look at politicians an...Rate it:

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Dynamite Jack
Jacques Emmanuel
Fernandel in the movie: DYNAMITE JACK The Terror Of Arizona Hey, Frenchman! You've arrived. And you see, nothing happened. Why, nothing happen...Rate it:

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I'm All Right Jack
Frank Harvey
Sir John! - Sir John! - What is it? The war, Sir John. It's over. Over! Yes! At Iast. Just Iisten to them out there. Yes. That's another one...Rate it:

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James DeMonaco
!Vuela la conga, muchachos! !Conga! !Conga! - God!|- So bloated. - She's bingeing.|- Bingeing? She's fat. Honey? Whew! I thought|I lost ya, ho...Rate it:

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Jack and Diane
Brenton Covington
Karen? Shoot. - Hey, is this the bus from DC? - Yeah. I'm looking for my sister. - Do you have a passenger list? - No list. Now get off the ...Rate it:

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Jack And Jill vs. The World
Vanessa Parise
In fairy tales, happiness is there for the taking. Slay the dragon, save the princess. Live happily ever after. Today, we're talking about boo...Rate it:

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Jack Falls
Paul Tanter
My name is Jack Adleth. At least that's what it says on the death certificate. I used to be an undercover police officer... which means I've ...Rate it:

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Jack Goes Boating
Robert Glaudini
Have you thought about it? I think you should. What does she do there? She's the assistant to the embalmer. Oh no. Something with the fluids. ...Rate it:

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Jack Goes Home
Thomas Dekker
- I heard a sound. A wind. A strong wind. And then a whisper in that wind. Remnants. Fragments. Shattered pieces of an illusive memory steep...Rate it:

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Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit
PRIVATE MUSEUM LAROUSSE Hello baby. I will bring to you the receipt that's why. Come here. Thank you. It is me who is. If, say to him that I...Rate it:

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Jack in the Box
Frank Kerr
Do you hear something ? It's the door bell You sure ? Enh huh What time is it ? A quarter to 6 What is it ? Someone left a box Who ? I don...Rate it:

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Jack Irish: Bad Debts
Andrew Knight
1 (Bell dings) How the hell's it going to fit in our apartment, woman? If you think I'm going to remain living within the bowels of a Masonic...Rate it:

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Jack Irish: Black Tide
Matt Cameron
1 (Woman speaks Thai on airport intercom) (Speaks Thai) My name is Dean Canetti, and I think the, ahem, technical term for your situation, G...Rate it:

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Jack Irish: Dead Point
Matt Cameron
1 How long is this going to take? Buggered if I know. A couple of hours? How many are they checking? 12?! I only know what the paperwork say...Rate it:

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Jack Reacher
Lee Child
It's life or death now James and by that I mean you are doing one or the other I have been a rock for you. This here is District Attorney Rodin...Rate it:

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Jack Strong
Wladyslaw Pasikowski
Everyone out of the building. Right now! That's an order! Hurry up, comrades; there's nothing to see here. Comrade colonel, we have the convict...Rate it:

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Jack the Bear
Steven Zaillian
Frankenstein! Frankenstein! Frankenstein! Frankenstein! Bring him down to the village, and let's make it home. I thought I knew all about monst...Rate it:

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Jack the Giant Killer
Orville H. Hampton
The legend of "Jack the Giant Killer"... was born more than a thousand years ago... in Cornwall, England... near Land's End. There was a time...Rate it:

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Jack the Giant Slayer
Darren Lemke
Fee-fi-fo-fum. Ask not whence the thunder comes. Ask not where the herds have gone. Nor why the birds have ceased their song. When coming home,...Rate it:

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Jack the Ripper
Jesús Franco
She's going to win the race today. - You'll collapse in the fresh air. - Tell me how much it costs. My little conk. I don't think so, fatty. Ge...Rate it:

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Jack the Ripper
Crimes there more than a century Jack the Ripper kept their mystery. This is a fiction on these events. History is the result Research archi...Rate it:

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Jack's Back
Rowdy Herrington
1 He photographs his victims. This one was number four. Each woman was murdered 100 years to the clay from the original Jack the Ripper murde...Rate it:

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Jack, Jules, Esther & Me
Daniel Poliner
All right. - Here we go, here we go, here we go! Yeah! Mmm... Wahoo! Dude, this place is fucking awe... - Dude. Your brother going to rehab ...Rate it:

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Kangaroo Jack
Steve Bing
Australia... ..."The Land Down Under. " Rugged... ... remote... ... inhospitable and dangerous. Home to 20 million kangaroos. But there is on...Rate it:

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King Jack
Felix Thompson
Assholes. - Hey, where've you been? - Nowhere. Nowhere? - I went running. - Bullshit. Am I talking to you? Hey, come here. Empty your pocke...Rate it:

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My Boy Jack
David Haig
MAN: Yellow forms, please. Wait here. Are your people in the navy? - No. Yours? Oh, yes. My father's captain of the Unity. What does yours do...Rate it:

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New Jack City
Thomas Lee Wright
You are about to witness the strength of street knowledge. Yo, this is Queen Latifah Bringing a song to you About a place you might live In ca...Rate it:

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Sex Jack
Masao Adachi
A '70 Wakamatsu Production Film Communism Written by Izuru Deguchi Camera: Hideo Ito Lighting: Hajime Isogai Editor: Genki Nakajima Music: M...Rate it:

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Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story
Dan Benamor
What the hell is that? I don't know. Woah. Bad luck drivin' over the dead. Drop 'em! Woah. Wanna die for the banks? I promise they're not g...Rate it:

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The Ballad of Jack and Rose
Rebecca Miller
I put a spell on you Because you're mine You better stop the thing that you do I said watch out I ain't lyin. Yeah I ain't gonna take none ...Rate it:

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You Don't Know Jack
Adam Mazer
You Don't Know Jack Man: You know, she had that same look Of agony on her face, Just like mother. The same one mother had, you know? - Woman...Rate it:

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