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Beneath the Darkness
Bruce Wilkinson
Come on, let's go. Come on. Pick a spot. Take a dump. Let's go. Who's that? Hey. Evening. Hey, Vaughn. Hey, Jack. I see he's got you wel...Rate it:

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What Lies Beneath
Clark Gregg
FADE IN: Moving through a murky haze. Dark blues and greens, shafts of prismed purple. A pale shard appears in the ...Rate it:

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Battle Beneath the Earth
Charles F. Vetter
Battle Beneath the Earth (1967) Another hour to go. Looks like we've drawn a quiet night. Some nut will turn up somewhere as they always do. ...Rate it:

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Kevin Burke
Why do we celebrate them dying? We're not celebrating. We're honoring them. It's our responsibility. I have something for you. Here. This is y...Rate it:

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Beneath Hill 60
David Roach

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Beneath Still Waters
Mike Hostench
BENEATH STILL WATERS Ready? Come on, let's go. Luis, come on. I'm going for it Come on, Captain Lightning. You're not scared, are you? Shut ...Rate it:

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Beneath the Blue
Scott Salter
(Kita) 90 feet! Your best yet. I know I can do better. One more time. Hello, I think lack of oxygen is affecting your brain. (Rasca chirping...Rate it:

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Beneath the Harvest Sky
Aron Gaudet
So what, she's like your girlfriend now or something? No. I don't know. Whoo-hoo-hoo! That was fuckin' air time there. Ready to learn, kid? ...Rate it:

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Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Paul Dehn
Beware the beast man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother ...Rate it:

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It Came from Beneath the Sea
George Worthing Yates
NARRATOR: From her beginnings on a Navy drawing board, through the months of secret field experiments out on a western desert, then through th...Rate it:

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Something Beneath
Mark Mullin
[ambient] [heavy machinery running] Are you afraid? What? Are you afraid? Afraid of what? You Dutch? Who wants to know? Not me. I don't give a mon...Rate it:

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The Beat Beneath My Feet
Michael Müller
The BEAT BENEATH my FEE Schooled Southside beneath the King of Beasts Back in PigFat, St Louis The air was gravid with heat, sex and hops They...Rate it:

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The Truth Beneath
Seo-kyeong Jeong

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Star Trek: Into Darkness
Roberto Orci

(4.80 / 5 votes)
Army of Darkness
Sam Raimi
1 GRAINY BLACK AND WHITE - CLOSE-UP - A MAN'S DESPERATE FACE 1 This is Ash, mid twenties, square jaw firmly set and a pair of haunted eyes w...Rate it:

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20 Ft Below: The Darkness Descending
Frank Krueger
1 What the hell is going on? What are you thinking about? Where am I? Answer me! Answer. Answer. Answer me. What are you thinking about? Ar...Rate it:

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A Tale of Love and Darkness
Natalie Portman
Go to sleep. I'm not tired. All right. Let's make up a story. Shall I start? Yes. Once upon a time there was a village, abandoned by its i...Rate it:

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And Soon the Darkness
Jennifer Derwingson
Camila. Ready? - I'm coming. - You'll never beat me. My God, look at this little town. How cute is this? Wow. Oh, come here. - Hola. - Hol...Rate it:

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Army of Darkness
Sam Raimi
ASH: My name is Ash, and I am a sIave. (WHIP CRACKING) (GROANING) CIose as I can figure it, the year is 1300 A.D., and I'm being dragged to ...Rate it:

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Asylum of Darkness
Jay Woelfel
- My name is Dwight stroud. I'm a prisoner here, and I need to get out. - Good morning, it's a beautiful day outside. - Every day outside is ...Rate it:

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Jaume Balagueró
Now, I want you to try and tell us everything that happened. Anything you can remember. I can't, I can't remember. We need your help so we can ...Rate it:

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Darkness Falls
John Fasano
It is said that over 150 years ago... ... in the town of Darkness Falls... ...Matilda Dickson was adored by all the children. Whenever one of t...Rate it:

