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Strong Island
1 Hello, it's Yance. Hello, it's Demitri Jones returning your phone call. -Hi, Miss Jones. How are you? -OK. I am not sure if you remember my...Rate it:

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12 Strong
Ted Tally
1 February 1993. A massive explosion ripping through the lower basement sections of the World Trade Center under tower number two. A terrori...Rate it:

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Country Strong
Shana Feste
1 (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) BEAU: When I was a littIe boy, my mom used to play A Portrait of Merle Haggard every night before bed. Her favourite ...Rate it:

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Jack Strong
Wladyslaw Pasikowski
Everyone out of the building. Right now! That's an order! Hurry up, comrades; there's nothing to see here. Comrade colonel, we have the convict...Rate it:

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One Piece Film 10: Strong World
This is madness. There's only one man I know who's capable of doing this. The survivor of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger's generation... Where hav...Rate it:

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
Brian Gunn
In the 19th century... ...Jules Verne wrote some of the greatest adventure stories ever told. Novels such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the ...Rate it:

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Shutter Island
Laeta Kalogridis
DiCarpio Get it together Teddy! Get it together! It's just water. It's a lot of water Come on. - You okay boss? -Yeah, i'm just...i just can...Rate it:

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Kong: Skull Island
Dan Gilroy
If we can put this tremendous machine of ours... which has made this victory possieble... To work for peace... We can look forward to the great...Rate it:

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Muppet Treasure Island
Jerry Juhl
I was Flint's first mate|that voyage... three days east of Tortola|in the Caribie. Flint knew an island. That's where we buried|the treasure. G...Rate it:

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Barbie as the Island Princess
Elana Lesser
(THUNDER CRASHING) What a night. What a storm. You've got that right. I was nearly blown out of our tree. What do you make of that? Oh. Gorg...Rate it:

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Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
John Francis Larkin
~~[Orchestra: "San Francisco"] [Thunderclap] - [Woman] Dirty Dora again. - I had it last time. - Care to join us, Mr. Chan? - No, thanks. I......Rate it:

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City Island
Raymond De Felitta
Alright, fellas. Stand up for the count. Stand up. Hayman. - Here. Hathford. -- Here. Morning ladies, morning. Ellersby. Madlock. McChaugh...Rate it:

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Corn Island
Roelof Jan Minneboo
Are they Georgians? (Abkhazian language) Grandpa, does this land belong to Georgians? There, that land belongs to them. Then, to whom this lan...Rate it:

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Cutthroat Island
Robert King
You're leaving? But I thought you and I were forever? I want you so badly. - Morgan! - But so does the Port Royal governor. He will pay well ...Rate it:

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Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island
John W. Dunn

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Dark Island
Simon Boyes
Stay away! What's going on here, hell! Drop the gun! Now! Drop the gun! Vanguard here first If you watch this video... ...Test 48 did not go ...Rate it:

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Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island
[Showbox / Mediaplex presents] [a Generation Blue Films production] [It is 1795, the nineteenth year of King Jeonjo's reign] [At this time, Jos...Rate it:

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Dinosaur Island
Matt Drummond
Today we will see the last ... and more interesting kind of rock. Metamorphic rock is a special type of rock. It is formed under the same ign...Rate it:

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Giovanni's Island
Shigemichi Sugita
A Japan Association of Music Enterprises 50th Anniversary Project "But what is it that will make people happy?" continued Giovanni. "I don't know...Rate it:

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Inuyasha the Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island
Katsuyuki Sumizawa
The Meidou no Kama has started moving. The Door of Yesterday is opening. Ari Asagi-neechan Since you don't have the Crimson Scar, you can go to...Rate it:

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Island Dreams
Aloy Adlawan
What's happening? A bad dream. It was just a bad dream. Thank God. You almost gave me a heart attack! Mom, Oh-ah! A heart attack? Really'? C...Rate it:

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Island in the Sky
Ernest K. Gann
This is a story about professional pilots and their special guarded world... their island in the sky. Before takeoff, a professional pilot is k...Rate it:

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Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
Drew Fellman
1 If you're wondering who you are...'re not alone. You're no monkey's uncle. But you are rather peculiar. Where did you come from and ...Rate it:

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Island of Lost Souls
Waldemar Young
Mr. Hogan. Mr. Hogan! Derelict afloat with a man on board. - Whereabouts? - Off your port bow. Right. - Get ahold of him, boys? - Ah, we've g...Rate it:

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Island Of Terror
Edward Mann
Steady as you go. Steady now, steady. All right, let's have it on the truck. Is that all they need? Yes, I think so. How long will it take to...Rate it:

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Island Zero
Tess Gerritsen
[skateboard rolling] [wind] [man humming] Salt! Some ice, and there we are. [singing] Love tequila, how I love tequila. Hey sweetie. Sweeti...Rate it:

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It's Alive III: Island of the Alive
Larry Cohen
Hey, hey, hurry UP- There's a girl giving birth in my fuckin' cab. Oh, shit. Six weeks on the force, and I'm getting into this. Go on, go on....Rate it:

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Lano & Woodley: The Island
Colin Lane
You're special. You have a very special purpose in life. You've been chosen. The Island awaits you. I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. Good mornin...Rate it:

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Most Beautiful Island
Ana Asensio
1 You have one more minute before your balance ends. What? You like Beth? This is the kings highway bound f local train. The next stop is ki...Rate it:

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Mysterious Island
John Prebble
All right, get down. -Where's his papers? -They're all here. Don't worry, Sergeant. You'll find them all in order. All right. Get in there! I...Rate it:

