From Today Until Tomorrow

Synopsis: It is late at night and a married couple has just returned home from a party, where they met a former school friend of the wife and a famous singer. The husband has been charmed by the seductive and elegant woman, and this makes him treat his wife, who has gone straight back to being a housewife, condescendingly. Talking about the evening, the husband praises the school friend's beauty and intelligence. This makes his wife reveal the advances she received from the singer and the compliments he paid her; the man may be affected, but made her feel she was still desirable. When she realises her husband is jealous, the wife decides to teach him a lesson. She puts on an elegant, flimsy dress he has never seen before and pretends to turn into the 'modern-day woman', emancipated and free that her husband so admires. Initially, he likes the change; but that is only the beginning. Soon the husband discovers that his wife's transformation goes a lot deeper. She is now a whimsical woman who wants
62 min

FROM DAY TO DAY Where does your hidden smile lie? Ah, how delightful! But do go to bed now But , you know I like to think about the events of the past day. I am not a bit tired Is the baby asleep yet?. I'll just look in. Yes, a really enchanting, vivacious woman. She's never out of my mind Eyes like diamonds, lovely mouth with magnificent teeth; what a slim and shapely figure! Well, if I wasn't married! That woman could be very dangerous! Are you still dreaming? Or are you just tired? Poor fellow! Come, it's bedtime. I have just finished setting the table for breakfast, and turned down the beds, and tomorrow you've got so much to do. Oh, go away! This sort of life leaves one so little time for dreaming: Always saving, working, screaming at kids, day after day the same. If there were not from time to time something different or novel, those everyday cares could kill you or suffocate you with boredom! Whenever you've had an enjoyable evening you come back depressed! And I can't say your present life is so terrible. Till now I thought we were very happy. What is it you want? You have a lovely home and a darling child and a wife who loves you. Well then, stop your sulking and come. and you were so cheerful this evening. Yes, true this evening was really most entertaining But there was your friend. There's a girl with wit brains, charm and humor and she's beautiful ! Come along then... Please stop this eternal nagging I won't come Your friend... What do you really think of her ? Seeing her once more today, after years and years apart, I wouldn't have known her, dear. She's changed so very greatly. She looks enchanting, though. She once was a plain and dowdy little thing and has become a gay, seductive woman. She lives in the present. Yes, she's never had worries, either with husband, children, with cooking, housework. Her skin might well be smooth, her eyes so sparkling. The smile of a mouth which has felt no pain or tears is thrilling and fresh and the breasts touched by no other lips than of men do not change. I would gladly exchange a sample of my wife's love for just one sinful, sweet kiss of those lips. Did she think that I too was much changed ? No, she said to me: Your wife is exactly the same girl, unchanged, I used to know in my schooldays. Yes, she thought up tricks that were really amusing, and it was I who got punished. Did she tell you that as well? About punishments, no, thank God. But all those tricks, though, oh, they were funny how silly you always were, and you'd fall in the trap That was told really very charmingly. You mean that I provided you with lots of amusement? Oh, don't be so touchy! Console yourself; for that wearisome old bore, that singer, soon interrupted our tete-a-tete. I wish I knew what sort of pleasure one can get from this constant curse of music It beats me how such a man impresses a girl like her Just with his singing? One who can have any man that she wants for the asking? It may surprise you to know that I'm not quite passe. For, when you had abandoned me completely, I sat and listened to the singer's songs. then he, then the famous man, sat down beside me. It raises your sense of self-esteem when you feel once more men's fiery glances, passion that lights up the eyes that look at you Oh, that singer with his eternal and tiresome croaking quite spoiled the mood of our talking. A good thing that he went hunting elsewhere. Even that woman was listening to him Charming when he declared in dead earnest: ''I'm eager to become a bass, Since I looked into the depths of your eyes, I've found life on my heights is too lonely.'' Now isn't that absurd? Now isn't that absurd? Why are you laughing? About the singer. Yes, I agree he's ludicrous. I didn't mean that at all. He made me advances so amusingly and with such charm. You! That astounds you so much? Well, I must tell you about it to amuse you. Thank you no, I'm not in the least curious. You asked me what he said! Does it spoil your daydreams my talking? What do you know of them? Don't think I don't realize the point around which they turn? My friend and your evening! Why deny it? Yes! Well, then, do you prefer her to me? Is it allowed for me to prefer her? I'm asking you because I know that you are only drawn because you're so curious and hope to find behind the mask with its glitter an extraordinary wonder concealed. At