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Cape Fear
James R. Webb
Hey, daddy, where does Sam Bowden hang out? In there, sir. Court is about over, I think. Oh, no, Your Honour. But this would make the third a...Rate it:

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Cape Fear
Wesley Strick
My reminiscence. I always thought that for such a lovely river... ...the name was mystifying: Cape Fear. When the only thing to fear on those...Rate it:

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No Fear: Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps in 'The Woman in Black'
My babies! Arthur... Daddy! Coming. Do you like it, daddy? Very much. You didn't look at it properly. - Of course I did. That's me, that's ...Rate it:

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13B: Fear Has a New Address
Abhinav Kashyap
Priya, where's my blade? Must be near the sink. - Okay. l am putting the clothes in the machine. Divya, wash the white ones separately. Or e...Rate it:

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A Fantastic Fear of Everything
Crispian Mills

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Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear
Eric England
I used to feel like something was missing. Like there was a hole in my life. Now the hole is the only thing I have left. This is me a week ag...Rate it:

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D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear
Dave Erickson
Although this movie is based upon actual events, | certain characters and scenes have been fictionalized. SEPTEMBER 21, 2002 Freeze! MONTGOMERY,...Rate it:

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Sakari Rimminen
00:01:29,629 -- 00:01:32,456 The fear in her eyes and the knife in the chest 2 00:01:32,987 -- 00:01:35,212 That's my last memory of my mother...Rate it:

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Christopher Crowe
[Woman] Nicole, save some hot water for your dad! [Panting] - Mr. Walker. - Larry. I've eaten meaner dogs than you for breakfast, you wimp! ...Rate it:

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Andy Phillips
I'm afraid it would be hard for me to prove the superiority of Western civilization to an Afghan villager who's watching TV with me. I'm afrai...Rate it:

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Fear and Desire
Howard Sackler
There is war in this forest. Not a war that's been fought, or one that will be, but any war. And the enemies who struggle here do not exist, ...Rate it:

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Terry Gilliam
BLACK SCREEN A desert wind moans sadly. From somewhere within the wind comes the tinkly, syrupy-sweet sounds of the Lennon Sisters singing "...Rate it:

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Fear Clinic
Aaron Drane
Fear... a little death that consumes you. From the common to the abstract, everyone is scared of something. I got a cockroach. Somebody kill i...Rate it:

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Fear Me Not
Anders Thomas Jensen
I've been on leave for six weeks now. It was time for a break from the frantic pace I was stuck in. For years I've wanted some time to myself....Rate it:

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Fear Strikes Out
Ted Berkman
1 Hi, Dad. Hello, Jim. You're home early. Yep. I'm going to work on that slide again. Can you watch me? Later. Go on. OK. I told you that...Rate it:

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Fear X
Nicolas Winding Refn
The wind stopped blowing. The sun will heat a bit and you should thaw the blood if you stay outside long. The sun will burn the cloud ceiling ...Rate it:

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Fear, Inc.
Luke Barnett
- ( footsteps ) - ( woman gasping, crying ) I told you I wanted to cancel this thing. Man: Ma'am, you asked for this. ( metal scraping ) ( p...Rate it:

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Fragment of Fear
John Bingham
- Bruno! - Si. - Una tazza di latte. - Bene. - Bruno. - Si. - Con tarteccini. - Va bene. Bruno. Con molto zucchero. - Beautiful day. - Si, si....Rate it:

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In Fear
Jeremy Lovering
1 (PHONE LINE RINGS) MAN: Come on, Lucy. Pick up the phone. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. - Hey, it's Lucy. - Ah, he...Rate it:

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Journey Into Fear
Joseph Cotten
Dearest Stephanie, If this letter is found on me, if this ever reaches you, I want you to believe every word of it and try to understand. It a...Rate it:

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Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
Frank H. Woodward
the course of HP Lovecraft's life was altered by an unfortunate madness in April of 1893, his father a commercial traveler from the vicinity of B...Rate it:

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Ministry Of Fear
Seton I. Miller
Neale? - Oh, there you are. - Come in. You know, it's interesting to watch the last minute crawl by... after so many of them. I've always mea...Rate it:

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Nothing Left to Fear
Jonathan W.C. Mills
1 Exactly what Pastor Kingsman said... you take a... off the turnpike, six miles on... - He doesn't know. - I didn't think so. What's it cal...Rate it:

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Peur sur la ville (Fear Over the City)
Hello? Who is this... What do you want? Don't leave your phone off the hook ever again. How did you get my new number?! I've had enough of you....Rate it:

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Primal Fear
Steve Shagan
First day of law school, my professor says two things. First, "From now on, when your mother says she loves you," - "get a second opinion." - ...Rate it:

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Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear
The events I'm about to relate began a fortnight ago. In a grim old house perched high on a cliff on the west coast of Scotland. This singul...Rate it:

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Sudden Fear
Lenore J. Coffee
MASK ripped Soon : "DESTINATION, 7th HEAVEN" a piece of MYRA HUDSON When I awoke, I fell asleep, I think of you. You're the air I breathe, Y...Rate it:

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The Fear of 13
This programme contains some strong language and scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. Time. This is the strangest one. Do you know tha...Rate it:

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The Naked Gun 2 and a Half: The Smell of Fear
The honorable Allen D. and the former Mrs. Eastern. The honorable William and Mrs. Breslow. The honorable Nelson and Mrs. Winnie Mandela. Lad...Rate it:

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The Wages of Fear
Georges Arnaud
WAGES OF FEAR Alms, sir. Charity. Whiten yourself a bit, the sun hit you pretty hard. I'm going to whiten your tongue with my soap. Come on,...Rate it:

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Where Angels Fear to Tread
Tim Sullivan
Careful, mother. Careful, if I may ask. Just look at her. Has she no sense of dignity? She's going to miss the train, that would be typical of...Rate it:

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Young Sherlock Holmes And The Pyramid Of Fear
Come on, boy! Chestnuts! I've got some lovely hot chestnuts! (JINGLING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Here we are, Mr Bobster. Your favourite. #... ti...Rate it:

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