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Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses
Sakke Järvenpää
"Leningrad Cowboys... have been offered a job... at Surf Hotel in New York. " Not signed. Let's hit it. Mexican Folk] Man Speaking Spanish ] ...Rate it:

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Leningrad Cowboys Go America
Aki Kaurismäki
That's crap. Why? Not commercial. Go to America. Over there, they swallow any kind of crap. Call my cousin. Hotel Mansfield, Manhattan. Pekk...Rate it:

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Aleksandr Buravskiy
SEPTEMBER, 1941 RUSSIA THREE MONTHS INTO THE WAR Move aside! LENINGRAD SUBURBS Make room for Army vehicles! Out of the way! Now! Where are yo...Rate it:

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Cocaine Cowboys
They call them the Cocaine Cowboys. Yesterday they attacked Dadeland Mall and they executed two Latins males in the Crown liquor store. There...Rate it:

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Cowboys and Aliens
We're riding towards Absolution. You know how far west we are? Maybe he's a dummy. Is there a reason you're not answering my question? Look he...Rate it:

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Cowboys and Cosmopolitans: The Stars of 'Did You Hear About the Morgans'
Hi, you've reached Meryl Morgan. I can't take your call right now, so leave a message and have a great day! Thanks. Hello, it is me. it:

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Cowboys vs Dinosaurs
Anthony Fankhauser
Hey, you! Move those trucks now! Come on, guys, lock it up. Gentlemen, I know we've been over this already, and I know this isn't your first ro...Rate it:

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Silicon Cowboys
Jason Cohen
1 Ben rosen: We never, ever, had any idea That this would be as explosively Successful as it was. Mike swavely: Fastest to fortune 500 And ...Rate it:

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Space Cowboys
Ken Kaufman & Howard Klausner
Thats enough. Were approaching|heat barrier. Lets level off. Recover One, this is Falcon.|Beginning descent now. Roger, Daedalus. Got you on the...Rate it:

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The Cowboys
Irving Ravetch
Easy. Easy, girl. Easy. Hold it, girl. Hold it. Well, l want each of you fellas... buy yourself a dollar lngersoll watch. You can't b...Rate it:

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Meet the Medic
Team Fortress 2
Scout:"MOVE CYCLOPS MOVE, Come on come on come on!" [Demoman and Scout run, as Scout trips and falls to the ground] Scout:"WOAH WHA...Rate it:

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Meet The Robinsons
Jon Bernstein
Then I didn't choose that one because it was gonna give me pimples, so I choosed another scary one because, for all those years that I went for...Rate it:

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Meet John Doe
Robert Riskin
FADE IN: EXT. BULLETIN OFFICE - SIDEWALK CLOSE-UP: Of a time-worn plaque against the side of a buil...Rate it:

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Meet the Feebles
Fran Walsh
Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. Welcome to the newest, the greatest... the most spectacular show in entertainment history. Put y...Rate it:

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Meet Joe Black
Bo Goldman
EXT. ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. - 4:00 AM A patch of water. PULL BACK TO REVEAL more water. BACK FARTHER TO REVEAL an expanse of river, up the ba...Rate it:

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Meet the Browns
Tyler Perry
# I know a place, mmm # # Ain't nobody crying # # Ain't nobody worrying, no no # # Ain't no smiling faces # # Lying to the races, yeah, hey, ...Rate it:

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Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Lee Loeb
And whose pocket are you picking? I'm sorry. I thought maybe the monster had struck again. It would be an easy thing for him to do with me sle...Rate it:

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Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Robert Lees
Aah! Whoa! Operator, haven't you been able to get me... the express office in Florida yet? Yes, I know it takes time to call from London to ...Rate it:

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Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man
All hail beloved alma mater Steadfast and loyal we will be This is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. How did I ever graduate? I sl...Rate it:

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Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops
John Grant
Poor girl. You leave her alone or I'll punch you right in the nose. Sit down! Any time you make a date with me, keep it. By the way, did you ...Rate it:

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Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff
Hugh Wedlock Jr.
Ha-ha.! You didn't dot the "I." Whoo! Hey, Joe, who's this guy Strickland? All you news hawks hanging around here, half the guests are inquir...Rate it:

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Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy
John Grant
It has been said... that a man's best friend is his mummy. In Egypt today, this theory is to be in great dispute. For two bold adventurers... ...Rate it:

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Meet Dave
Rob Greenberg
Dude, dude, no, l was, like, "Yes, we do have nuclear missiles." And he was all, like, "No, you don't." And l was all, like, "Yes, we do. Whate...Rate it:

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Meet Me in St. Louis
Irving Brecher

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Meet Me There
Brandon Stroud
1 Another? Vodka tonic. So, you think LA is going all the way this year? Doesn't really matter. New York got knocked out in the first fucking ...Rate it:

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Meet Monica Velour
Keith Bearden
MEET MONICA VELOUR There you go. That's mine. Hey, Tobe! Oh my God. Stay right here. Excuse me. Stare much? - Hey, Kenny. - Hey. Can I have...Rate it:

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Meet My Valentine
Brady Smith
1 ( waves crashing ) Woman: Mr. Bishop? Mr. Bishop, we really need you to stay still. Okay. ( machine humming ) ( humming stops ) - Okay. ...Rate it:

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Meet the Blacks
Nicole DeMasi
Hey, guys. Tonight is the Purge... and I want all of my white friends to be safe. Rules of the Purge. You have 12 hours... to do any crime yo...Rate it:

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Meet The Fockers
Jim Herzfeld
##[We're Gonna Get Married by Randy Newman playing] # Into life today came something beautiful # # Someone who loved me much as I love her # ...Rate it:

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Meet the Havy
Team Fortress 2
Heavy: I am Heavy Weapons Guy and this is my weapon. She weighs one hundred and fifty kilograms and fires two hundred dollars, custom dual cartridg...Rate it:

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Meet the Parents
Jim Herzfeld
(Choir) # Show me a man # Who's gentle and kind # And l'll show you # A loser # Now show me a man # Who takes what he wants # Oh, how excitin...Rate it:

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Meet the Patels
Matthew Hamachek
- Do you want me to hold this so you... - No, that's fine... But we both need to talk into it so maybe, put it in the middle of us. Wait, not w...Rate it:

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Meet The Spartans
Jason Friedberg
(drumroll) (rousing orchestral fanfare playing) (fanfare ends) (woman chanting plaintively over mournful melody) (deep whooshing) (percussion...Rate it:

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Strangers When We Meet
Evan Hunter
- Good morning, Patrick. - Good morning. - Good morning. - Good morning. - Hi, Patrick. - Hello, David. David, you might need these. What ti...Rate it:

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Mitch Albom
1 This is a story about a man named Eddie... and it begins at the end, with Eddie dying in the sun. You might think it strange... to start a ...Rate it:

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Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes
Earl Kress
Aha, the perfect plot on paper. Wha-? Stop, thieves! Holmes. Holmes, I say. Holmes? Holmes? - You'll never guess where I've been. - You've ju...Rate it:

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You Should Meet My Son!
Keith Hartman
You want a kiss? - Yes...... All right, you happy? No I am not happy I want more! You want more? All right. Happy? Now come on.... No more ...Rate it:

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You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
Woody Allen
Shakespeare said, "Life was full of sound and fury, "and in the end, signified nothing". Okay, let's begin with Helena. - Cristal Delgiorno? -...Rate it:

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