every new apparition that's dressed fashionably you're simply dazzled. But when the charm of novelty's gone, you gaze with sorrow into space. A little too late, you then will compare her with me. I do not compare. That would be ridiculous: she is a woman of the world, and you a decent housewife. Women all have two sides! No. There are some whom all men will fall for, the rest must see their limitations. You're wrong, they must not, and I'm prepared to prove it. That's absurd! My patience is all gone! Listen, just wait, I will show you, though always scorned by you and so undervalued chained to house and home by force of habit, by force of habit.... seen with contempt ... I'll prove I can live differently! I'll prove I can live differently! And you will realize how successful I'll be then. And you will see how much I always gave up for you! We will then put an end to all discouragement, this constantly fettered life, humiliation, in which we sit and suffocate. No more of that! Now I will go and have my hair dyed lighter and paint my face the brightest colors and order clothes from the finest coutouriers. I'll have men around me by the dozen and lovers all known as ''just good friends.'' For the first one there's no time like tonight for starting; it will be easy to find a second; if he is slow in coming, I'll have some others while waiting, or can you never lead a life that is your own life? And you will be sorry. I can see you coming to kiss my hand then just as passionately as you kissed the fingers of the lady tonight! Do you honestly think you can scare me with that grim future just because it's unlike you? Do you really imagine you're interesting just by talking to offend me, talking in that manner? Words, what words? What use is it if you fill my ears with talk? I'll merely collect my other senses and go to the woman who's mistress of them all. What happened? You're not the same! How can you be changed completely? Is this new, elegant apparition my own wife? Can I believe the sight before me? What's this I hear? How can you be changed completely? Can this stunned admirer be my own dear husband? Can I believe the words I'm hearing? Have you heard any others from me, my love? It was I, too, who have always been faithful was it not? Then I must regret that I've misunderstood; I thought you said that you found me unworthy of your love. When could I have ever said that? Or my memory must have deceived me? Would you deceive a lovely woman? Aha! Does my husband want to play the part of the lover? No, that really does not suit you! As decent family man you're quite alright; be satisfied with that then. It makes you ridiculous when you try another role. You're wrong. You've never seen me appear in the proper light. Ah, but now, kindled by you, if your great love will fire my passion, if your sweet smile will delight, your eyes with their brilliance dazzle me, if your whole body conquers your woman's soul inspires then I will show you what I'm really worth, and my immense and lasting love will finally show you that I'm the only man who is right for you. No other man can adore you, can so admire you, can so worship you, make you his goddess my darling wife. Do you really believe that you thrill me with the very sound of your voice in practiced phrases? Do you really believe you are interesting me because you're flooding me with your words, talking in that manner? I'm left stone cold when my husband hotly tells me: I only perceive the strange new voice which calls me without mercy and robs my senses all! Eh? What? Robbers? Aha! Aha! Who is going to steal you? That tenor, the singer tonight! What-that comedian without a brain? Who cannot think but in opera lines, brings every conversation round to singing: ''Ah, fair, gracious lady, I love you,'' pardon ''and the deep sea, the deep sea of your eyes.'' But I know that you don't mean that in earnest. Come, let me kiss you, darling! Say that you belong to me alone. No, my lord, there you are wrong! I remain constant to no one, but on some occasions I'm lost completely. but on some occasions I'm lost completely. For I carry out whatever my mood bids me, whatever I enjoy. That only makes you even more to be desired. I love you more passionately. Aren't your joys just the same as mine are? You know me. You say I know you. Not very useful for you. I find it's so boring when you know things; I want something different. That's what I am. I am a new man now that you have transformed me. Warmed up a bit, perhaps, but I am sure that won't last long; a little strange, maybe just estranged, though; that's my view of you; and rather boring, too. I need a new life, a new life! Oh, a change! I'm going to keep an engagement book now; In it I'll write down whose turn has arrived, so I'll know who's been my friend for too long and whom it's time to forget. I shall welcome whoever may come along; and they can be old but rich, or young but poor; they can be mean, brawny, elegant men, or else, brainy philosophers dressed just like old tramps. One after the other, or maybe two, but with no plan. Just what my fancy wills and just what time allows. Thus shall I live at last a life that is my own life! And even you, my dear, may have a turn again when I've completely forgotten you, when so many have followed you that you've left no trace in my mind; well, that's when you can start to be hopeful. The first