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Hot Summer Nights
Elijah Bynum
(SIREN WAILING) BOY: (WHISPERS) Shh. Listen. This all happened a while back in the town I'm from. (THUNDER RUMBLING) I can't swear to every l...Rate it:

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Some Like It Hot
Billy Wilder
FADE IN: CITY AT NIGHT A hearse of Late Twenties vintage is proceeding at a dignified pace along a ...Rate it:

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Hot Rod
Pam Brady
Kevin. Did we reinforce the take-off ramp? Nah, we didn't have time. Cool. Soul of an eagle. Oh, shit. Are you okay? What's up, little rider...Rate it:

(4.80 / 5 votes)
Hot Fuzz
Edgar Wright
Police Constable Nicholas Angel. Born and schooled in London. Graduated Canterbury University in 1993 with a double first in politics and sociol...Rate it:

(4.62 / 19 votes)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Richard Brooks
We want Pollitt. Brick Pollitt. We want Pollitt. Brick Pollitt. Don't you do that! I'm warning you, Trixie. Gooper! Can't you stop your child...Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
Hot Pursuit
David Feeney
All right, baby girl, you ready for your first day at work with Daddy? - Daddy, go fast! - Okay! - Happy Halloween! - Happy Halloween to you, ...Rate it:

(3.50 / 2 votes)
Hot Bot
Mark Polish
SOMETIMES DIFFICULT TO SAY WHETHER IT IS REAL "ABRAHAM LINCOLN - 1903 Welcome to International Financial News. I'm Lindsay Hawthorne. Die deutsch...Rate it:

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Hot Girls Wanted
Brittany Huckabee
Are you ready to go pick up girl number one? Can I drive? - No. - Aw! Ooh! There's her bus. My Ava is home. Five new applicants. - Really? ...Rate it:

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Hot Lead and Cold Feet
Joseph L. McEveety
% % May the best man win% % % % Way out West, a rich, old man had two such different sons% % % % Eli spoke with Bible raised, and Billy spoke w...Rate it:

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Hot Mashooka: A Dangerous Lover
SOVIK Venture Capital DCG Plus presents In association with M Venture Capital Showbox and I-Vision Entertainment world sales by Mediaplex Sho...Rate it:

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Hot Property
Andrew Cryan
Hello, you've reached Melody's phone. Don't bother leaving a message because I probably won't listen to it. You have 112 new messages. Melody...Rate it:

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Hot Saturday
Seton I. Miller
Make it a certified check for $183.28. $183.28? Yes. And make it payable to the Hartford Wholesale Produce Company. The Hartford Wholesale P...Rate it:

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Hot Shots!
Jim Abrahams
FLEMNER AIR FORCE BASE 20 years ago Look out! He singed my tail feathers. All right, Buzz. That's enough of that. What did I just say? That i...Rate it:

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Hot Shots! Part Deux
Jim Abrahams
:: HOT SHOTS! PART DEUX :: [Whistles] [Humming] [Speaking Arabic] Arsenio Hall! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Team two, take the prison. We...Rate it:

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Hot Tub Time Machine
Josh Heald
Turn it up! Turn up the radio I need the music Give me some more Come on, Boots, you have three minutes left. You can do this. You came to m...Rate it:

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Hot Tub Time Machine 2
Josh Heald
Whose fucking phone is on? We're going to just touch you up. - Okay, Mr. Dorchen? - Hey. Do I need nipple rouge? Can we get... I don't... Do ...Rate it:

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Hot Young Bloods
Lee Yeon-woo
LOTTE ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS A DAMSO FILM PRODUCTION What the? Oh no! It's Young-sook! Shit. He's at it again. Shit. What? It's you? Small ...Rate it:

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Life Is Hot in Cracktown
Buddy Giovinazzo
Pass the ball. Watch his crossover. Watch it, watch it. He'll break his legs, watch this. - Let me show you something. - Where' we goin'? Rom...Rate it:

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Long, Hot Summer, The
William Faulkner
It was him!|He did it. in my corn again. so I put it in my pen. I told him he could have his hog back|when he paid me a dollar pound fee. - Wha...Rate it:

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Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome!
Derek Dressler
(EAGLE CRIES) - Hmm... - (DISTANT RUMBLING) Eh? Huh? (ROARS) (SCREAMING) - Morning. - Morning. - Morning. - Morning. LINCOLN: Forescore....Rate it:

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The Hot Chick
Tom Brady
[ Slow Middle Eastern music|plays ] [ Indistinct conversations,|laughter ] Where is my bride? [ Wind whistling,|chimes tinkling ] My wedding dr...Rate it:

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The Hot Flashes
Brad Hennig
1 All right. Come on, Armadillos! Go, number 11! Good job, Millie! - Millie, great. - Ooh-whoo! That is my baby! That Kayla Rash is a bitch....Rate it:

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The Hot Rock
William Goldman
- Name? - Dortmunder. This way. Sign here. - What is your name? - Dortmunder. - Your first name? - John. Put your package on the table rig...Rate it:

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The Hot Spot
Nona Tyson
- How about a tall cool one? - Can't serve you nothin' before noon. Get you a beer right down there. They got air conditioning. But it's a hot ...Rate it:

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