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Haunting of Sorority Row, The
It's Nikki Evans. Look, I don't care. I told them I can't do it next week. I have to give a speech to the new pledges at my sorority. Hey, I'm...Rate it:

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Sorority Row
Josh Stolberg
Danny, give me my shirt! Come and get it. Don't you think that maybe we're taking this hazing thing a little bit too far? I absolutely do not. ...Rate it:

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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
Andrew Jay Cohen
1 Okay. Oh, you know it. - Okay. - Okay. - There we go. - That's it. - That's good. - Okay. - Okay. - I'm okay. - Ah! - Shh. Do you wan...Rate it:

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Sorority Boys
Joe Jarvis
The High Council|has reached a verdict -- guilty! You taught the K. O.K.|handshake to a girl. Dude, what were|you thinking? Boo-la.|Boo-la. Boo...Rate it:

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Sorority Slaughterhouse
Rolfe Kanefsky
1 [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] WHITMAN: No... No. No, you can't do this to me. I've given up everything for you. Look, what we have is speci...Rate it:

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Cannery Row
John Steinbeck
Cannery Row has never been like anywhere else. Its people are different. When the town died off, most failed to notice. Some say nobody would ...Rate it:

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Kings Row
Casey Robinson
What are you waiting for? - So long, Drake. - Parris! - Hello, Cassie. - Hello, Parris. I'll get another one. It's warm. Warm enough to go i...Rate it:

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Park Row
Samuel Fuller
This is Johannes Gutenberg... Who invented moveable type 500 years ago... ...and printed the first Bible. Recognised as the father of modern pr...Rate it:

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The Row
Sarah Scougal
1 [initial music] [grinding sound] [eerie music] [train zooms by] [harmonious music] [intense music] [crowd cheering] [crowd yelling and wh...Rate it:

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A Haunting at Silver Falls
Cam Cannon
[haunting music] [crickets chirping] - [Panting] [Exclaims] [Screams] [knock at door] - Oh. Hi. - I don't know what to do. I don't even hav...Rate it:

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A Haunting in Cawdor
Phil Wurtzel
1 (silence) [Bus Driver] Last stop, Cawdor. (bus engine running) (train horn blowing) (wind howling) [First Witch] Beware the man that swing...Rate it:

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A Haunting in Salem
H. Perry Horton
What is happening? Honey? Hello, my dear... Are you sleepy, right? Honey? What happened? Sweetie... O Jesus! Oh, Jesus! Honey, wake up. Wa...Rate it:

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A-Haunting We Will Go
Lou Breslow
Well, gentlemen, we trust you|spent a comfortable night with us. And we hope|that your breakfast was satisfactory. Well, to be truthful,|my oatme...Rate it:

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An American Haunting
Brent Monahan
(panting) (rattling) (clock ticking) (screaming) - Jane! Jane! It's Momma. (screaming) Look at me! J-Jane. Jane. - No! No! (panting) - Oh...Rate it:

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Armenian Haunting
Art Arutyunyan
1 (buzzing and beeping) (explosion booming) (twinkling) (dramatic music) (insects chirping) (squeaking) (car alarm beeping) [Sevan] Shit! ...Rate it:

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Fairytale: The Haunting of Helena
1 See this insect? It's an anopheles mosquito, vector of an infectious disease known as malaria, which still today causes 2 million deaths a ...Rate it:

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Haunting Of Winchester House
Mark Atkins
-Is he here yet?|-No. -You scared him.|-I gotta take a massive piss. Dude, any excuse for you|to pull that thing out. Anyone got any beer? We f...Rate it:

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The Amityville Haunting

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The Bates Haunting
Sean Skinner
What's up? This is Bam Margera. You wanna see something scary? You wanna see something really scary? Check out The Bates Motel and Haunted H...Rate it:

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The Bell Witch Haunting
1 Hello Adams County PD. Do you need assistance? Dispatch. Go ahead Tom 1. Dispatch, I got an abandoned vehicle in my location. Tom 1. Req...Rate it:

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The Black Dahlia Haunting
Brandon Slagle
1 Two little children A boy and a girl Sat by an old church door WAKE UP!! Harder... I'm still having nightmares. Well, you did just find ou...Rate it:

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The Haunting
David Self
FADE IN: EXT. HOUSING PROJECT, CHARLESTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS - DAY ON a housing project in the industrial outskirts of Boston. The B...Rate it:

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The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It
Dan Angel
Mom! Max, please, go to sleep. This is the fourth time you've called me in here. Third. This is the fifth time your mother's had to come in h...Rate it:

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The Haunting in Connecticut
Adam Simon
B mark. -Frame. -Action. Why do you think this happened to you? You mean why do bad things happen to good people? That's the real question, ...Rate it:

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The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia
David Coggeshall
Choir: get on board, little children - get on board, little children... - ( heavy panting ) there's room for many on board oh, the gospe...Rate it:

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The Haunting of Morella
Edgar Allan Poe
And the ghostly winds whispered but one sound upon my tortured ears.../i Morella... evermore Edgar Allan Poe Morella Locke! You have been found...Rate it:

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The Haunting of Whaley House
Jose Prendes
[dog barking] [wind blowing] There it is, boys. The Whaley House. Ah, I thought it'd be bigger. It's big enough for ghosts. You know what? ...Rate it:

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The Making of 'The Haunting'
# Ring-around-the-rosy # Now, I'm trying to tell you... that we can't afford to keep you here any more. You already owe two months worth of ba...Rate it:

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