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Retour Du Grand Blond, Le (The Return Of The Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe)
THE RETURN OF THE TALL BLOND GUY Last May 6th, Franois Perrin arrived at Orly. He was wearing different coloured shoes. That was the start of t...Rate it:

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San qiang pai an jing qi (A Woman A Gun And A Noodle Shop AKA The First Gun)
Zhengchao Xu
Wang's Noodle Shop - Help! Zhao and Chen! - What's wrong? What's he up to? This Persian is trying to make a sale by showing off his sword. Yo...Rate it:

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Sex and the Other Woman
Adrien Reid

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Sherlock Holmes and the Woman in Green
Bertram Millhauser
I won't forget that morning. Not if I live to be 100. I counted the men as they marched out of the Yard. They'd hardly slept for weeks. We a...Rate it:

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South Sea Woman
Edwin Blum
Gentlemen, the general court-martial will convene. - Is the prosecution ready to proceed? - Aye, sir. - And the defense? And the defense? - Ye...Rate it:

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Stark Raving Black
Lewis Black
Hello, this is Lewis Black. Ah, fuck you. Let's try it again. Hello, Detroit, l'm going to be shooting my next- Well, why don't you tell 'em...Rate it:

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Ten Black Women
Natto Wada
1 Daiei Film Co. Ltd. Production Ten Women in Black Produced by Masaichi Nagata Screenplay by Natto Wada Starring Fujiko Yamamoto Mariko Mi...Rate it:

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That Hamilton Woman
Walter Reisch
? Mon ami Pierrot ? Prte-moi ta plume ? Pour crire un mot ? Ma chandelle est morte ? Je n'ai plus de feu ? Ouvre-moi ta porte ? Pour l'amour ...Rate it:

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The Black Box
Eric Assous
Mr. Seligman... Spaghetti harvester... That's a big job, Spaghetti harvester. Marble is lovely but it's cold... RP-50... RP-50... RP-50... In...Rate it:

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The Black Castle
Jerry Sackheim
[Thunderclaps] [Thunderclaps Continue] [Wind Howling] [Thunderclaps In Distance] [Wolf Howls] [Wolf Howls] [Howling Continues] [Rock Hits Ga...Rate it:

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The Black Corsair
Emilio Salgari
The BLACK CORSAIR Is that him? Yes my count, it's him. Unfortunately, he's not alone on board. I don't see our friends, Wan Stiller. Hauls th...Rate it:

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The Black Dahlia
Josh Friedman
Mr. Fire versus Mr. Ice. For everything people were making it out to be you'd think it was our first fight. It wasn't. And it wouldn't be our...Rate it:

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The Black Dahlia Haunting
Brandon Slagle
1 Two little children A boy and a girl Sat by an old church door WAKE UP!! Harder... I'm still having nightmares. Well, you did just find ou...Rate it:

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The Black Dakotas
Ray Buffum
1 (EXPLOSION) (PEOPLE SHOUTING) (EXPLOSION) Well, we're near the end of our journey. Mr. Marsh, our enforced association has been most agree...Rate it:

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The Black Hole
Jeb Rosebrook
Unscheduled course correction due at 2200. Pre-correction check: Rotation axis plus three degrees. Nitrous oxide pressure: Quad jets C and D ...Rate it:

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The Black Rider: Revelation Road
Gabriel Sabloff
When he opened the third seal I heard the third living creature saying. Come And I looked, and behold, one black horse; And he that sat on him...Rate it:

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The Black Room
Rolfe Kanefsky
1 No! Leave us alone. I know what day it is. But anniversary or not, this year I refuse! I'm not letting you out, and I am not feeding you. ...Rate it:

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The Black Shield of Falworth
Oscar Brodney
Your Majesty! A mild seizure. It will pass. We better return to thy castle sire. No, Lord Alban. I'll not spoil the day's sport. I'll return ...Rate it:

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The Black Stallion
Melissa Mathison
Daddy, do you know what l saw? lt was the most fantastic thing. Come look. My son. Look, son, l'm really busy... but l'll tell you what l do...Rate it:

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The Black Stallion Returns
Richard Kletter
There. Want a bite? Thank you very much, sir. Purpose of your visit? We have come for our horse. This horse? Yes. His real name is Shetan. -...Rate it:

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The Black Swan
Ben Hecht
12:00! 12:00 and all is well! The night is fair! The wind is down! And the commander's daughter has recovered from the sickness! 12:00! 12:0...Rate it:

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The Black Water Vampire
Evan Tramel
BLACK WATER VAMPIRE Officer Dorner, badge number 142. We're here at Black Water Creek approximately 28 miles from Fawnskin. It's January 5th...Rate it:

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The Black Waters of Echo's Pond
Michael Berenson
After all these years, we are blessed. Omphalos, the lost temple of Pan. What mastery. Looks like the work of Philodysos, fourth century BC. ...Rate it:

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The Devil Is a Woman
Pierre Louÿs
Gentlemen, I'm going to be brief. Tomorrow the Carnival begins. Unfortunately, every crook within a thousand miles... every political offender ...Rate it:

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