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Darkness Reigns
Andrew P. Jones
1 Farid Morocco So here I am, big night. It's the red carpet premier for my documentary. Today alone I've gotten calls from JJ, Steven, Harv...Rate it:

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Darkness Rising
Vikram Weet
1 I shall count to ten. One, two three four, five six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ready or not, here I come! Boo! Sarah? I can't see you, de...Rate it:

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Darkness Wakes
(dramatic music) (gentle music) The weight gets heavy As I'm walking through the storm I ain't no fighter ain't no fighter But I try to carr...Rate it:

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Days Of Darkness
Denys Arcand
When what was amused! What place is this? This zone was of the soldiers. The best place in order that camps what I already saw. It is brillian...Rate it:

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Deep in the Darkness
John Doolan
Daddy? Christine! ?Daddy what's happening? Just ... Sit ... I will return later. Please, have a seat. Thank you. Leave behind Manhattan Ash...Rate it:

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Dungeons & Dragons: The Book Of Vile Darkness
Brian Rudnick
To the two thousand years ago, Nhagruul, the vil ... the sorcerer who delighted in corrupting the innocent ... and spread despair ... approach...Rate it:

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Edge of Darkness
William Monahan
Come on, Daddy! Let's go play on the beach. Just going to take my shoes off, okay? Yeah, it's cold, huh? It's going to be a big castle. Let ...Rate it:

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Edge of Darkness
Robert Rossen
It's 4:00. We are over Trollness again. Look. Look. That flag. - That's not ours. - It's Norwegian. Let's go down. Our garrison headquarters ...Rate it:

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Edges of Darkness
Blaine Cade
(thunder rumbling ) Man: Horns... cars... people-- all the malignant noise of a city gone. I used to hate the noise. But now I don't know. ...Rate it:

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From Darkness
Helen Baxendale
1 INT. COTTAGE, BEDROOM. WESTERN ISLES - DAWN DAY 1 (06:11) 1 We float in the darkness. We can barely make out where we are. Somewhere in our mi...Rate it:

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Ghosts of Darkness
David Ryan Keith
(eerie orchestral music) - Do you remember what I told you the other night? Close your eyes, count to five, and take a deep breath. It's all i...Rate it:

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God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness
Michael Mason
1 [flames crackling] [woman narrating] Sometimes all it takes is a spark. Something very small. But the spark becomes a flame. And if that fl...Rate it:

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Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse
Fax Bahr
My film is not a movie. My film is not about Vietnam. It is Vietnam. It's what it was really like. It was crazy. And the way we made it was ver...Rate it:

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In Darkness
Robert Marshall
TO MARE EDELMAN Szczepek! Leave it. Shine the light. Tell them there's nothing of value here! He says his parents left nothing behind. - What...Rate it:

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Kissing Darkness
James Townsend
1 [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [LAUGHING] Oh, my god! It's nice! That's what fresh air smells like? It's wilderness. [LAUGHING] Well, we better start ...Rate it:

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Lessons of Darkness
Werner Herzog
LESSONS OF DARKNESS The collapse of the stellar universe Will occur like creation - in grandiose splendor. A Capital City The War After The B...Rate it:

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Light Darkness And Colours
However well we get to know the world, it will always contain a day and a night side. 'Yellow and orange hues bear the essence of light,' Goethe sa...Rate it:

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Prince Of Darkness
John Carpenter
I found Father Carlton this morning. He was taken to the hospital, but he never regained consciousness. Why was he here? He had an appointment...Rate it:

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Star Trek Into Darkness
Roberto Orci

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The Darkness
Greg McLean
- Lovely place, no? - Wonderful. - You know how it formed? - No. Volcanoes, earthquakes, storms. violent things. Did you know that has a whole c...Rate it:

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The Ghost and the Darkness
William Goldman
FADE IN ON A TINY FIGURE OF A MAN hurrying toward camera. The figure gets larger as he approaches. But as yet we cannot tell who he is or where ...Rate it:

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The Whisperer in Darkness
Sean Branney
The Whisperer in Darkness The whole matter began, so far as I am concerned, with the unprecedented Vermont floods of 1927. The rain poured dow...Rate it:

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