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Nim's Island
Joseph Kwong
My dad always told me stories about her- How she was this great oceanographer. Stories about the baby they had... and how my mom just had to ...Rate it:

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Obitaemiy Ostrov (The Inhabited Island)
Year 2157 The mankind's World of Noon Armed with the Great Theory of Upbringing mankind forgot about wars, hunger and terrorism The nature ha...Rate it:

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Passion Island
Kwok-Leung Gan
We have Passionate Leaves Weed from Passion Island Simon boss! Are you being bumming lazy? Of course not! I am just practising a bit on my Kor...Rate it:

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Playmobil: The Secret Of Pirate Island
Alexander E. Sokoloff
Are We there yet? Are We there yet? Are We there yet? -Dad. -Yeah? He does this every time We go on a trip. -What? -Tries to annoy me. I W...Rate it:

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Return to Nim's Island
Cathy Randall
[ARBIE CHIRPING] Arbie! Not again! Don't even think about it! [SQUAWKS MOCKINGLY] Not cool! - Those are for Jack. - [CHIRPING] I know where...Rate it:

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Savage Island
Ted Nicolaou
(CRICKETS CHIRPING) (WOMEN WHISPERING) WOMAN: Oh, God. (WEEPING) God. Oh, my God. (SCREAMING) Please, God. Help, please. Help! Mercy. (CO...Rate it:

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Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island
Glenn Leopold
Scooby-Doo, where are you? It's Mr. Beeman, the real estate agent. Mr. Beeman? Yeah, he was printing millions of counterfeit dollars in the bas...Rate it:

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Shelter Island
Paul Corvino
Yeah, yeah, I'm that Lou girI. I'm a Iegend. I'm a Iegend. And Iike Coke... I need no intro, no bio, no resume... I won the NCAA Division 1 ...Rate it:

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Spike Island
Chris Coghill
- Fuck! - Pen! Come on! Oh, yeah! Come on, then, lads! You all right? My name's Gary Titchfield, but everyone's always called me "Tits". It...Rate it:

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Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
Hello, everyone. We want to welcome a very special guest to our park today the president's daughter. Big smile. Big smile. Hello, Alexandra. Wh...Rate it:

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Staten Island
Sean Gill
Welcome to Staten Island, the Fifth Borough of New York City, but even more notorious as the forgotten, ignored borough of The Big Apple. News...Rate it:

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Staten Island Summer
Colin Jost
1 I grew up in Staten Island, New York. It might not sound like it, but I did. Staten Island is like Brooklyn and New Jersey had a baby. A b...Rate it:

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The Battleship Island
1 Based on a true history. Hwang, Jeong Min (LEE, KANG UK) So, Ji Seob (CHOI, CHIL SUNG) Song, Jong Ki (PARK, MU YOUNG) Lee, Jeong Hyeon (OH, ...Rate it:

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The Island
Kostis Papadopoulos
Mayor, you have destroyed all my pots! You haven't left not even one flower! No problem! Good morning. Buy fresh fish! - Good morning. - Go...Rate it:

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The Island
Dmitry Sobolev
Russia Channel State Television Company Pavel Lounguine Studio present Pyotr Mamonov Victor Suhorukov Dmitry Dyuzhev O Lord Jesus Christ Son...Rate it:

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The Island at the Top of the World
John Whedon
- Good evening. - I'm Professor Ivarsson. Yes, Sir Anthony has been expecting you. It's in your hands, Milo. - Stand fast. They'll come to ter...Rate it:

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The Island of Dr. Moreau
Richard Stanley
Our plane crashed in the endless southern Pacific. We drifted for days between life and death. On the sixth or seventh day. The two men who'd...Rate it:

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The Pretender: Island of the Haunted
Steven Long Mitchell
Behold the scrolls. They're not here. Talk to me, Daddy. This is not the way it's supposed to be. Catatonia is a schizophrenic disorder... m...Rate it:

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The Prisoner of Shark Island
Nunnally Johnson
- Give us a speech! - Speech! Speech! - My friends... you want a speech, but... I cannot make one at this time. I must have opportunity to thi...Rate it:

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This Island Earth
Franklin Coen
One more. Just one more, please, Dr. Meacham. Hold it, please. A little closer to the wing, sir. A little more profile, Dr. Meacham. He wants...Rate it:

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Treasure Island
Robert Louis Stevenson
- Happy birthday, Mrs. Hawkins. - Yes, Mrs. Hawkins. Younger every year. None of your frippery, John Harrow. But music and friends do make you ...Rate it:

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Treasure Island
Stewart Harcourt
The captain wants to see you on the deck, Silver. You want a hand up? No. Look at me. Is the captain dancing so? How much? - So we go to the...Rate it:

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Treasure Island
Lawrence Edward Watkin
- Happy birthday, Mrs. Hawkins. - Yes, Mrs. Hawkins. Younger every year. None of your frippery, John Harrow. But music and friends do make you ...Rate it:

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Treasure Island
Fraser C. Heston
The squire and Dr. Livesey... ... having asked me to write down the particulars of Treasure Island... ... leaving nothing out but the bearings ...Rate it:

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Wake Island
W.R. Burnett
[ Taps ] [ Man Narrating ] Wake Island is a tiny dot in the midst of the Pacific, 4,254 air miles from San Francisco. Until 1941, it was known...Rate it:

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White Island
Colin Butts
Connor. As you know, it has been a difficult time of late. Had to make several redundancies... ...and I'm afraid we had to make some more. Y...Rate it:

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Zip and Zap and the Captain's Island
1 HOPE TOYS - Dear Three Wise Men... - No, no. Dear Three Swindlers! It's Zip and Zap, the kids who asked you for a World Cup soccer ball an...Rate it:

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