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Leading Lady
Henk Pretorius
1 Bliksem Morning, Bliksem. Bliksem, help. Come, the sun's drawing water. Johan! Oh, no! Johan! I'm coming in. Kobus. Katie. Hello, Kobu...Rate it:

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Lady Bird
Greta Gerwig
Do you think I look like I'm from Sacramento? You are from Sacramento. You don't have to do that. Well it's nice to make things neat and clean...Rate it:

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Lady and the Tramp
Ward Greene
This is the night It's a beautiful night And they call it bella notte Look at the skies They have stars in their eyes On this lovely bella not...Rate it:

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3 Men and a Little Lady
Charlie Peters
Mary, come and eat breakfast. Mama-a-popala, mama-a-popala, mama-a-popala. Huh-hum, mama, huh-hum, mama. Oh, you're just the person I've be...Rate it:

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A Lady Takes a Chance
Robert Ardrey
Vacation central tour 49 now loading... For Kansas City, Cheyenne, Pendleton... And the wonders of the west. Oh, hello, Malcolm. Hello, Molly...Rate it:

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A Lady Without Passport
Howard Dimsdale
Ramon. I've been looking all over new york for you. Get in. You can't get away with that money, ramon. Palinov wants to see you in havana. ...Rate it:

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A Special Lady
1 My apologies. We're fully booked today. "May I find you a room at a nearby hotel?" Cork is set. "Yes, he just entered into the parking." ...Rate it:

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Chinjeolhan Geumjassi (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance )
A Park Chan Wook Film Lee Young Ae Choi Min Sik Sympathy for Lady Vengeance They say she's a real live angel Everyone in there calls her "Kin...Rate it:

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Dancing Lady
Allen Rivkin
Thirty beautiful girls, the pick of New York City. Guaranteed to send a shiver up and down the spine... of each and every boy from 18 to 80. T...Rate it:

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Dishonored Lady
Edmund H. North
Just what is our trouble? That's what I want to know. Our trouble is Miss Damien. Miss Damien again? She's a pretty as a picture and as stubborn...Rate it:

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Du Barry Was a Lady
Irving Brecher
Back in the 18th century when romance was in bloom And Louis XV wasn't just a sofa in a room A simple little country girl who knew a thing or t...Rate it:

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David Boehm
I'm sorry, but consider yourselves evicted from the premises. Why, the evening's getting going. I'm afraid we're being politely ordered to leav...Rate it:

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Gray Lady Down
James Whittaker
- Right 10 degrees rudder. Steady two seven zero. - Right 10 degrees rudder. Steady two seven zero. Aye, sir. - All ahead two thirds. Make tu...Rate it:

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Grey Lady
John Shea
1 Man: Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Man: Here we go. Come on, Dierdre honey, catch me. Everybody come on in. Everybody get in here. Let's go...Rate it:

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Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure
Bill Motz
# To this small, little|not too big, little, homey # # Nice, little, quaint|little, always kindly # # Old New England town # # Welcome # # If y...Rate it:

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Lady Battle Cop
1 Kaoru Mikoshiba: Azusa Nakamura Tadashi Saijo: Kisuke Yamashita Naoya Koizumi: Tomoki Kitazume Amadeus: Masaru Matsuda Isao Shiroto: To...Rate it:

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Lady Be Good
Jack McGowan
Do you swear to tell the truth, nothing but the truth, so help you God? - I do. - Sit down, please. You're a professional songwriter, I believ...Rate it:

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Lady Bloodfight
Bey Logan
HONG KONG 5 years ago Stop the fight! I was about to win and you stopped the fight? After an even fight all day long, the decision is a draw....Rate it:

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Lady Chatterley
Roger Bohbot
That's what's planned. You don't want me to say no? Oh, no. Hello. I told Clifford I might have a baby. You said that? Well, it's possible, y...Rate it:

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Lady Chatterley's Lover
Marc Behm
Come on, Anton, I'll race you. Get up! - Look, they're coming. - Let's go and tell everyone. - Connie, I won. - I knew you would. - Youll nev...Rate it:

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Lady Chatterley's Lover
D.H. Lawrence
Come on, Anton, I'll race you. Get up! - Look, they're coming. - Let's go and tell everyone. - Connie, I won. - I knew you would. - Youll nev...Rate it:

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Lady Chatterley's Lover
Marc Allégret
Come on, Anton, I'll race you. Get up! - Look, they're coming. - Let's go and tell everyone. - Connie, I won. - I knew you would. - Youll nev...Rate it:

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Lady Cop & Papa Crook
Alan Mak
Green Bay, China Ready Hey. What did I tell you? Darren. Police Boss, are you alright? Boss Boss? Boss Give me your hand Boss. Run. Boss Le...Rate it:

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Lady for a Day
Robert Riskin
Extra! Read all about it! Again a fresh election! Read all about it! Extra! Apples. Apples. Where do you think you're going? What do you mean...Rate it:

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Lady in a Cage
Luther Davis
This is the Radio Tabernacle to ask this question: Have we an anti-Satan missile? While we've been conquering polio and space... ... what have...Rate it:

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Lady in Cement
Marvin H. Albert
RUBIN: How many cards, pal? ROME: Give me two. How many are you taking? Two for you, and the dealer takes one. I bet five lovely rubies. I ...Rate it:

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Lady in the Lake
Steve Fisher
My name is Marlowe. Phillip Marlowe. Occupation: private detective. Somebody says, "Follow that guy,"|so I follow him. Somebody says, "Find that...Rate it:

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Lady in the Water
M. Night Shyamalan
Once, man and those in the water were linked. They inspired us. They spoke of the future. Man listened and it became real. But man does not li...Rate it:

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Lady in White
Frank LaLoggia
TWA Flight number 817, now arriving Gate 12. This is the final boarding call for TWA Flight number 716. Taxi. -Where to? -Willowpoint Falls, ...Rate it:

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Lady Killer
Ben Markson
- Count off. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, thr...Rate it:

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Lady Macbeth
Nikolai Leskov
1 Praise to the Lord Who o'er all things so wondrously reigneth Shelters he under his wings Yet so gently sustaineth Hast thou not seen How ...Rate it:

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Lady on a Train
Edmund Beloin
I killed him. I had to kill him. I thought I'd be safe. "Over and over the words droned through her mind. "And yet, with a cold and horrible ...Rate it:

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Lady Snowblood
Norio Osada
Meiji 7 (1874). Tokyo Prison, Hachioji, Kanagawa Prefecture Branch Yuki... You were born for vengeance... Such a poor child... A child of the ...Rate it:

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Libeled Lady
Maurine Dallas Watkins
Press Room. Okay. Hold everything for a new front page! We're killing the Allenbury yarn. Hey, Mack, hold everything. Wait for a makeover. - ...Rate it:

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Life of a Court Lady
Life of a court Lady An Art Theatre Guild & Nakasekai Production Produced by Akira Tojo & DP Masao Nakabori Music by Ryohei Hirose Starring ...Rate it:

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My Fair Lady
Alan Jay Lerner
MRS. EYNSFORD-HILL: Freddy, go and find a cab. Do you want me to catch pneumonia? Don't just stand there, Freddy. Go and find a cab. All right...Rate it:

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My Lady Boss
Aloy Adlawan
And why is my niece crying? He just wants attention. Hey, Elvin! Put some clothes on! You're in front of our food! Let me do it! Come on! Ther...Rate it:

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My Old Lady
Israel Horovitz
Hello? Hello? Bonjour? Hello? Bonjour. Hello? Nobody home? Hello? Anyone here? Excuse me. Hello. Hello? - Oh, God! - Oh, mon Dieu! I'...Rate it:

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Phantom Lady
Bernard C. Schoenfeld
Give me a liqueur, please. Thank you. Double scotch. Water chaser. - Yes, sir. Sorry, after you. Pack of cigarettes. Any brand. Are you doin...Rate it:

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Satan Met a Lady
Brown Holmes
Hold it, hold it. No, no, not you. Come on, get out of here. Get out of here! Yes, that's fine. Thank you. Mrs. Lucy, it's beautiful. That's i...Rate it:

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The Bacchus Lady
Je-yong Lee
Why are you here alone? Where's your mom? When did the symptoms start? A few days ago. It itches and aches when I pee. And yellow discharge o...Rate it:

