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A Virgin Among the Living Dead
Jesús Franco
1 Written and Directed by JESS FRANCO A VIRGIN AMONG E LIVING DEAD Hello, anybody home? - You're Miss Benton? - Yes. How do you know my name?...Rate it:

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Better Living Through Chemistry
Geoff Moore
You can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Hey, honey? - You want to party? - Doug, it's a weekday. But if you asked him, Doug V...Rate it:

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Birth of the Living Dead
Welcome to a night of total terror. In 1967, a 27 year old college drop out from the Bronx named George A. Romero directed a low budget horror...Rate it:

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City of the Living Dead
Lucio Fulci
I am there. Yes, I am there I see... I see there's the contact. He's just entered. The contact has entered the contact... the dead... I se...Rate it:

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Design for Living
Ben Hecht
Bonjour. - Bonjour. Bonjour. Oh, nuts. Well, baby, the name is Curtis. May I present Thomas B. Chambers. My name is Gilda Farrell. Coming...Rate it:

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Desperate Living
John Waters
Let's go! Come on! Yeah! Let's go! Come on! You must realize, Bosley... your wife is one of the most neurotic women... I've ever examined. ...Rate it:

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Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead
Tak-Hwan Kim
1 SHOWBOX presents a GENERATION BLUE FILMS production executive producer YOU Jeong-Hun produced by KIM JHO Gwang-soo, LEE Sun-mi In 1789, a b...Rate it:

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Easy Living
Preston Sturges
Good morning, sir. Same to you. Well, well, well, well! Oh, I beg your pardon, sir. Good morning, sir. Good morning. Good morning, sir. Good ...Rate it:

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Excuse Me for Living
Ric Klass

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Flight Of The Living Dead: Outbreak On A Plane
BellotoN for Gore Nation - How is everything? - Well. It is calmed. I am glad of which the airplane is not full. You astonish to me. And the ...Rate it:

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Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred
David A. Goodman
Hey, it's Fred! My life is a horror movie! It's so scary! I'm so scared! And you'll be, too, once you hear about it. You'll be scared and sc...Rate it:

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George Harrison: Living in the Material World
Living In The Material World, Part 1 You know, just go ahead, George, go on and fly away, babe. Just be free and go. And we'll see you down th...Rate it:

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Goal II: Living the Dream
Mike Jefferies
What a humiliation. A lot of unhappiness around the Bernabu tonight, a lot of it directed at Gavin Harris. Came out as a hero, he's being call...Rate it:

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I Bury the Living
Louis Garfinkle
1 Welcome, sir. Welcome to the Immortal Hills. Thank you. It's all by way of making you feel right at home, Bobby. Mr. chairman. Come along,...Rate it:

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Inside the Living Body
adulthood and slowly maturity to old age Using the latest medical imaging and 3-D computer graphics, we embarked on an extraordinary voyage thr...Rate it:

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Living & Dying
Jon Keeyes
Everybody down on the floor! Now! Come on! Get down! Get down! Everybody down on the floor now! Down on the ground. Now now now now! Get ...Rate it:

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Living Books
Dr. Seuss
Icabod: Dr. Seuss's ABC. Hi. I'm Icabod. Izzy: And I'm Izzy. Both: Welcome to Living Books. Izzy: We're gonna have fun with the...Rate it:

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Living Dead Lock Up 3: Siege of the Dead
Mike Hicks
I wanted to bring back your keys. You wanted your keys back. I wanted to come in person. You're not glad? You can't just move out after 7 year...Rate it:

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Living Hell
Richard Jefferies
All units, report! Report! Somebody answer the damn radio! Sir, it's inside! Initiate scenario D. Central Command, confirm! Initiate scenario ...Rate it:

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Living in Oblivion
Tom DiCillo
A battered 35mm movie camera stands alone on a wooden tripod surrounded by blackness. Opening credits begin. An almost imperceptible DOLLY in tow...Rate it:

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Living It Up
Jack Rose
There she goes, Homer, the Super Chief! Seems she goes much faster passing Desert Hole. In exactly 28 seconds, I'll be climbing aboard the Ea...Rate it:

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Living on One Dollar
[ Birds chirp ] [ Up-tempo music plays ] [ Water running ] [ Clicking ] You guys want to eat eggs? You got food? Filming. My name is Chris, an...Rate it:

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Living on Velvet
Jerry Wald
1 Are we going to be late for the dance, Terry? Don't worry, Sis'. The "Parker Express" will get to Newport alright. It's getting pretty thick...Rate it:

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Living Proof
Vivienne Radkoff
EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME UCLA Medical Center, California - Dr. Slamon? - Hello It's Jamie McGraw. Work city sent me. Oh. My student assistant...Rate it:

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Living Will...
Roy Koriakin
They will just ask anybody to join a war. I once got kicked off a carnival ride for crying. I cried on a Ferris wheel. Why am I even here? T...Rate it:

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Night of the Living Carrots
Bill Riling
1 Greetings, fellow Halloweeners. I just said "weeners." B.O.B.! I just said "weeners." Tonight's story is a tale so scary, so horrifying, so...Rate it:

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Night of the Living Dead
John A. Russo
They ought to make the day the time changes the first day of summer. What? Well, it's eight o'clock and it's still light. A lot of good the e...Rate it:

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Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation
Jeff Broadstreet
I can't believe you have done this to my husband. - I'm truly sorry, Mrs Block. - Sorry? - You made him look like a clown! - I was stunned as ...Rate it:

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Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection
Andrew Jones
- Stop, stop. - Is it? Oh, okay. It's a cute shot. Hold still. Hold it. Just hurry up with the shot. Are you taping this? Hang on, I got it. ...Rate it:

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Night of the Living Deb
Andy Selsor
1 ..Sheds His grace on thee... Hey, Dad. Man, "F" this wannabe holiday! What!?? The Fourth of July? You hate the Fourth of July? - Yes. - I...Rate it:

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Return of the Living Dead 2
Edited By Tameem666 - Hey, come on, off the equipment. - Hey. I tell you a hundred times a day to stay out of here. Now, get out. Come on. Da...Rate it:

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Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave
William Butler
- Garrison? - Yes. You got it? It's in the back of the truck. One of the last of the missing Trioxin-5 canisters. You have my money? Whoa, ...Rate it:

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The Living
Jack Bryan
1 Fuck off. Oh, babe. Coffee. Molly? Molly, you see my ring? Molly? Shit. Teddy, turn around and get back in your truck. Look, can I just...Rate it:

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The Living Daylights
Richard Maibaum
(# "James Bond Theme") Gentlemen, this may only be an exercise so far as the Ministry of Defense is concerned, but for me it is a matter of prid...Rate it:

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The Only Living Boy in New York
Allan Loeb
In the 20th century, if you wanted to know your neighbors, you moved to the suburbs. If you wanted to become an addict, you moved to New York...Rate it:

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The Return of the Living Dead
Dan O'Bannon
Hey, Frank! Let's wrap it up and go home. What do you say? I got another hour's work to do. The kid'll stay, and I'll show him the ropes. Okay....Rate it:

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The Year of Living Dangerously
David Williamson
June 25, 1965. Dossier H-10: Hamilton, Guy. Born 1936, under the sign of Capricorn. Occupation: Journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Se...Rate it:

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You, the Living
Roy Andersson
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