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Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Charles Chiodo
1 Killer klowns P. T. Barnum said it so long ago There's one born every minute That you know Some make us laugh Some make us cry These clown...Rate it:

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Leprechaun 4: In Space
Mark Jones
LEPRECHAUN 4 In Space Hey, Lucky, got a cigarette? No, Mooch, I don't have any cigarettes. Why don't you ask me for a breath mint sometime? ...Rate it:

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Lost in Space
Akiva Goldsman
FADE IN ON: EXT.-SPACE PULL BACK slowly as MARS fills THE FRAME, a sphere of red desert and fast rushing crimson clouds. A triangular CARGO SHI...Rate it:

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Love in Space
Lucretia Ho
Excellent! Full marks! Hello. The three of you watch carefully now. Don't blame me for never cooking these past 30 years. Blame your father. ...Rate it:

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MicroSex Office
Ka Yee Yim
Monday, the most terrible day for all commuters. After a crazy Sunday indulging in clubbing, drinking, cheering... watching soccer, betting on...Rate it:

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Muppets from Space
Jerry Juhl
Sorry! Hey, wait for me! Hold the boat! I'm coming! Noah! Mr. The Ark! I'm here. Barely made it. I thought you were leaving without... Gee, ...Rate it:

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Negative Space
Max Porter
1 My dad taught me how to pack. Put everything out. Half is enough. Roll what you can roll. Things that wrinkle lay on things made of cotton....Rate it:

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Choi Yun-jin
"How to Become the Richest Man?" Please mind the gap between train and platform. Sorry. Good morning. Free newspaper. Sorry. Excuse me. Excu...Rate it:

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Office Christmas Party
Justin Malen
1 (FESTIVE HIP-HOP SONG PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (YAWNING) MAN: Are you kidding me? EZRA: Oh, Josh! Sorry I'm late. That's all right. ...Rate it:

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Office Space
Mike Judge
Starring Ron Livingston (Peter), Jennifer Aniston (Joanna), Ajay Naidu (Samir), David Herman (Michael), and Gary Cole (Bill Written by: Transcr...Rate it:

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Space Adventure Cobra
Haruya Yamazaki
The New Genesis Gospel St. Adieus Chapel 491. "People on Planets", God himself declared "There is no God." A tarocaros, up straight. Tarocaros...Rate it:

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Space Battleship Yamato
Shimako Sato
Locked on Gamilas ship. How long? All Units, Clear cannon trajectory. Roger. Let them come in close. Five seconds. Fire shock cannons! Huh?...Rate it:

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Space Camp
Max Dillinger
1 Only a shooting star. Come on, Andie. Everybody's watching on TV. You can't see it if you don't come in. Can too see it. Just another wish...Rate it:

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Space Cowboys
Ken Kaufman & Howard Klausner
Thats enough. Were approaching|heat barrier. Lets level off. Recover One, this is Falcon.|Beginning descent now. Roger, Daedalus. Got you on the...Rate it:

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Space Dive
Sunday 14th October. Mission control. We're in perfect conditions for launch. The world is watching... To expedite the process... a man i...Rate it:

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Space Dogs
Alexander Talal,
-sneeze- Are we there yet? Dad, look how beautiful! Honey, feed him. How cute! Sit here. I'll bring you a tasty sandwich. Hello! Mr. Khrushc...Rate it:

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Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon
Maksim Belozor
1 A long time ago in a country very away far called Russia, there were two best friends that went into space together. Their names were Belka...Rate it:

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Space Junk 3D
Michael Benson
...a small piece of space--they call it junk --had been causing a big headache for NASA scientists... Houston is monitoring a piece of debris ...Rate it:

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Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets
Joe Ahearne
(MISSION CONTROL) Pegasus, proceed with checklist for trans-Venus injection. (YVAN) Copy that. (NARRATOR) It is our destiny to explore the far ...Rate it:

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Space Pirate Captain Harlock
Leiji Matsumoto
In the distant future or perhaps in the distant past... The human race has spread across the galaxy, founding colonies on distant planets. Their ...Rate it:

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Space Station 76
Jennifer Elise Cox
1 [] JESSICA: I've always been amazed that asteroids can fly in groups for millions of years and never touch each other or connect. They are ...Rate it:

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Space Warriors
Jeff Phillips
1 [ Music playing ] Space. For some, it's a curiosity. For me, it's my passion, and for as long as I can remember, It's always been my dream t...Rate it:

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The Hide Space Journey
Logline: In a small coastal town, a reclusive artist discovers a hidden space within his own mind, where he retreats to escape the pressures of the...Rate it:

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The Office Wife
Charles Kenyon
1 18th Floor. Fellowes Publishing Company. Watch out. [ Buzzer ] There is the tyrant, buzzing me out. Her buzz is worse than her bite. Wait a...Rate it:

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