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Cat Shit One
Motofumi Kobayashi
This is Cat Shit One. CP, do you copy? This is CP. Over. Three canaries in sight. I've got a visual on ten armed enemies. Good work, Cat Shit ...Rate it:

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Legend of the Demon Cat
Baku Yumemakura
Is the melon sweet? W ho's there? Me. May I have some? Looking for me? Over here. Come. I'll pay for my meal. There's money buried under tha...Rate it:

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The Cat from Outer Space
Ted Key
(whirring sound overhead) (clucking) (neighing) (chickens clucking/cows mooing) What is it? What is that light? l don't know. (banging) You...Rate it:

(5.00 / 1 vote)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Richard Brooks
We want Pollitt. Brick Pollitt. We want Pollitt. Brick Pollitt. Don't you do that! I'm warning you, Trixie. Gooper! Can't you stop your child...Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
Cat People
DeWitt Bodeen
Thank you. You won't believe this, you've probably heard it before... ...but I've never known any artists. I am not an artist. - Well, what's ...Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
The Cat in the Hat
Alec Berg
There are gajillions of stories... of mischief and fun, but to keep things simple, let's start with just one... about a mom and two kids... an...Rate it:

(3.50 / 12 votes)
The Cat's Meow
Steven Peros
Stop pushing. Stop pushing. Please, calm down. In November of 1924, during a weekend yacht party bound for San Diego, a mysterious death occu...Rate it:

(3.00 / 2 votes)
24 Pictures Extracted from an Unfinished Experimentation\The Mechanical Cat
I'm sorry. Tom, time to day reminder. Start when you want. My name is Tom Jacobs. Born 2 November 1972. My parents called Mark and Judith. ...Rate it:

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A Street Cat Named Bob
James Bowen
1 Cheers, mate! Yo! Hey, Elvis, you've seen, Dee? I'm not looking for Dee. Oh. You want to try this again? You sing vocals on it, mate. Go ...Rate it:

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Black Cat, White Cat
Gordan Mihic
Who's dealing, you or me? Me. One card for you... card for me. Three for you, one for me. Four for me, one for you. Five for me. Rott...Rate it:

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Cat a Wabb
1 "W r u?" "Planet Earth." "SRSLY!" "OTW to an internship interview." "Sati Studio?" "I hate you." W hyqfl "You'll get to hang outwith Mor....Rate it:

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Cat Ballou
Walter Newman
Well, now friends just lend an ear For you're now about to hear The ballad of Cat Ballou It's a song that's newly made And professor Samuel Shade A...Rate it:

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Cat People
DeWitt Bodeen
The RKO trademark FADES OFF, leaving a black screen, in the center of which are two slits of pale light. These move closer until we see that they a...Rate it:

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Cat Run
Nick Ball
Thank you. Welcome. Well, thank you. Up the stairs, ma'am. - Come on, let's go. - I'm coming. Good evening, ladies. Purses. Good evening. C...Rate it:

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Cat Run 2
Andrew Manson
(MAN TALKING INDISTINCTLY) No matter what, I can't believe he'd do this to me. Three women at once? Two girls and. Who is she'? Their fucking ...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
Cat Soup
Tatsuo Satô
NEKOJIRU-SOU Oh... Two pieces of deep-fried tofu, here you are. Circus "Great Whale" An armchair! A fish! A golden elephant! Circus "Great ...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
Cat's Eye
Stephen King
Help me. Help me. Up here. Look up here. Help me. You've got to find it. lt's after me. You've got to get back and find it. You've got to sto...Rate it:

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Cinderella the Cat
Corrado Morra
A luminous future awaits the city of Naples. The Science and Memory Hub is soon to become a reality. The 300-square-kilometer area of the curr...Rate it:

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Fraidy Cat
1 [WOMAN LAUGHING] WOMAN 1 : Once again, the phantom is abroad. Trapped in the lonely tower... ...the girl can hear its mocking laughter echo...Rate it:

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Fritz The Cat
Ralph Bakshi
Hey, yeah. The 1960's? Happy times, heavy times. All right, so you get your daughter, right?...Rate it:

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gatto nel cervello, Un (Nightmare Concert) a.k.a A Cat in the Brain
Lucio Fulci
A woman... hacked to death with an ax. Her face... cleaved in half Another strangled. Yet another hanged. Someone chopped to bits... by a ch...Rate it:

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Lost Cat Corona
Anthony Tarsitano
1 Ah, fuck me. Ow! Fuck you! I said, what did I say? You knocked them! Tell me what I said. I'll slap you upside your head, I told you I'm ...Rate it:

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Murder of a Cat
Christian Magalhaes
It's Milton Bradley. Okay, thanks. This stuff sucks. All right, kid, you want to see top-shelf quality? I'm gonna show you my own personal li...Rate it:

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That Darn Cat!
Gordon Gordon
[Slurping and chewing] [Meowing] [Barking] [Snarling] [Barking] While the city sleeps Every night he creeps Just surveyin' his domain He ro...Rate it:

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