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Black and White
Yuri Zeltser
"Words from your lips made her hips wanna roll "It's the Rap Crusader on stage, they call me James "Playing games like Spades, I'm on his cut ...Rate it:

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Black Angel
Roy Chanslor
[Woman] Flo. Where's my white scarf? Right here. Why don't you keep my things where I can find them? [Doorbell Buzzes] See who that is. Yes...Rate it:

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Black Arrow
David Pursall
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Black August
William Brent Bell
I walk alone. I am a soldier for life. The battle I am fighting has no ending... ...although its beginning can start at any time. I am always ...Rate it:

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Black Bandit
George Waggner
Keep going. Yes. Hello. Listen. Are you coming? Yes. I'll definitely be there. Sorry. Sorry. No. It feels great. Yes, I look real cute. Excus...Rate it:

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Black Beauty
Caroline Thompson
The story of my life is the story of the people in it. I haven't always been as lucky as I am now... this delicious place of water... .....Rate it:

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Black Belly of the Tarantula
Lucile Laks
Yes? Mrs. Zani? She's in a session. One moment. I'll check. Yes. Yes. Miss... It's Mr. Zani. It's urgent. Very well. -Thank you.|-You're w...Rate it:

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Black Block
Carlo A. Bachschmidt
The G8 summit is held in Genoa July 20-22nd, 2001 In a city guarded by police 300,000 people protest against the summit 2 days of clashes, 200 ...Rate it:

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Black Blooded Brides of Satan
Kennet Holmstrom
...Armed conflicts have demanded the lives of 50 people. The situation is extremely complicated. We are standing by and reporting as the events u...Rate it:

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Black Bread
Emili Teixidor
BLACK BREAD Culet. Culet. Pitorliua... Pauleta. Pauleta. What? Dionis' wagon fell down into the woods. What are you talking about? And Cu...Rate it:

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Black Butterflies
Greg Latter
"I am with those who abuse sex because individual doesn't count, with those who get drunk against the abyss of the brain, against the garden pa...Rate it:

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Black Butterfly
Justin Stanley
It's pretty good, though. Come back here. Oh, come on. Yeah, yeah. - Sam, you get the blanket. - Okay. - Sorry. - Catch it, aj! Come on, ki...Rate it:

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Black Cadillac
Will Aldis
( footsteps ) ( car door slams ) ( engine sputtering ) ( engine revving ) ( tires screeching ) - ( crowd chanting ) Chug! Chug! Chug! - ( co...Rate it:

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Black Cat, White Cat
Gordan Mihic
Who's dealing, you or me? Me. One card for you... card for me. Three for you, one for me. Four for me, one for you. Five for me. Rott...Rate it:

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Black Christmas
Glen Morgan
(low whirring) (wind chimes tinkling) (robust jazz music playing) # Old Mr. Kringle|is soon gonna jingle # # The bells that'll tingle|all your ...Rate it:

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Black Christmas
Roy Moore
Black Christmas Hey, who leave the goddamn front door open? BARB: Oh, by the way how come I was the only one there working tonight? PHYL: We...Rate it:

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Black Code
1 [clock ticking] [typing] [man] We are going through the most profound change in communication technologies in all of human history right no...Rate it:

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Black Creek
James Crow
(skateboard rolling) (eerie theme) (fantasy theme) (moody electronic music) [Narrator] As children, we are told stories of monsters under the...Rate it:

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Black Death
Dario Poloni
the Year of our Lord 1348 The fumes of the dead hung in the air like poison. A plague more cruel and more pitiless than war had descended upon u...Rate it:

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Black Dog
William Mickelberry
[Man] All right, people. This is Agent Ford. We're almost there. Let's make it count. This is a surveillance op. We do not want this guy. I r...Rate it:

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Black Dynamite
Michael Jai White
Leon St. James for Anaconda Malt Liquor. With the delectable combination of the finest barleys and hops...'s the only malt liquor... ......Rate it:

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Black Eagle
A.E. Peters
This film contains some strong language. WOMAN: 'Monitor 0-2-3-2 Zulu time. 'Post-transmission via NAS rota Spain. Start.' MAN: 'No further tr...Rate it:

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Black Friday
Curt Siodmak
Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. For thy kingdom come, thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day o...Rate it:

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Black Gold
Jeta Amata
Here are my terms. All I want is your friendship. And my sons! Insurance for both of us. As long as they are under my roof... I cannot make wa...Rate it:

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