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Michael Collins
Neil Jordan
You've got to think of him the way he was. He cycled around Dublin... his pin-striped suit with 10,000 on his head. 'Why hide, Joe,' he'd...Rate it:

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Michael Clayton
Tony Gilroy
INT. KENNER BACH & LEDEEN/VARIOUS SHOTS -- NIGHT It’s 2:00 a.m. in a major New York law firm. Ten floors of office space in the heart of the...Rate it:

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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Alan B. McElroy
Ok, go on through. All metal objects into the tray. Purpose of visit? A patient pick up and transfer to Smith's Grove. You're late. - Yeah. S...Rate it:

(2.50 / 2 votes)
10,000 Saints
Robert Pulcini
I've heard people say that life is like a river. And we're all just tiny minnows struggling through the freeze, the thaw and the flow. Sometim...Rate it:

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3 Blind Saints
Steve Gray
1 (instrumental rock music) All my life I've been a logical man But I've seen thingsI just don't understand Feeling the feelingsI never thought...Rate it:

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36 Saints
Jeffrey De Serrano
According to ancient mythology, in every Generation, there are 36 individuals who carry the Suffering of the world, and assist those in dire n...Rate it:

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A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
Dito Montiel
Uh. Dito. Uh. Oh, my goodness. I can't believe to hear your voice on this machine. It's your mother. Dito, I called your friend Nerf to ca...Rate it:

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Ain't Them Bodies Saints
David Lowery
Ruth. Hey, Ruth. Where are you going? Home. Home's the other way. Not mine. Are you going back to your mom's? It's a 15-mile walk. I know ...Rate it:

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All Saints
Steve Armour
1 (SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING) BISHOP: You promise to be loyal to the doctrine of Christ as the Episcopal Church has received it? You pro...Rate it:

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I Am Michael
Justin Kelly
1 Hi, I'm Michael. Paul. I hear you're having some trouble. It's okay. It's okay. I just... Don't understand... Why god made me like this....Rate it:

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Least Among Saints
Martin Papazian
So, Sergeant Hayward, you've served eight years overseas... multiple tours of duty as a squad leader. Yes, sir. File shows that you were hit b...Rate it:

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Markus Schleinzer
Come on. Can I watch TV tonight? Till nine. OK, that's enough. Just a bit more. Definitely not, come on. Come on now. It can be done quite s...Rate it:

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Nora Ephron
- 'Night. - Good night. Right here is fine. Think this is bleak enough? My ears are frozen, my feet are frozen, this is as far as it goes. Ma...Rate it:

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Michael Jackson Story Unmasked, The
Sonia Anderson
Michael, we love you! The one time, king of pop may have lost his cry in recent years, but when the Michael jackson circus comes into town, th...Rate it:

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Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon
Michael Jackson's LA Residence June 25, 2009 (FIRE PARAMEDIC SPEAKING) (ALBERTO ALVAREZ SPEAKING) I arrived at the hospital. Frank Dileo JACK...Rate it:

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Michael Jordan to the Max
Jonathan Hock
-What time is it? -Game time! From North Carolina, at guard, 6'6", Michael Jordan! Every day that l stepped on the basketball court, even tho...Rate it:

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Michael Madana Kamarajan
Crazy Mohan
Hear this real & tasty story! Hear this Michel Madana Kamarjan story! See 4 people with similar appearance. Hear this Michel Madana Kamarjan ...Rate it:

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Michael Moore in TrumpLand
Michael Moore
1 (lively drumroll) ("When Johnny Comes Marching Home") - [Reporter] It's Support the Troops Week here in Wilmington, Ohio. Plus it's Homeco...Rate it:

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Michael Saints
Katharine Mahalic
1 Shit. Mister Laroni... Good afternoon Sister Margareta... Come on. (Who is like God?) What was that? Quiet! Get of me! Oh God. Hey eas...Rate it:

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Munna Michael
Vimi Datta
1 "Feeling..." "My body is beautiful." "My love's passionate." "I Want to squandeI the treasute ofmy beauty." "Come and embIace me, my loveI....Rate it:

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Saints and Soldiers
Geoffrey Panos
This is Armed Forces radio reporting from London. Today, Supreme Allied headquarters reported American combat troops and aircraft have comple...Rate it:

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Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed
Lamont Gray
[Peaceful Music] [Speaking German] [Speaking German] Fertig machen. Zielen. Feuer. [Gunshots] Schmidt. [Gunshot] [Gunshot] [Mouthing word...Rate it:

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Saints and Soldiers: The Void
Ryan Little
This is Armed Forces Radio London, invasion at last. Allied armies assault enemy held France from sea and skies smashing onto the Nazi held be...Rate it:

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Sinners and Saints
William Kaufman
Have I ever told you about the penguin Who crossed the Mojave desert? Sean,did I ever told you about this? -No - Sean,did I ever told you about ...Rate it:

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