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Four Assassins
Stanley J. Orzel
Come on, we've to get going Relax, man. l'm coming ''Singde Gate'' You've come from afar, you must have seen a lot on your trips. Khan, everyo...Rate it:

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Four Weddings and a Funeral
Richard Curtis
- Good morning, Mrs. Statons. - Morning, madam. Late! Late! At last. Sorry we're late. Put it in the back. Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuck! ...Rate it:

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The Fantastic Four
Jeremy Slater
FADE IN: CLOSE ON A MASSIVE STEEL HEAD Our first thought: DR. DOOM? But it's not moving. A welder'...Rate it:

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4 mosche di velluto grigio (The Four Velvet Flies AKA 4 Flies on Grey Velvet)
Dario Argento
Roberto! Roberto. Look, you can level with me. I had a bad scene. You're missing your cues, that's all. You gotta follow me. Don't hassle your...Rate it:

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Around the World in Eighty Days
James Poe
Jules Verne wrote many books. He was able to transfer his soaring imagination to print. His predictions were bold. What he wrote was regarded ...Rate it:

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Fantastic Four
Mark Frost
Typical of Victor Von Doom to build a 30-foot statue of himself. Well, it's obviously aimed at first-time visitors to create feelings of smalln...Rate it:

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Fantastic Four
Jeremy Slater
1 Ever since I was three, I wanted to play quarterback for the New York Giants... like my personal hero, Eli Manning. Annual salary is betwee...Rate it:

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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Don Payne
Last night, the FAA was forced to ground all aircraft, leaving thousands stranded... ...when electronic failures and mysterious power outages......Rate it:

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Christopher Shinn
1 Hey, June. Come have some food. I think I'm gonna go watch the fireworks. You want to go out? Yeah, I'm gonna go out. Okay. Call if you n...Rate it:

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Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle
Éric Rohmer
FOUR ADVENTURES OF REINETTE AND MIRABELLE THE BLUE HOUR Excuse me! Is there a garage around here? Yes, 5 miles away. I think I've got a flat....Rate it:

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Four Against the Bank
Tripper Clancy
1 FOUR FACING THE BANK Show me the money! Come on, that's bullshit! Take five! What's wrong? The take was perfect. - "Show me the money"? Yo...Rate it:

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Four Boxes
Wyatt McDill
I am a privacy fence salesman. Top sales, three straight years. Goal... make manager by next spring. Quit selling dead people's crap on the w...Rate it:

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Four Brothers
David Elliot
Okay, Darnell, so the candy just happened to jump into your pocket, huh? l don't think so. Samir's gonna call the police now. - But l-- - Sam...Rate it:

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Four Christmases
Matt Allen
SUBTITLES BY DISTRIMAX S.A. DE C.V. Hi. Hi. My name is Kent. What's your name? Daphne. Daphne. Beautiful name. It sounds like the name of ...Rate it:

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Four Daughters
Julius J. Epstein
1 What's the matter with you, Emma? I forgot the soup bowl for dinner. Soup bowl? Bah! I hope your soup bowl is better than your music. That's...Rate it:

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Four Dragons
Kam Chow
Towards the end of the 17th century, massive tin deposits were uncovered in the district of Kinta, a discovery that placed Malaya on the worl...Rate it:

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Four Faces West
C. Graham Baker
That's enough, boys. Fellow citizens of Santa Maria. Today is a big day... in the history of our thriving community, for we have persuaded th...Rate it:

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Four Friends
Steve Tesich
My father left Yugoslavia shortly after I was born. We were introduced to each other... for the first time in a train station in Gary, Indiana....Rate it:

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Four Frightened People
Bartlett Cormack
1 Mr. Corder, what was that they threw overboard? Another body. Look, we made our getaway just in time. Tell him to get us ashore. Ashore? As...Rate it:

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Four Horror Tales - Dark Forest
Jung-min Kim
If you don't break your ropes while you're alive, Do you think ghosts will do it after? Lee Jong-hyuk, So li-hyun Kim Young-joon, Choi Seong-m...Rate it:

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Four Horsemen
Ross Ashcroft
People are awfully forgiving They just don't understand what's been done to them We are rats in the epochal shift, there's a point where the we...Rate it:

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Four in the Morning
Anthony Simmons
(eerie music) - How old do you think, sarge? - 24, 25. (foghorn) (grunts) - Got it, grab this. (soft music) - Good night. - Good night. - ...Rate it:

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Four Lions
Christopher Morris
Yeah? No, sit properly like youre gonna mean it, like you mean it. No, Waj, dont muck about. Cos the batterys gonna go. Sit... Whos mucking a...Rate it:

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Four Men and a Prayer
Richard Sherman
The munitions used by the rebels came up from Nammu to Dowgli Pass. The revolt was quelled, but at the cost of 90 lives- 60 natives and 30 of ...Rate it:

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