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Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
Erin Cressida Wilson
Englewood. Englewood. Anyone for Englewood. Hello. Mrs. Arbus? That's right. I'm Jack Henry. Welcome to Camp Venus. It's terrific to be here...Rate it:

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Being Us
Sam Hancock
Very, very important thing because you always have to be a good girl. And you always have to be a very, very, very good person. Who is it? I ...Rate it:

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Being Julia
Ronald Harwood
1 I've lived in the theatre since I was a kid. What I don't know about acting isn't worth knowing. Now, you may be 20 years old and just begi...Rate it:

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Being John Malkovich
Charlie Kaufman
INT. CHEERLESS ROOM - DAY The room is bare, dusty. A ceiling fan turns. The wall clock ticks. Craig, 30 years old and small, sits at a collapsibl...Rate it:

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Being There
Jerzy Kosiński
FADE IN: 1INT. CHANCE'S ROOM - DAWN A large-screen color TV dominates a room sparsely decorated with expensive furniture of the twenties. There ...Rate it:

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Bader Zamalano the show Being a vlogger
Slim z
[Opening shot of Bader sitting in front of the camera] Bader: Hey guys, what's up? It's Bader. As you know we started this channel with ...Rate it:

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Being AP
It's like being an addict, I'm an addict to my way of life because it's like a drug. I'm an addict to riding horses, I'm an addict to winning.....Rate it:

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Being Charlie
Matt Elisofon
Charlie, why don't you tell us what you want to thank god for, and close your eyes and make a wish. Six months of sobriety? Nothing you want t...Rate it:

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Being Evel
Davis Coombe
1 announcer: the following program is brought to you in living color. ( theme music playing ) carson: tonight we have evel knievel. he's pro...Rate it:

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Being Flynn
Paul Weitz
JONATHAN: America has produced only three classic writers, Mark Twain, J.D. Salinger, and me. I'm Jonathan Flynn. Everything I write is a mas...Rate it:

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Being Human
Bill Forsyth
1 [female voice] the story of a story. Once upon a time, there was this... story, and the story said to itself, "How shall I begi...Rate it:

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Being Poirot
(TELEPHONE RINGS) Hercule Poirot? Hercule Poirot is, for me, much more than the character on the written page. Hercule Poirot, for me, almost...Rate it:

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Being Tyler Posey
You all know me as Scott McCall from MTV's Teen Wolf. It's wolfsbane! Kira, get out of here! Even though I've been acting most of my life, lan...Rate it:

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Craig Ferguson Just Being Honest
Craig Ferguson
It's a great day for America, everybody! It's... It's a great day for me. I finally get to use my sign! You'd be surprised how many times in ...Rate it:

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Days of Being Wild
Jeffrey Lau
How much? for bottle taken away What's your name? Why'd I tell you? I've already known it You're named... So Lai-chun Who told you that? Yo...Rate it:

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How to Stop Being a Loser
Chris Grezo
What are you reading? Aha, Mansfield Park. I have never read Austen. How is she? Yeah? I was going to go and see new Tarantino movie this week...Rate it:

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Imaginary Crimes
Kristine Johnson
"Bucking the wind" was Daddy's phrase for what people had to do together in life. At times, life is going to be stormy, sweetheart. And when th...Rate it:

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Imaginary Friend
Christine Dixon
My baby is very special, and she is going to be a famous dancer. Isn't she beautiful? Come with me! It's nicer in here. Won't you please sit d...Rate it:

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Imaginary Heroes
Dan Harris
imaginary heroes Matt Travis was a great swimmer Step up Take your masks But it wasn't just that he was a great swimmer it was simply that he ...Rate it:

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The Destiny of India is being shaped in the class room
The children are like clay as the teachers shape them with moral values, lessons and education they are shaped in that way. If our children are giv...Rate it:

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The Importance of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde
"The Importance of Being Earnest." Eating as usual, I see, Algy. I believe it is usual in good society... to take some slight refreshment after...Rate it:

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The Importance of Being Earnest
Oliver Parker
Hey! Hey! There he is! Where's he going? -Bastard! Stop! You won't get away, sir! Time to pay your debt. Hey! Did you hear what I was play...Rate it:

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Stephen Chbosky
The only time I feel good falling Is when I'm falling fast and hard for you The last two digits when I'm calling Fade away but somehow I'll ...Rate it:

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The Pleasure of Being Robbed
Eleonore Hendricks
[Ambient city traffic sounds] Becca! Edith! Amy! Stacy! Amanda! Janet! Julie! Dawn! Dawn! [Tires screeching] [Horns honking] - Hey. - ...Rate it:

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