though in getting is last for forgetting! You say you'll forget me? I'll have to. Love me no longer? If I'm to love you in the future. I don't see what you mean. But isn't that just what you want? I'll be serious: If you but knew me, you would know that I shall now start dancing. Wait, give me a glass of something to set me off! What've you got in the kitchen? You ask? You should be running! Now, God in heaven, you must aid my imagination. He must give in completely; already in love and very jealous, only he still wants some more discomfort. So, then, a speech or two like that plus hysteria. But then these days one reads quite a lot of those things. I managed to find a bottle. What, beer? You think I'm a peasant wench? I beg of you! You'll wake the child. Forget it! I'm dancing with you, it may be for the last time. Turn the radio on. Too late. You cannot at this hour. Well, then, we'll dance to my singing. Mummy, what are you doing? You've woken him now! Can I never have a moment's peace? Daddy, is Mummy cross with you? Leave me alone and go to bed now. Give me a kiss first. Do you refuse to kiss him? I'm just not in the mood for it. . Come, go back to sleep. Mummy is naughty. Mummy is naughty. When will you take him away? Give him his breakfast to keep him quiet. Help, I think that's the milk that's burning now. Won't you go to see? Are you quite drunk, or crazy, to think that I care about that? Get a move on and come in then. Coming! Coming! I'm going to show you! I'll teach you a lesson! The bell, dear! The bell, dear! Well, open! Darling, the gasman, he's waiting. Why is he here in the middle of the night? See how well this dress suits me. Do you think I can wear this shawl with it? Darling, the gasman Do you prefer it like this or when I ... Darling, just listen to me! The gasman. But what is all this? I'm showing you myself in dresses in which I could show myself next to all the queens of Europe, and I'm trying to explain to you how I don't like leaving all that to just your memory, without that and you, you're so much in love, you just stand there like some poor cretin and keep drooling on: ''The gasman, the gasman!'' Confound him, what's wrong with the man? He's come with the gas bill. You know I've given you the cash. Yes, I know; oh, but my dear man, you surely don't think that I've still got the money? Come along, and I'll show you all the beautiful dresses that I have gone and bought with it. All so that I should please you, you alone! I don't think you heard me. But what shall I go and tell him now? Ah, yes, the gasman. I really don't care. If he turns off our gas, what then? We'll move out to a hotel! But that's much too dear. We'll have to go on credit, dearest. That's exactly what all the best people do today I'm getting tired of housework anyway. Well then, quick, help me to pack. What's that now? Hello. Yes, have I the pleasure of speaking to you? He's gone at last. It's the celebrated tenor. Ah! You recognized me by my voice, dearest lady? Ah, your voice! When you have heard it once, can you ever forget it? When you have heard it once, can you ever forget it? It's very late though to make a call. I had thought ''too early'' But I hope it's not too late; it's because we've got a bet on. For your friend and myself, walking along past your windows, found that through the shutters we could see light. I for my part maintained that the light came from your shining, bright ... are you still there? I said the light your shining eyes were throwing. See, Rhinegold! On the other hand, your very prosaic friend is ... maintaining that it is ordinary electric light. Yes It's for you now, dear lady, to decide between us. First say what the stakes are. If your friend should lose-in other words, that is, if I'm the winner she must get you, with husband of course, by persuasion to join us now in the bar at the corner. And if you're the loser? Well, then the duty's mine to tempt the gentleman and of course also his wife this very night into the bar aforesaid. That means everybody must win in any case. I must find a judgment worthy of Solomon. Then my judgment is that my honest friend shall ask my husband and you shall be my host this evening. I am delighted. By the most unprejudiced witness? Were you completely fair and objective? -Yes Prejudiced not against my friend, sir? I made so bold to hope for something better. Confound his blasted cheek! Please don't interrupt us. It really isn't his fault if you listen. Are you completely losing all your hope, right now when I'm coming? Which is surely your dream fulfilled. Happiest fulfillment That clown's singing again! We'll come at once. Ludicrous! See you in seven minutes. -Goodbye for now -Just wait all night, you idiot. Now quick! Are you ready? Now? When we're packing? Packing? Packing? But why? We're moving to a hotel, as you wanted. Oh, yes, all right! But right now we're off to the bar. There! Look at me. You're so beautiful! Listen, darling, please don't go like that! -Like what? -Your new dress. Doesn't it suit me? Yes, you've never been so beautiful. But don't want that man to see you like this. Who, the singer? Yes, I am jealous, darling. Jealousy? Ludicrous! Your sentimentality is out of date. Why not let each one go his own sweet way? I am drawn to the famous tenor, and you to my friend, that enchanting, vivacious young girl. The devil can fetch her away! She's the