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The Black Rose
Talbot Jennings
Medieval England... the early years of the reign of Edward I. A troubled land in those days. Her great feudal fortress castles, born in that u...Rate it:

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The Name of the Rose
Andrew Birkin
ADSO (V.O.) Having reached the end of my poor sinner's life... my hair now white... I prepare to leave on this parchment my testimony as to the ...Rate it:

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The Purple Rose of Cairo
Woody Allen
Cecilia, be careful. Are you all right? You`re gonna like this one. lt`s better than last week`s. lt`s more romantic. Miss, l wanted oatmeal ...Rate it:

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Doctor Who Rose
Russell T Davies
Rose Original Airdate: 26 Mar, 2005 [The Tyler's flat] (Earth, United Kingdom, South London. An alarm clock goes off at 7:30. A young blonde wom...Rate it:

(3.67 / 3 votes)
New Rose Hotel
Abel Ferrara
C'mon, you know this better than anybody, right? There's a full-scale subterranean war been raged for every shred of information. The corporate...Rate it:

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A Bug's Life
John Lasseter
[ Bird Chirping ] [ Insects Buzzing, Chittering ] [ Gasps ] No, no, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. I'm lost! Where's the line? It just went ...Rate it:

(2.33 / 6 votes)
A Rose Reborn
Ayako Fujitani
1 - ...a company worth more than the GPD of Fiji... - ...the biggest conglomerate in China. - We need a closer on this one, Stephen. - They've ...Rate it:

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Aloha, Bobby and Rose
Floyd Mutrux
From the big band years of the '40s, Artie Shaw and Begin the Beguine. Oh honey you should've seen Hollywood in the '40s. Things were more rom...Rate it:

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Audrey Rose
Frank De Felitta
(tyres screech) (musical interlude) (school bell) - Ivy! - Hi, Mom. Hi, sweetheart. (she laughs) Oh... Hey, Mom, two tests again, both in ma...Rate it:

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Broadway Danny Rose
Woody Allen
Thank you, thank you. Oh, if you overate too much tonight... ... I got a great song that the paisans would understand. It's "Agita". Uno, two! ...Rate it:

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Tracy Letts
Hello? Hello? Bastard! Hello? Hello? Jerry, is that you? Jerry, it's you, isn't it? Oh, you son of a bitch. Jerry? Fuck you. Where are you...Rate it:

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Christmas Rose
Wai-On Leung
Court! As a defense counsel, I used to help people clear their charges As a prosecutor, I can convict real criminals Winston Zhou Mr Winston ...Rate it:

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Le dernier vol du flamant rose
Joao Ribiero
French Sahara 1933 Next, I'll build a hangar for the vehicles. Beside them I'll put the workshop. Have you gone mad? What's wrong, Chauvet? W...Rate it:

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Ma Vie en Rose
Alain Berliner
MY LIFE IN PINK Take me dancing tonight Cheek to cheek Hugging in the dark Yabba-dabba boing-boing! What are the new people like? If you ask ...Rate it:

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Mr. Bug Goes to Town
Dave Fleischer
There you are Mrs. Ladybug. Orange blossom with honeysuckle icing. Will there be anything else now. No that's all. Thank you Mr. Bumble. Why w...Rate it:

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My Heart Is That Eternal Rose
Koon-Chung Chan
I've won 3 games consecutively. He doesn't wanna play then. Some guy has all the luck! I said you must win. Hold it! Have guts to play a big g...Rate it:

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Rambling Rose
Calder Willingham
In deep Dixieland, the month of October is almost summery. I had come to visit my father. Mother had died a few years before and Daddy was livi...Rate it:

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Red Rose of Normandy
Vito Lapiccola
In memory of those who honored fighting for their country - = 2013 MZK = - For Share Dear Klaus, miss you more than words can never show. ou...Rate it:

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Rose Island
Sydney Sibilia
BASED ON A TRUE STORY NETFLIX PRESENTS STRASBOURG NOVEMBER 1968 Mr. Gary. That man looks really ill. Who is he? Wasn't he here yesterday as we...Rate it:

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Rose of Washington Square
Nunnally Johnson
# And once again you'll sway my heart away # # With your ya-ka hula Rickey-dula tune # # Everybody loves a baby That's why I'm in love with yo...Rate it:

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Rose Red
Stephen King
I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D What the hell were you thinking,|taking her that way? - Annie wanted...|- What's this "Annie ...Rate it:

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The Ballad of Jack and Rose
Rebecca Miller
I put a spell on you Because you're mine You better stop the thing that you do I said watch out I ain't lyin. Yeah I ain't gonna take none ...Rate it:

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The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Paul Harris Boardman
Emily! You're the medical examiner? Mr. Rose? I'm sorry, Mr. Rose... ...but I cannot state conclusively... ...that the cause of death | was na...Rate it:

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The Love Bug
Bill Walsh
I'd like another shot at that prize money. - Okay for next Sunday? - No, Jim. It ain't okay. - Now, look, Bice... - No, you look. All of my d...Rate it:

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