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Viva Las Vegas
Sally Benson
- Hard way, eight! - Hard eight. Here we go. Coming out. - Shoot them. - Here they go. Come on, roll. Here they go. We gotta roll. Coming on...Rate it:

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Viva Maria!
Louis Malle
She was only a little girl When her Irish father Gave her dynamite To blow up the British It's Christmas all over London The little girl didn'...Rate it:

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Aventuras de Robinson Crusoe, Las
Daniel Defoe
Being the third son of a good family and not educated to any trade my head began to he filled early with thoughts of leaving England, to see ...Rate it:

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!
Dana Starfield
Hey, boss, what about Chloe? - Right, right. Okay. This is the epic story of two noble chihuahuas, Papi, and the love of his life, Chloe. What...Rate it:

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Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas
Simon Savory
Now, I'm gonna say something to you that I hear nearly every day. "I need a change." You ever notice how the people that say it always stay the...Rate it:

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Death of a Vegas Showgirl
Brian D. Young
Let them do what they do Just worry 'bout you Got to keep your cool Them haters try to take it from ya Go ahead Let 'em run they mouth Every...Rate it:

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Elvis in Las Vegas
Hannes Rossacher
# Bright light city, gonna set my soul # Gonna set my soul on fire... # In the years before he opened in Las Vegas, both Elvis and the city had ...Rate it:

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Terry Gilliam
BLACK SCREEN A desert wind moans sadly. From somewhere within the wind comes the tinkly, syrupy-sweet sounds of the Lennon Sisters singing "...Rate it:

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From Vegas to Macau II
Jing Wong
Viagra, so fashionable It puts the party at sea ah? Kids like them You hit me Happy Birthday THX Wei uncle Children over and told Uncle Unc...Rate it:

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Honeymoon in Vegas
Andrew Bergman
- How's my mother doing? - Not so good today. Why weren't you in here before? - The doctor said... - Screw the doctor. Mom. - You should save...Rate it:

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Las Acacias
Pablo Giorgelli
Are you Ruben? Mr. Fernando sent me. The baby's yours? Yes, she's my daughter. Fernando didn't mention a baby. I told Mr. Fernando I was trave...Rate it:

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Last Vegas
Dan Fogelman
- This is great, man. - Look at you. - This one's a riot. - That's so cute. - Guys, look at this. - That's a keeper. - That's a keeper, Pat. ...Rate it:

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Leaving Las Vegas
Mike Figgis
TITLE ON BLACK; �10 P.M. - LOS ANGELES� DISSOLVE TO: 1 INT. SMART BAR IN BEVERLY HILLS - NIGHT It is the kind of bar where the well-to-do folks...Rate it:

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Saint John of Las Vegas
Hue Rhodes
[# Piet Van Meren: Mr. Buzz] [Bell rings] 20 bucks on pump 7. Lucky 7. You from around here? Uh, I just moved. Oh, yeah? Just moved? For sc...Rate it:

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Spotlight on Location: The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
UNIVERSHELL You are a Calamity of Disgrace ! You got no professional attachment ... and you can't give your big nose out of other people's busin...Rate it:

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Torun Lian
Come here, Daniel! Hey, boss! We're just dancing. Come join us, Thomas! It's lovely to be Denmark! Hi. He's so sweet, Thomas....Rate it:

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Vegas Vacation
Elisa Bell
4:22 on a sunny Thursday afternoon... here in Chicago on K-LITE. Now here's one for all you rush-hour rockers. The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations....Rate it:

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Vegas, Baby
Eric Bernt
I'm gonna give you some medicine to get you relaxed. A couple margaritas are going to take you to Cancun, OK? OK? Yeah. OK. All right. I n...Rate it:

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Viva Zapata!
John Steinbeck
When are you going to get a real knife? You can keep this. Who has your papers? Right here. Good morning, my children. Well, come closer. ...Rate it:

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Viva Zapatero!
Sabina Guzzanti
When l saw them at the theatre, l never imaged l'd be one of them. Then it just happened. l am a buffoon. My last television appearance caused...Rate it:

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What Happens In Vegas...
Dana Fox
Do I attract you? Do I repulse you with my queasy smile? Am I too dirty? Am I too flirty? Do I like what you like? Why don't you like me? Why...Rate it:

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