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See No Evil: The Moors Murders
Neil McKay
All right, sweetie. Oh, look, you brought her! Oh, what's she called? Angela Dawn. - Oh, she's just gorgeous! - I know. Everyone says she loo...Rate it:

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Sexy Evil Genius
Scott Lew
- Thanks for your help. - You're good. Make sure you tell the detectives that I'm willing to testify and I definitely want to press charges. L...Rate it:

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Spooks: The Greater Good
Jonathan Brackley
1 Air traffic control to police 2-5-1. Divert to new coordinates, 5-1-7-7-7-9-4. Roger that, ATC. I spy with my little eye something beginning...Rate it:

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The Evil Dead
Sam Raimi
Hey Ash, where are we? Well, we just crossed the Tennessee Border. Which would put us... Yeeeah? Which would put us... Right... Here. What th...Rate it:

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The Evil of Frankenstein
Anthony Hinds
[wind howling] [owl hooting] [woman sniffling] [banging] [yells] [girl screaming] [girl sobbing] [wind howling] [screaming] (priest) My G...Rate it:

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The Evil That Men Do
R. Lance Hill
Gentlemen, torture as a political instrument is no longer the crude... ...and brutal extraction of information from one's enemies. It has becom...Rate it:

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The Evil Within
Andrew Getty
Man: Life is a story. People think dreams are stories. They seem like stories, but they're not. Misguided, no shape, no form. No reason. Like...Rate it:

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The House Where Evil Dwells
Robert Suhosky
1 [Crickets chirping] [Insects buzzing] [Japanese lute playing] [Chime jingling] [Sword coming out of sheath] [Grunts] [Disembodied, slow-mo...Rate it:

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Touch of Evil
Orson Welles
You folks are American citizens? I am, yes. - Where were you born, Miss? - Mrs! What? - Philadelphia. - The name is Vargas. Hey, Jim! See who'...Rate it:

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Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Eli Craig
Should we be doing this? It's still a crime scene. Sack up, Billy. It's called "investigative journalism" for a reason. Yeah, but don't we need...Rate it:

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Twins Of Evil
Tudor Gates
Halt! Listen. - There is no one. - I hear them. What is it? No! I'm not a witch. I'm not. Please, please believe me. I am not a witch. Ple...Rate it:

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We're Going On A Evil Leafy Hunt
Michael Huang
Hey everyone! We're going on a Evil Leafy Hunt. Are you afraid? I'm not afraid. We're going on a Evil Leafy Hunt. Take pictures wit...Rate it:

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When Evil Calls
Come out, come out, wherever you are. Gugenheim. Gugenheim! When we get a hold of you, we're gonna kick the shit out of you, you little runt....Rate it:

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Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies
Peter Atkins
1 [ Razor Slicing ] - [ Alarm Blaring ] - [ Muffled ] LET'S GET OUTTA HERE ! GET OUT ! GET OUT ! GO ! JUST LEAVE THE DAMN THING ! COME ON !...Rate it:

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Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies
Peter Atkins
(RAZOR SLICES) (ALARM BLARING) (MUFFLED) Let's get outta here! Get out! Get out! Go! Just leave the damn thing! -Come on! -SECURITY GUARD: Freeze! ...Rate it:

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