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The Daisy Chain
Lauren Mackenzie
[solemn orchestral music] [gentle orchestral music] [woman speaking native language] - What are they saying? [laughs] -...and "Hi" to Chr...Rate it:

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I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
Robert E. Burns
Hey, pipe down, you mugs. Sorry to break up the game, boys... but the old man's having bunk inspection in an hour. Give me my bones! This man'...Rate it:

(4.33 / 3 votes)
A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth
Takashi Hasegawa
WHERE'S THE ROMANTICISM? Elephant? That's the mouse's name? Not a mouse. A Djungarian hamster. Elephant. Are you insulting me? Let's go. Hey ...Rate it:

(4.00 / 2 votes)
Fugitive at 17
David DeCrane
Move it! Let's go! Let's go! - He's got a gun! - Agh! Blake! - See you tomorrow. - Bye. Still working on your senior project? Heck, yeah! L...Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
A Gang Story
Olivier Marchal
We all dream of the same things... A nice quiet life... A happy family, a house... Friends you can count on... I was lucky: I got all that. An...Rate it:

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Ball & Chain
Thomas Mortimer
Hey, you got a safety pin? Why would I have a safety pin? Oh, good God. This is easy as hell. Ready? One, two, three. It's gone, ladies. Whe...Rate it:

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Chain Letter
Deon Taylor
We are live on the scene at the Carlson Police Department with a shocking new development in the teen murder spree. A police detective investig...Rate it:

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Chain of Command
Kevin Carraway
Man, sometimes you just gotta have time to reconnect, huh? I'm glad you're back for the holidays, bro. Yeah, me too. Me too. We were worried ...Rate it:

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Chain of Fools
Bix Skahill
I hadn't planned on becoming a hero when I walked onto that bridge... ...but this is a story about how none of my plans work out. And how, real...Rate it:

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Chain Reaction
J.F. Lawton
We're running out of time. We have polluted and peopled this planet to the brink of extinction. We are destroying our world at a suicidal pace...Rate it:

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Chain Reaction
Thomas Reitmair
Come on. I will always take care of you, my poor child. Yeah, we got delayed. 71, clear. There was a... tree on the interstate. 8- 8-14, cl...Rate it:

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Der Gang in die Nacht
Harriet Bloch
Walking Into The Night "Helene, I have a lot of work to do again. " February 25. Eigil is now a professor. More and more he is attaining a po...Rate it:

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Fugitive Hunter
John Alexander Jimenez
It has been prohibited at law... ...outside-proportional guarantee, fine or punish to impose. Article 8 of American constitution. Do you do wa...Rate it:

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Fugitive Pieces
Anne Michaels
I did not witness the most important events in my life. My deepest story must be told by a blind man... from behind a wall... from underground...Rate it:

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Gang of Ghosts
Rajesh Chawla
What happens to this city? Either there is ash or smoke. Why doesn't anyone say anything? Why do they tolerate this smoke quietly? It's the li...Rate it:

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Gridiron Gang
Jeff Maguire
GRIDIRON GANG (2006) Most 16, 17-year-old kids, they make a bad choice, something gets broken, they screw up in class, hurt somebody's feeling...Rate it:

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Little Fugitive
Ray Ashley
1 Don't be such a sore head Joey I was only teasing I did not mean to drop a bat on your head Anyways I didn't think it would hurt so much O...Rate it:

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The Apple Dumpling Gang
Don Tait
1 what do you think, theodore? he looks like a real live one.come on! all right! get him with the rope! huh? rope him! well, throw it! mayb...Rate it:

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The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again
Don Tait
Wagon comin'! Sound fire alarm! Open the gates! [Men Shouting] Fire alarm! Fire alarm! [Man] On the double! Move it! [Man] Move it, soldier...Rate it:

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The Fugitive
Dudley Nichols
The following photoplay is timeless. The story is a true story. It is also a very old story that was first told in the Bible. It is timeless a...Rate it:

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The Fugitive
Jeb Stuart
FADE IN: EXT. CHICAGO - AERIAL - NIGHT CREDITS BEGIN OVER: Snow swirls around the tall buildings of downtown Chicago. EXT. CHICAGO HOTEL - NIGH...Rate it:

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The Fugitive Kind
Tennessee Williams
Tell the clerk your name. - Xavier. - With an "x" or an "s"? I told you before, but you just don't remember me. I remember you though, you're...Rate it:

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The Gang's All Here
Walter Bullock
Got any coffee on you? Oh, yes? Now I can retire. Well, there's your | good-neighbor policy. Come on, honey. | That's good neighborin'. There w...Rate it:

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The Sasquatch Gang
Tim Skousen
Getting down to the concession stand. Speaking of the concession stand, who likes beer? We've got a special on blue ribbon down there. Now, ...Rate it:

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