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James and the Giant Peach
Karey Kirkpatrick
Opening Dance/Pantomime (The opening pantomime begins when the lights dim in the theatre/gymnasium. All is quiet, until slowly music fills the a...Rate it:

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Andre the Giant
Simon Pummell
1 Man: Most of us, when we're children, your parents read fairytales to you. There are knights, there are dragons, there are sorcerers, th...Rate it:

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Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur
I'm here in Patagonia in the southern part of South America because, a few years ago, a man looking for one of his lost sheep found a simply gi...Rate it:

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Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan
Jeff Miller
(Folk guitar music) - Oh, much obliged, ma'am. That... Oh, that looks so tasty. - Oh, you're so welcome. Smells wonderful. - Thank you. - H...Rate it:

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Cast a Giant Shadow
Ted Berkman
Come on. We're due in|court in 20 minutes. - Our biggest case in two months.|- Almost our only case. Come on. Come on. - What's the matter?|- W...Rate it:

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Empire of the Sharks
Mark Atkins
1 That is yours alone to use. 8 o'clock? 8:15. Keep on practicing. Keep that out of sight. Tustin, my tests worked. It will scale up. We ca...Rate it:

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Galapagos: Realm of Giant Sharks
1 Narrator: A remote island in the Pacific Ocean. A place forgotten by time. Here, in one of the last great ocean sanctuaries, a mysterious p...Rate it:

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Edna Ferber
There he is. There's the stallion. That's War Winds. Beautiful. That's my daughter riding him. Leslie. Leslie is my daughter. She's riding him....Rate it:

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Hammy Beaver: The Adventures Of Giant Hybrid Animal Monsters Movie
Stan Lee
Hammy Beaver: Wow. I Like Making Spaghetti And Meatballs For Dinner Tonight. Raccoon Furry: (SNIFFS) Wow. I Like The Smell Of Flowers. Chunky Pig: ...Rate it:

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Ice Sharks
Emile Edwin Smith
1 [ wind blowing ] [ music playing ] Ho. Ho. Ho. Ho. I caught up to him on the flats. [Male on radio] Be careful out there. Male: Yeah. Out....Rate it:

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Jack the Giant Killer
Orville H. Hampton
The legend of "Jack the Giant Killer"... was born more than a thousand years ago... in Cornwall, England... near Land's End. There was a time...Rate it:

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Jack the Giant Slayer
Darren Lemke
Fee-fi-fo-fum. Ask not whence the thunder comes. Ask not where the herds have gone. Nor why the birds have ceased their song. When coming home,...Rate it:

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Little Giant
Walter DeLeon
Good morning. Just a minute, please. Will I fill it up, sir? No, thanks. I got off the main highway. Can you tell me where I am? This is Cucam...Rate it:

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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
Jack Perez
- Danevang Presents -- - Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus -- Aviation and Missile Command. Sonar Test. Height 3-4-0-3. Win 3-2-2 to 1-0. - Conti...Rate it:

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National Geographic: Realm of the Alligator
This is a place of unseen danger and subtle beauty. It is a mysterious swamp called "Okefenokee"... the realm of the Alligator. Okefenokee... ...Rate it:

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Obey Giant
Shepard Fairey has exploited a notion that art can be anywhere to compete with advertising, so I don't consider it art. Well, the guy is famou...Rate it:

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Ozark Sharks
Marcy Holland
1 ( music playing ) Don't blow your hands off. You're going to need them later. Ooh! Oh, dude! Did you see that? All right. Pyrotechnics a...Rate it:

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Sea Monsters: Search for the Giant Squid
Kevin McCarey
On Mexico's Sea of Cortez a marine biologist prepares to encounter an animal local fisherman fear more than sharks. He is exploring a nether-w...Rate it:

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Swimming with Sharks
George Huang
Captioning made possible by Lions Gate Entertainment In Hollywood, one of the fastest ways to the top is to work for someone who's already th...Rate it:

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The Giant Mechanical Man
Lee Kirk
Excuse me? Excuse me? Is the train late? - Hi, I'm here for a temp job. - Mr. Mahoney is in the hallway. - Excuse me? Are you Mr. Mahoney? - Y...Rate it:

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The Iron Giant
Tim McCanlies
Mayday! Mayday! This is the Annabelle. I've lost my bearings! I'm taking on water. My last good reading is Portland Station to Annabelle. What...Rate it:

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The Little Giant
Robert Lord
MAN: Well, folks, there's not much doubt about what's happening. We continue with the latest returns. Illinois is just reporting. Roosevelt, 54...Rate it:

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The Selfish Giant
Clio Barnard
Can't stand you! Bastard! - Chill out. It's me. - Calm down, Arbor. - Fucking get off! - Just chill. Arbor. - Get off! Get off! - Arbor, ...Rate it:

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Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure
Paul Dini
1 Once upon a time... ...there was an enchanted land called Storybook Town. This wasn't a make-believe place. It was for real... ...with full...Rate it:

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