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Shrek Forever After
Josh Klausner
[The story starts as the first two films started, with a book lying on the ground. Only this book had a particular title on it.] "Shrek Forev...Rate it:

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Until Death
Dan Harris
Plainclothes officers have arrived on the scene. - Plainclothes are here on the scene. - Roger. Hey, Stowe, check out the rookie. Why don't yo...Rate it:

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Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter
Paul Wynne
Once upon a time, a long time ago, a king and queen had a beautiful daughter named Fiona. But she was possessed by a terrible curse. By day, a...Rate it:

(3.50 / 8 votes)
Forever My Girl
Bethany Ashton Wolf
1 You've been singing That same old song Far too long Far too long Kids, you all need to get inside. The wedding is about to start. Good af...Rate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
Amazon Forever
Jean-Pierre Dutilleux
My name is Nicolas and that's me with my bow and arrows, I am about 11 years old. We spend a happy childhood in a beautiful countryside a worl...Rate it:

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Another Forever
Daniela Escobar
1 Hi, this is Alice and John. We are not available to take your call. You know what to do. Bye bye! Hi, Honey! Its over. It was a beautiful d...Rate it:

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Bader Zamalano Show Dr. White forever part 1
Slim z
[Scene: Bader's living room. Bader (9) and his older brother Slim Z (14) are sitting on the couch, while their little sister Shaikha (1) plays...Rate it:

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Bader Zamalano the show dr. White forever part 2
Slim z
Title: Bader Zamalano: The Show - Episode 20: "Dr. White Forever Part 2" Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Musical [INT. BADER'S BEDROOM - ...Rate it:

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Batman Forever
Lee Batchler
[Metallic clanking] [Dramatic instrumental music, background] Can I persuade you to take a sandwich? I'll get drive-through. [Batmobile engine ...Rate it:

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Batman Forever:The Original version Part 1/4
Ext.Arkham Asylum-Night. The Rain fall's on the ground while Thunder Crackle's in the night sky we cut to Doctor Burton Walking to Harvey...Rate it:

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Celeste & Jesse Forever
Rashida Jones
1 Oh, shit, it's work. Wait, turn it down. Turn it down. Hello? Shh. Jesse. What? I have to give a sound bite for the L.A. Times, so no nois...Rate it:

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Forever and a Day
Melissa Mae Chua
Sir, have some water. Giving up already? Whoa! Sir Mico is catching up! Go, Go, Sir Mico! You can do it! Congratulations Euge! Mico, you're s...Rate it:

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Forever and Ever
Raymond To
In mermory of Chi Mo (1973-1996). Chi Mo suffered from haemophilia. His blood was contaminated from blood transfusion. Which caused him to suff...Rate it:

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Forever Enthralled
Kaige Chen
Hey! You Chinese locust. Stop jumping the queue You've bought the whole world Get off you bastard Lockhart Road, please Tell me where to get of...Rate it:

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Forever Young
J.J. Abrams
Coming through angels, 19! Take it easy, Viper One.|Don 't push it. Throttling back. 18,5. RPM's 2500. Airspeed. . . . Airspeed needle stuck. ...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
From Today Until Tomorrow
Max Blonda
FROM DAY TO DAY Where does your hidden smile lie? Ah, how delightful! But do go to bed now But , you know I like to think about the events of the p...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
I Do... Until I Don't
Lake Bell
"For life." No one wants anything "for life." It just reminds us of our impending death. I pledge allegiance... The etymology of the word "b...Rate it:

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Klovn Forever
Casper Christensen
NUTMEG MOVIES presents In collaboration with TV2 with support from Danish Film Institute - Crap weather. - But the fall colors are beautiful. ...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
Love Forever
Srinu Pandranki
Happy Birthday Chandini Thank you Wanna see? Ok.. One Two Three.. Four.. Five.. I love you I love you.. Happy Birthday Chandini Thank you...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
Nina Forever
Ben Blaine
How d'you know all of this? I asked Gary. Gary? So none of this has come from Robert then? You've never even talked to him, have you? Um... ...Rate it:

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Now and Forever
Melville Baker
That'll be right up. Just a minute. Thank you. Good morning, Occidental. I cannot ring suite 1026 before 11:30. I'm sorry, sir. Never before...Rate it:

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On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
Alan Jay Lerner
Hey, buds below Up is where to grow Up, with which below Can't compare with Hurry It's lovely up here Life down a hole Takes an awful toll ...Rate it:

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The Magical World of Winnie the Pooh, Vol. 5: Friends Forever
Sam Rogers
"GOOD BYE MR. POOH" Hunny jars are only good for so many smackerels. Pooh is going to go to the tip with his old Hunny jars. Tigger think...Rate it:

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Until Forever
Michael Linn
(ethereal music) - Yeah. (camera clicking) (ethereal music) - Alright, ladies, let's move to the sanctuary. - I just, give me one second. (s...Rate it:

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