cause that we're unhappy. That we're unhappy? That I'm unhappy! Are you unhappy? I see now how unhappy I am, for my joy was you just as you were before; my joy was my beloved little wife whose worth I never knew, because she was faithful, and treated scornfully because she loved her home, who meant so little because I was all things to her. Oh, bring back my wife to me! Where are you? Where are you? Are you lost forever? Shall I now be me again? Yes, I've no other wish: you as you always were. I thought you were yesterday's woman; you then played the part of today's. I thought her better than you. I know now: You are the one for all my life. I am your wife for all my life, and even if fashion demands that we all go insane, I won't give up my husband and child. So that was all in play? It's a dangerous game! I always feared that I would lose it. Even worse: I feared as much that I would win it. I was captured by the part that I was playing. So you really did like the singer? He reminded me then of you. How could he? I'm nothing like that man. Not when you gaze at beautiful women with eyes full of fire? But that wasn't serious. Something serious always remains. Now what does that mean? And that with the singer? It is day and we haven't slept a minute. I'll just get some coffee ready. She does not reply. She won't try to deny. Can it be that this singer ... ? What's that you've got? The receipt for the gas bill? Will you explain this to me? And where are those clothes from? Baby, read what is written on this box. To Miss L - i - s - l Mummy, Auntie Lisl? Why, my sister? Yes, your sister; she's dancing today and I cordially wish her as much success in this same costume as I had wearing it. Are you angry? Forgive me yet once more! Shall I now become me once more, dear? Once more? Always you! Always only you, never any other. Will you remain that man -for whom it is worthwhile -always only you to remain who I was? Yes, you will see. I hope so. And what shall I promise? Little; but keep the more! Try what test you desire. I'm completely indifferent to other women. Including enchanting, vivacious women? Aha, aha, aha, what do I see? I see them both sitting Do we disturb an idyll of love, a sweet love, a married idyll? Example recommended! -With me? -With me? -No, what I meant was pretty lady. -No, what I meant was famous singer. You're joking. Are you angry? You it was, I think, who kept me waiting all in vain. O Lord, please forgive us. We'd completely forgotten. We knew you were in excellent company. My friend is always so witty. I've no doubt you've found the great tenor highly entertaining. We tried to forget you in wine, and dance, and music. And yet I must confess it: all quite nice, but it was not what I longed for. Oh, pity, a pity! But at least we can give you some coffee. Coffee! Coffee! My dear sir, are you trying to wake up my anger, which a glass of brandy managed to put to sleep? O sweetest Hebe, a cup from your hand, or rather, as I sing as Siegmund: ''First wilt taste it thyself,'' then some coffee with milk must taste like gin. So witty, yet so poetic! How romantically you say that. How romantically you say that. But the coffee is getting cold. - When love is there to keep us warm, - Then coffee with milk must taste like gin, So witty, and so poetic, how romantically you said that! But the coffee is getting cold. - How sad, though, dearest friend - How sad, though, dearest lady that you could not with me ... together ... alone ... together, delightful! It's very kind of you, very flattering, alas, though I shall be unavailable in future. - Still, maybe the famous tenor? - Still, maybe the intelligent lady? I thought you were a man [a woman] of the present, assumed that your marriage was modern, took it for granted you would put no trouble in each other's way. Can it be true that you're content with -this charmless woman? -this boring fellow? You who are intended to make -so many women happy. - so many men happy. You can be satisfied with one only? Which today nobody would dream of. Cancel at once this crippling connection, or compel it to leave you free. Can't you find the courage at last to at last lead your own life in freedom? If we both start to live our own lives, then none lives a life not his own. Oh, you say that with such charm. So puzzling, so mystical! Don't you see, my worthy lady, my worthy maestro that you've nothing to gain by staying. Well, let's go then, nothing here for us two. We're simply obsolete; we still believe in old ideals and desires. We know just what those things are worth You can go cheaply through life. our actions are simply our own ... Yet wish us to take them for ours. we're given what we expected: - Perhaps my bright friend here ? - Perhaps the famous tenor ? We lead our own life. I think that I've heard that! That's yesterday's line, dear. You're nothing but a couple of faded stage performers! We perhaps may be faded; they're characters from the latest hit, still full of brilliant chatter and color And then, there's this difference too: their play is produced just by fashion, but ours by -if they have gone- I can dare to say: by love. Really they don't seem to me so very up-to-date, even today! Well, that can change between today and tomorrow. Mummy, what's up-to-date people?

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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