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The Diary of Lady M
Myriam Mézières
Diego came into the "Kismet" because of a thunderstorm. He knew nothing about the place. That night, a women's group played. "Lady M", rather...Rate it:

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The Great Man's Lady
W.L. River
Every day for 35 years she's been sitting down there in that infernal rocking chair right under my nose. Hannah Hoyt, Hannah Sempler, whatev...Rate it:

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The Iron Lady
Abi Morgan
1 EXT. BEACH. MARGATE. KENT. DAY. 1885. 1 The STEADY FOOTFALL OF A WOMAN’s BOOTS, sinking in wet sand- The RISE and FALL of a WOMAN’s breath-...Rate it:

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The Lady Eve
Monckton Hoffe
Once a day is plenty. Just a couple of flies, a sip of milk and perhaps a pigeon's egg on Sundays. I certainly will, Professor. Keep her warm a...Rate it:

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The Lady from Shanghai
Orson Welles
When I start out to make a fool of myself... ...there's very little can stop me. If I'd known where it would end, I'd have never let anything st...Rate it:

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The Lady Gambles
Roy Huggins
Ah, dice. Kiss 'em, baby. Kiss 'em for me. Come on, now. A report came into the precinct. A girl named Phillips. Oh, how are ya, Boothe? Joan...Rate it:

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The Lady in the Van
Alan Bennett
The smell is sweet, with urine only a minor component, the prevalent odour suggesting the inside of someone's ear. Dank clothes are there, too,...Rate it:

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The Lady Is Willing
James Edward Grant
Have your autograph, Miss Madden? Gee, Miss Madden, I think you're just wonderful. Miss Madden, if I print my address, will you send me a pict...Rate it:

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The Lady Vanishes
Ethel Lina White
-What's all this fuss about, Charters? -Damned if l know. Ladies and gentlemen, train is uphold and if you wish to stay in my hotel... you will...Rate it:

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The Lady Vanishes
George Axelrod
Los, los weiter. Los weiter, schnell. Komm her da! - Platz da! - Das ist verboten. - Est-ce que le train de nuit pour Basel est l'heure ? - N...Rate it:

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The Lady Vanishes
Fiona Seres
Somebody died. Just then. And another one. Gone. Dead. God, how awful. How can you not care? You of all people should. We live and then we die...Rate it:

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The Lady Without Camelias
Michelangelo Antonioni
- Yes, signorina? - I would like to go inside. - It's nearly finished. - Let her in. - Go on in. - Thank you. Anyway... They're still not lo...Rate it:

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The Lady, the Devil & the Dealer
Cole Butcher
(soft oriental instrumental music) (car noises) (street and traffic noises) (Burmese) (low and indistinct chatter) (suspenseful instrumental m...Rate it:

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The Making of a Lady
Kate Brooke
Mrs Park. Oh. Oh, Miss Fox Seton, I didn't see you there. I just wanted to say it's my day with Lady Maria. I'll get the money from her. She o...Rate it:

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The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima
Crane Wilbur
3 [MUSIC ORCHESTRAL] [CROWD CHEERING] Citizens of Portugal! [CHEERING QUIETS] Soldiers and sailors of the revolution, all that is left of t...Rate it:

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The Portrait of a Lady
Laura Jones
WOMAN: The best part of a kiss, I think, is when you see that head coming towards you... and you know that you're going to get kissed. That mome...Rate it:

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The Scandalous Lady W
David Eldridge
You wish to speak to me. I will grant your wish, on the condition that you leave England at once... .. and remain abroad in France for four ye...Rate it:

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The Wicked Lady
Leslie Arliss
1 Fine, thank you. (BIRDS CAWING) (FOLK MUSIC PLAYING) Your husband, he's in there with another woman. We'll get him! (SCREAMS) (MAN LAUGHI...Rate it:

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To Please a Lady
Barré Lyndon
It's the most exciting and the most dangerous sport in the world. They're at it everywhere. On paved tracks, dirt tracks and dry lakes, from Fl...Rate it:

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Vivacious Lady
P.J. Wolfson
I'm looking for Mr Keith Morgan. Have you seen him? We haven't seen anything but Morgan since Monday. This way, sir. Hello, Keith, I hope I'm ...Rate it:

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