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Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl
A.D. Calvo
Woman: Got a letter from your crazy aunt's lawyer. Said she needs a live-in. How much you make this week? She's got money. And we're the only ...Rate it:

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My Little Sweet Pea
Keisuke Yoshida
1 We've really never met? I swear I've seen you before Oh, you're a celebrity? No, I'm not Really? I feel there must be something Okay, your...Rate it:

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Sweet And Lowdown
Woody Allen
Why Emmet Ray? Because he was interesting. To me, Emmet Ray was a fascinating character. I was a huge fan of his when I was younger. I though...Rate it:

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Da Sweet Blood of Jesus
Spike Lee
Church, let's bow our heads for a brief prayer for our recently departed Bishop Enoch. - He's in a better place now. - Pray for his lovely fami...Rate it:

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Sweet Sixteen
Paul Laverty
1 - Right, who wants a shot? - Me! 25p a go. Pay Pinball. Get in a line. Get in the back, you. Money. Do you not want a shot? Get in the q...Rate it:

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Sweet Smell of Success
Ernest Lehman
FADE IN: EXT. INT. GLOBE NEWSPAPER BUILDING - DUSK - N.Y. A row of newspaper delivery trucks is lined up against the long loading bay, waiting fo...Rate it:

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Sweet November
Paul Yurick
FADE IN: 1 EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - DAY 1 OPENING CREDITS and MUSIC play as dawn breaks over thecity by the bay. Sounds of intense SEXUAL EXERTION F...Rate it:

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The Sweet Hereafter
Atom Egoyan
FADE IN INT. SUMMER COTTAGE -- DAY A young family together in bed. It is a bright summer morning. Father, mother, and a three year old girl are...Rate it:

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After Dark, My Sweet
Robert Redlin

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Col cuore in gola (Deadly Sweet)
Pop, the 12th one. Open. - May I open? - Open. Is he your husband, madam? Ok, Pop. He died instantly, miss Burroughs. By a concussion. So ...Rate it:

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Home Sweet Hell
Carlo Allen
1 Come on, it's my turn. - It's my turn. - I don't care, you've had it forever. You're not playing fair! Don't be a sore loser. If you cannot...Rate it:

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Home Sweet Home
Jacob Hendriks
When? -What does it matter? When you weren't at home! What CD is that? - It's just this... We played this at my mum and dad's funeral. You wer...Rate it:

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Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Henry Farrell
This house, this plantation, this whole damned parish belonged to my family before your people stepped aboard the stinking cattle boats that b...Rate it:

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Life Is Sweet
Mike Leigh
Alright Suzi are you ready? Just a little bit that way darling, that's it Ok after four One, two, three, four Stretch Yeah Round, stretch ...Rate it:

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Murder, My Sweet
John Paxton
I remember you as a noisy little fellow, son. All of a sudden, you get quiet. Is your book of answers lost, or are you waiting for your lawyer? ...Rate it:

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My Sweet Pepper Land
Hiner Saleem
Say the prayer my brother. Say that Allah is the only one. Allah is the greatest. Dear gentlemen! Since April 2003, Kurdistan is free. Saddam ...Rate it:

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Sweet 16
Erwin Goldman
- All right! Let's up the ante a little more. - How you doing Billy? - I've been well! - Hey brother! - Little brother! - All right you two n...Rate it:

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Sweet Bird of Youth
Tennessee Williams
Hey. Hey, you, whoever you are. - Are you awake now, princess? - I want a drink. - Oh, soon, princess. - I want it now. Oh, please... ...ple...Rate it:

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Sweet Charity
Neil Simon
Oh, Charlie, I'm on time, right? Wrong. You know what I did today? I looked at furniture. At couches that turn into beds and chairs that turn i...Rate it:

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Sweet Country
Steven McGregor
1 What you fuckin' doing? Standing around? Oi! That's it, walk away. Fuckin' idiot. Black bastard. Why don't you listen to me, eh? - What'd...Rate it:

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Sweet Dreams
Robert Getchell
It's a red light! Hang on to your seat! Charlie! I can't believe you did that. You scared me half to death! I can't open my door. How am I su...Rate it:

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Sweet Hearts Dance
Ernest Thompson
He did the monster mash - It was a graveyard smash - He did the mash Jimmy Hill is dressing up as a box drink... with a straw and everything. ...Rate it:

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Sweet Home
Ángel Agudo
SWEET HOME Hey, babe. Tonight... well, yeah, I don't know, I'm exhausted. Could we make it some other night? I'm just messing with you. Happ...Rate it:

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Sweet Home Alabama
C. Jay Cox
Come on, Jake.|- Slow down! Hurry up, Jake!|- Melanie! I gotta get home.|My mom's gonna kill me. Wow, did you see that? Well, answer the questi...Rate it:

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Sweet Home Carolina
Elizabeth Snoderly
2 You promised to pay Andreas school fee, But now I've got a new reminder -because you have not paid. Broadhill Agency. A moment. -It's not m...Rate it:

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Sweet Karma
James Fler
00:00:14,260 -- 00:00:17,252 SWEET KARMA. 2 00:00:31,360 -- 00:00:33,112 Here is your passport ... 3 00:00:33,280 -- 00:00:34,872 and your t...Rate it:

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Sweet Land
Will Weaver
- [Man] That's too heavy for traveling. - [Woman Speaking Norwegian] - Do you speak any English? - English? [Woman #2 Moaning] - [Man #2] What...Rate it:

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Sweet Talk
Peter Lefcourt
God! Oh, my God. No restaurant! Hey! You buy, you take away! Man, she meaner than your mama. Man, nobody meaner than my mama. You got somethi...Rate it:

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Sweet Vengeance
Bobey Taleb
Lord, you awaken our good man! Though the night is made for loving, and the day she comes too soon, yet will guide them now a'roamin', boys, by...Rate it:

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Sweet Virginia
Benjamin China
I'll tell ya, glad you're here I didn't think you'd make it. Heard they're closin' the highway tonight. Ah, not yet. Fire's still 65 miles out...Rate it:

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The Sweet Life
Jared Rappaport
Woman: What are you doing? Nothing. No, you're invading my personal space. Personal space is, like, arm's length. No. Not always. How so? ...Rate it:

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