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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Chris McKenna
JT: Hey, what the heck Do they need with a bowling ball? [GROANS] Allie: Seriously, no reception? Nick: Okay, can today get any worse? JT: Are...Rate it:

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Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins
Malcolm D. Lee
FEMALE ANNOUNCER.: Lights, camera, access. O'DELL.: Yes, it's true. The master of midday TV goes prime time. Talk show host Dr. RJ Stevens ha...Rate it:

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Almanya: Welcome to Germany
Yasemin Samdereli
Here is my grandfather and me, this is our first photo. Is here we together all the family. The leftmost is me, the rightmost is my grandfather...Rate it:

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Berlin Is in Germany
Hannes Stöhr
East Germany, Brandenburg Prison 9. November 1989 Last night, many East Germans crossed the border by just showing their IDs. Several West Berl...Rate it:

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Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life
1 You ever get nervous before the shows? Nervous before the shows? I don't think it's nervous, it's just like anxiety, so to speak, but not ...Rate it:

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Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany
- This programme contains some strong language. - Germany, 1945. Year zero. Everything from cities to culture lies in ruins. It was time to rebu...Rate it:

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Operation Welcome Home
If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life And I had to start again With just my children and my wife I'd thank my lucky...Rate it:

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Philippe Lioret
- Hello. - Mirko? Is Bilal. I'm in France at Calais. Mine is? No, not in school. How late? Mina back to that time? - At 5:00, I think. - At...Rate it:

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Welcome Back
Rajeev Kaul
"Welcome Back." "Welcome Back." "Welcome Back." "Welcome Back." "Welcome..." "Welcome." "Welcome... Welcome... Welcome." "Everybody let's We...Rate it:

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Welcome the Stranger
Justin Kelly
1 (TURNS OFF ENGINE) Alice? What are you doing here? I wanted to see you. Put on some... Put on some clothes. (DOOR OPENS) ETHAN: I'm in he...Rate it:

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Welcome to Central Jail
Benny P. Nayarambalam
1 IN 1990 - ONE NIGH Please cover! No.10 - Kesavan! Your wife delivered a baby! A baby boy! - Let it dawn. I shall take you there. - Ok, sir. ...Rate it:

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Welcome To Collinwood
Anthony Russo
I'm the wrong guy! I'm the wrong guy! I'm the wrong guy! I'm the wrong guy! Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Your mother's a whore! Man! Come on. What's so ...Rate it:

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Welcome to Curiosity
Darren Ripley
Help! Someone help! Help! Paging Dr Jones. - Paging Dr Jones. - Lee. Lee, you know I can only help you if you're willing to take a step tow...Rate it:

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Welcome to Dignity Pastures
Brian Lonano
(somber organ music) (guests whispering) - I'm so sorry. (somber organ music) (dramatic music) (woman growling) (knife thuds) (woman screami...Rate it:

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Welcome to Macintosh
This is a Macintosh. It comes from a little company called Apple. Apple was started in a small town in northern California by two friends: Ste...Rate it:

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Welcome to Me
Eliot Laurence
Parakeets are the most popular pet bird in the world. But they require a lot of care. Now Perfect Polly brings you all the joy, and no mess to...Rate it:

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Welcome to Mooseport
Tom Schulman
- How do you like this rain, Danny? - I'm sick of it, Jim. Mr. Sunshine should be peeking through those early morning clouds. Yeah. Promises, p...Rate it:

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Welcome to New York
Abel Ferrara
Franois! There he is. Mister Roullot. Have a seat. Tell me. How are you doing? Come on, sit! Sit! No thank you. I'm OK. Thank you very much. ...Rate it:

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Welcome to Pine Hill
Keith Miller
[ Gate Squeaks ] Hey, come on. [ Gate Squeaks, Clangs ] [ Chattering ] Hey! How you doing? Hey, how you doing? That... That's... That's my do...Rate it:

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Welcome to Sajjanpur
Ashok Mishra
This is our little village, Sajjanpur. You like the name Sajjanpur? Well, there is a story behind the name. Once upon a time it was called Durj...Rate it:

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Welcome To Sarajevo
Michael Nicholson
Today, the city of Vukovar has fallen. It is now no more than rubble. In the past two months, the Serbs have pounded it with more than two mil...Rate it:

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Welcome to the Dollhouse
Todd Solondz
Can I sit here? If you feel like it. Someone barfed there fourth period. Hi, Dawn. Sorry to bother you. But we were just wondering, are you ...Rate it:

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Welcome To The Jungle
Jonathan Hensleigh
- [ Insects Buzzing ] - [ Birds Squawking ] - [ Woman ] Here we are in downtown Suva. - [ Horn Honks ] Mandi's videography extraordinaire. Wai...Rate it:

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Welcome to the North
Fabio Bonifacci
People of Castellabate, come out of your houses. Come join our protest. No to unification! We don't want to go part-time. No to part-time work...Rate it:

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