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Ghost in the Shell Arise - Border 1: Ghost Pain
Tow Ubukata
Surprised they gave us permission to exhume the body. They had better. They complicated our investigation enough by burying him to begin with. Tr...Rate it:

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Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 2 - Ghost Whisper
Tow Ubukata
1 "Supreme Court" Kazuya Soga, get out here! - Griffin Unit, ten minutes to air-strike. - Eagle clear. - Griffin Unit, - Fox negative. - ten...Rate it:

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All Mine to Give
Dale Eunson
Don't cry, Janie. Don't cry. You'll be all right soon. Come on, Janie, don't cry. Kids think nothing ever happened before they were born. But ...Rate it:

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Don't Give Up the Ship
Herbert Baker
In the glorious addles of the United States Navy have been many unsung heroes. Among them, John Paul Steckler I. Who, in the face of the British...Rate it:

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Give Me a Sailor
Doris Anderson
L The life I live I would gladly give For the U.S.A. and you But I'd be sore if a doggone war; Ever came between us two I hope I stay in the...Rate it:

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Give Me the Banjo

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Give Seven Days
The famous poet Tagore had said before, love is the enemy of realization, but in the current society, the saying no longer stands. If you don't ...Rate it:

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I Give It a Year
Dan Mazer
( Never Knew Love Like This Before by Jessie Ware) Must you? Just here? (all)... three, two, one! Happy New Year! (all cheering) (Nat) I do. ...Rate it:

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I Give My First Love to You
Kenji Bando
My love life has a time limit. It's much shorter than others. So I have no time to waste. I have to shine brightly like fireworks in the summer...Rate it:

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Kevin James Never Don't Give Up
Kevin James
1 [hip hop music playing] Yeah! Siege [audience cheering] [music continuing] Yeah, yeah! And when you hear the sound Of the drum We'll be ...Rate it:

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Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
John T. Neville
How are you, Chuck? Hello, Gorgeous. Oh, say, your daughter's looking for you. Oh, thanks. I'll take the next bus. Okay, Gorgeous. Oh, hello,...Rate it:

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Please Give
Nicole Holofcener
1 INT. RADIOLOGY OFFICES - DAY 1 CLOSE UP ON A LARGE BREAST as it is maneuvered into a mammogram machine. A PAIR OF HANDS lift it, pull it and e...Rate it:

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Something's Gotta Give
Nancy Meyers
The sweet, uncomplicated satisfaction of the younger woman. That fleeting age when everything just falls right into place. It's magic time, and...Rate it:

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The Canterville Ghost
Edwin Blum

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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Philip Dunne
And now my mind is made up. Oh, Lucy. I never heard of such a thing. Oh, Lucy, Lucy. Please don't make it more difficult. I know you've tri...Rate it:

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Ghost World
Daniel Clowes
OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE - EVENING We MOVE through the city in a series of brief shots that define and establish our ...Rate it:

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The Ghost Writer
Robert Harris
Come on! But you realize I know nothing about politics? - You voted for him, didn't you? - Adam Lang? Of course I did. Everyone voted for him....Rate it:

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A Ghost Story
David Lowery
1 Why are you laughing? I am so scared. - Why? - I don't know. Don't be scared. When I was little and we used lo move all the lime, I'd wri...Rate it:

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A Chinese Ghost Story
Songling Pu
We have to choose for everything in the world. Like love, if it's meant to be fading away. The only thing you can do is to forget about her. ...Rate it:

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Blackbeard's Ghost
Bill Walsh
- Want gas, mister? - Yeah, fill it up. Help yourself, will you, please? I gotta close up. To you know how to get to Blackbeard's Inn at Godol...Rate it:

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Chinese Ghost Story
Songling Pu
The path of life Are dreams, like the length of the path The storm on the way Pass by as you go along In the world How many ways can one dream...Rate it:

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Erotic Ghost Story
Kwan Tsang
What else do you want? No more What's your order, Miss? All I want is a little rest A pot of tea please Sure Mo, the meat buns in Mao's resta...Rate it:

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Erotic Ghost Story III
Gen'ichi Rikuta
Brother, buy me a drink cheers! Please, sir Tonight is yours no, you first Brother, here comes an easy prey! He has a sword Has he I've got ...Rate it:

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Bruce Joel Rubin
Oh, this is great! Wow! Oh, that's incredible. There's got to be seven or eight feet up there. And eighty years of dust. Look at all this hei...Rate it:

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Ghost Bride
David Blyth
Where does love arise? It wells up from the deep. For love, the living can die. For love, the dead can revive. Let love in dreams be real or u...Rate it:

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Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Jim Jarmusch
"Every day when one's body and mind are at peace, "one should meditate upon being ripped apart "by arrows, rifles, spears and swords, "being ...Rate it:

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Ghost Game
Benjamin Oren
Watch up, or you'll be inhabited by Jium Oh really? I would like to try as well. Oh no! A filthy mouth cannot utter decent language! Will it re...Rate it:

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Ghost House
Kevin O'Sullivan
- Somebody fucking help me! No. - I love you. - I love you too. - This vacation's gonna be so amazing. - Hey, you have driver? Gogo best dr...Rate it:

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Ghost in a Teeny Bikini
Fred Olen Ray
Bardone ! I knew you'd save me! Sorry I'm late, but I had to break through the jungle... To set a fuse, find the secret lab and save you. Wha...Rate it:

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Ghost in the Shell
Kazunori Itô
To all patroling air units. A 208 is in progress... the C-13 district of Newport City. The airspace over this area will be closed. Repea...Rate it:

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Ghost in the Shell
Shirow Masamune

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Ghost of Goodnight Lane
Amy Acosta
I used to live here. Terrible things have happened in this house. It could not be stopped once the wheels were set in motion. Childish games c...Rate it:

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Ghost of Mae Nak
Mark Duffield
The legend of Mae Nak|is a tale of true love... ...and is a tale that Thai people have|been telling for many generations. Because one day the Gho...Rate it:

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Ghost Patrol
Marcy Brown
1 [crow squawking] [thumps] [yells] Ghost! [eerie RINGTONE plays, buzzes] - [phone beeps] - [voice chattering] We've got a sighting! Ghost ...Rate it:

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Ghost Recon: Alpha
Greg Pruss
Chelyabinsk province - Russia Military zone. Closed area. - Can we go faster? - Not on these fucking roads. Where are you from? You're not a ...Rate it:

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Ghost Rider
Mark Steven Johnson
It's said that the West was built on legends. Tall tales that help us make sense of things too great... ...or too terrifying to believe. This ...Rate it:

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Ghost Shark
Paul A. Birkett
Son of a bitch! Man, this has gotta be the one. It's kicking my ass. Twenty minutes till midnight. Doesn't matter how big this thing is if we ...Rate it:

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Ghost Ship
Mark Hanlon
FADE IN INT. BARGE - DAY Crewman EPPS (29), wearing a life vest and tool belt, jumps down into the ...Rate it:

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Ghost Soup
Shunji Iwai
Tokyo Mansions This businessman who was posted abroad for five years... ...rented out his place. But h's coming back only after a year. And t...Rate it:

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Ghost Squad
Michael Berlin
1 I can't see a thing in here. Ow. Will you cut it out? - Big shock. - BOY I don't hear anything. Wait. There it is again. You must have do...Rate it:

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Ghost Stories
Paul Jenner

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Ghost Storm
Paul Ziller
[THUNDER CRASHING] DAISY: Will? Rob? Stop playing games. Will? [GASPS] Will! [WILL YELLS THEN GIRLS SCREAM] [WILL & ROB LAUGHING] You ass....Rate it:

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Ghost Story
Lawrence D. Cohen

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Ghost Team
Peter Warren
2:46 a.m. I'm hearing what I believe to be footsteps in my living room. Proceed to move, slowly. I'm afraid that many kinds of intelligent hau...Rate it:

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Ghost Team One
Andrew Knauer
All right. - Is that good? - Perfect. - You got it? All right. - Perfect. - Nice! Nice. - It's a good angle, huh? - All right, here we go. Y...Rate it:

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Ghost Tour
Erik C. Bloomquist
(suspenseful music) - With that, we are back where we began. If anyone has any questions, I'm more than happy to answer them. Speak now or fore...Rate it:

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Ghost Town
David Koepp
Hello? Is anybody there? Hey, honey, what's up? Slow down. Who are you talking about? No, I don't know! Sweetheart, I don't have a clue what ...Rate it:

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Ghost Train
Bent Christensen
Takashi...? What's with you? I was told... I'm going to die. What? A strange looking woman told me I'll die soon. Because I picked this up. ...Rate it:

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Ghost Warrior
Tim Curnen
1 Stop him! Damn it! Get her back! They're getting away! Stop him! Go around! There they are! Stop right there! Stand back! Yoshimitsu-sa...Rate it:

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Hold That Ghost
Robert Lees
And when my baby When my baby smiles at me Gee, what a wonderful wonderful light That comes to her eyes Look at the light, folks There's t...Rate it:

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Holy Ghost People
Kevin Artigue
A rainy night On a cold downtown street I pass by that caf Where we used to meet And as I walked by A cozy scene meets my eye He's giving his...Rate it:

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Hong Kong Ghost Stories
Patrick Kong
Excuse me, where is the school office? You, hi... Excuse me, I'm a substitute teacher. Could you tell me where the school office is?. It's lunc...Rate it:

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Hungry Ghost Ritual
Grandma, I want eggs Don't touch it What a glutton of a child, who gave you permission to touch it Kids don't know better, please don't take of...Rate it:

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Legend of the Naked Ghost
Jim Wynorski
1 This is Chipisin with WTRA Radio. We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of Symphony Sid to bring you this special news buletin. T...Rate it:

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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Bruce Geller
Hey, how did you manage to leave the cell? How did you come out of cell? Open door 2. How did you come out? Return back to the cell! I told you...Rate it:

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Jason Pagan
1 I'm scared. Don't be scared. Who is he? He's gonna be your teacher. This is a very good day. Do you know why? 'Cause today is a beginning....Rate it:

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Pay the Ghost
Dan Kay
1 Mother! Mom. Hey. There's something outside my window. Oh, baby, you're having a nightmare, huh? Okay. Let me put you back to bed. I wa...Rate it:

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Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost
Anup Singh
Neeli... Neeli, open your eyes and look at me. Grief ages even a creature like me. Tell me... What am I? Who am I? What curse have I brought...Rate it:

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Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost
Robin Dunne
Sir, I've come to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. Get off my property! I'm not leaving until I see Estelle. You're not coming into m...Rate it:

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Sicilian Ghost Story
Fabio Grassadonia
Giuseppe! Giuseppe! Idiot! It's not for you. My name's on it! Are you the only Giuseppe? So there's another Giuseppe you were secretly follo...Rate it:

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Sniper: Ghost Shooter
Michael Frost Beckner
1 SNIPER 6: THE SHOOTER GHOS BLACK SITE JSOC drone ESP USE COMMAND. , TURKEY Are ours? Now, Objectives supply, sir. It is 70/30. Are the unit...Rate it:

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The Ghost
Oleg Malovichko
Okay, get myself together... He pulled out a gun. The Ghost disappeared into the alley... Illuminated only by... Only, only, only... What was ...Rate it:

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The Ghost and the Darkness
William Goldman
FADE IN ON A TINY FIGURE OF A MAN hurrying toward camera. The figure gets larger as he approaches. But as yet we cannot tell who he is or where ...Rate it:

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The Ghost Breakers
Walter DeLeon
Hello, operator? Operator? Operator, the lights in my room. What? The lightning? Do you suppose you could send up some sort of light? I'm le...Rate it:

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The Ghost Goes West
René Clair
THE GHOST GOES WES Based on a novel by Eric Keown CAS 18th Century Scotland - What are we waiting for? - We're not to be denied by the Glouries!...Rate it:

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The Ghost of Frankenstein
Scott Darling
There's a curse upon this village... the curse of Frankenstein. Aye. Aye, it is true. The whole countryside shuns the village. Our fields are ...Rate it:

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The Ghost Ship
Donald Henderson Clarke
For luck. Thank you, sir. Being a sailor, you'll need luck. A young sailor too. I don't need eyes to tell me that. Young seamen all want luck ...Rate it:

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The Ghost Train of Manggarai
Ery Sofid
The Ghost Train of Manggarai It was the economy train, it was kind of creepy. It was in the papers. There was no engineer driving the train. I...Rate it:

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The Mummy's Ghost
Griffin Jay
Before our god, Amon-Ra, you are Yousef Bey, son of Abdul Melek? I am, O Father. I have answered your summons. You are prepared to undertake...Rate it:

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The Path to Vengeance: Making 'Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance'
Trans: MiKiE Good judgment can not my point. I was possessed by an ancient demon And the presence of evil I changed, I became a monster I pray...Rate it:

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Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan (Ghost Story of Yotsuya)
GHOST STORY OF YOTSUYA A Mitsugu Okura Production 'The bond of parent and child lasts through this world... '... but that of husband and wife ...Rate it:

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