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The Gray Man
Lee Fontanella
Orphanage St John Your wound is not curable your injury beyond healing There is no one to plead your cures no remedy for your sour so I ... i...Rate it:

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The Great Man's Lady
W.L. River
Every day for 35 years she's been sitting down there in that infernal rocking chair right under my nose. Hannah Hoyt, Hannah Sempler, whatev...Rate it:

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The Incredible Shrinking Man
Richard Matheson
The strange, almost unbelievable, story of Robert Scott Carey began on a very ordinary summer day. I know this story better than anyone because...Rate it:

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The Invincible Iron Man
Greg Johnson
Hmm? Aah! The Mandarin! Yeah, looks like we're gonna need someone else on the temple. Mr. Rhodey! Mr. Rhodey. It's Mr. Rhodes or just Rhod...Rate it:

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The Invisible Man
R.C. Sherriff
Hold it! Ten. 20. Did you hear about Mrs Mason's little Willy? Sent him to school and found him buried ten foot deep in a snowdrift. - How di...Rate it:

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The Invisible Man Returns
Lester Cole
L... I can't believe it's going to happen! Just two more hours, and they're going to kill him! The way you take on, one would think it was you...Rate it:

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The Invisible Man's Revenge
Bertram Millhauser
Two pounds, seven for the Burberry and the hat. There you are. Thank you, sir. Did you come off the Ella Campbell, sir? Who told you? Who said...Rate it:

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The January Man
John Patrick Shanley
Hey, cowboys! Want some sugar? Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Should auld acquaintance be forgot... No. I would never forget you. I'll neve...Rate it:

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The Last Man
Harry Ralston
( street activity ) ( street activity stops ) ( alarm goes off ) Man: Testing, testing. One... two... three. Hello. My name is Alan Gould. ...Rate it:

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The Last Man on Earth
William F. Leicester
Another day to live through, better get started. Is that all it has been since I inherited the world? Only three years. It seems like a hundre...Rate it:

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The Last Straight Man
Mark Bessenger
1 [music playing] [cheering] Where's the groom? What's, your name, honey? Cooper. AnYbOdY 90'! a quarter? Yes, somewhere. I got some quarte...Rate it:

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The Lawnmower Man
Brett Leonard
Timms, they've got to understand. My treatments are making him smarter... at an incredible rate. It's more important than training him for wa...Rate it:

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The Legend Is Born: Ip Man
Erica Lee
Cancel the Twenty-one Demands! Give back Qingdao! We swear on our lives! Democracy Science! Wing Chun Martial Arts School Mr. Ip Master Ch...Rate it:

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The Leopard Man
Ardel Wray
FADE IN On the fountain at El Pueblo. A jet of waiter rises into the air at regular intervals, tossing an empty ball in rhythm. Below the ball, t...Rate it:

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The Lucky Man
Norman Gregory McGuire

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The Man
Jim Piddock
Hello, Detroit. What a pleasure to be here. Ladies and gentlemen, we in the exciting field of dental supply sales are here in the Motor City ...Rate it:

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The Man Behind the Throne
1 Look at this. Isn't it incredible? This will be on the top of a body. So you can imagine the size of this. And there'll be two of them. But...Rate it:

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The Man Between
Harry Kurnitz
Thank you. - How long do you stay in Berlin? - Three weeks. - How much money do you have? - Four pounds. - For three weeks? I'm staying with ...Rate it:

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The Man Called Flintstone
Harvey Bullock
[SQUAWKS] -Don't let him get away. -Don't worry, I won't. Ow! [LAUGHlNG] [GRUMBLlNG lNDlSTlNCTLY] Detour. Watch out. [ALl GRUMBLlNG lNDlSTlN...Rate it:

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The Man from Colorado
Robert Hardy Andrews
We ain't licked yet, major. They'll never lick us. Artillery prepared for action, sir. At the command, fire at will. Take your post. Do they s...Rate it:

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The Man from Earth: Holocene
Emerson Bixby
Hi. My name is Richard Schenkman, and I directed "Jerome Bixby's The Man from Earth", as well as the movie you're about to watch, "The Man from...Rate it:

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The Man from Egypt
C. Graham Baker
The man from Egypt Who is that man with the potbelly? He has the looks of an ostrich egg. The brave Rollmops has long fought against higher pri...Rate it:

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The Man from Elysian Fields
Phillip Jayson Lasker
Pasadena, home to little old ladies, noble laureates... high tech science, beautiful museums... and a Pulitzer Prize winner or two. Welcome t...Rate it:

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The Man from Laramie
Philip Yordan
We'll make camp here for the night. I'd go a couple more miles before sundown. - We'll camp here. - You're the boss. Come on, Mr. Lockhart, gr...Rate it:

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