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Handsome Devil
John Butler
Okay Ned, you've got 90 minutes. Any subject you like, time starts now. We all have one thing we're ashamed of. The memory of one moment so ...Rate it:

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Handsome Harry
Nicholas T. Proferes

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Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie
Andrea Seigel
Hi. I'm Steven Weber. And I play the murderer... Thanks, Lyle. this Handsome mystery movie. Enjoy this exciting multiplatform event. Ton...Rate it:

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Johnny Handsome
Ken Friedman
Yeah, my bar is cooking now... ...but when I first started the joint, I had to get cash. Get a loan. You know me, Johnny. Just a poor boy from ...Rate it:

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Rocky handsome
Ritesh Shah
It's fresh, If you want more fresh than It so catch It by yourself In sea.. It's nothing" Now I'll sing a song 1:00.. Come out" I give up ever...Rate it:

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The Devil's Advocate
Jonathan Lemkin
FADE IN: 1 INT. FLORIDA COURTROOM - DAY 1 Northern Florida in the midst of a heat wave. Air conditioners fighting a losing battle. The gallery...Rate it:

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The Devil and Daniel Webster
Dan Totheroh
I through this place in Manhattan have a writer is the name called hero Ci? Si he isn't a writer of mess the day knows that he isn't a good wri...Rate it:

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The Devil's Carnival
Terrance Zdunich
#When the sky is dark, # # and the moon aglow, # # and the morning star burning from afar # # enters into view. # # All that I can say, # Ugh. # al...Rate it:

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Devil in a Blue Dress
Carl Franklin
1 INT. CHAMPION AIRCRAFT - BENNY GIACOMO'S OFFICE 1 A battered wooden desk drawer groans open and light brown skinned hands with dirty fingerna...Rate it:

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10 Most Excellent Things: The Devil Wears Prada
John Wheeler
[ Squeaks ] [ Woman Singing ] [ Continues ] [ Continues ] - [ Continues ] - Good luck. [ Continues ] [ Children Giggling ] [ Continues ] -...Rate it:

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30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Craig Moss
It's about to come, it's about to come, it's about to come. In your face, in your hair. I can't believe you bid $1200 for this. I have a reall...Rate it:

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Art of the Devil 2
Kongkiat Khomsiri
Where the hell is Mrs. Sulee's house! This way! Mrs.! Mrs.! Mrs.! Hurry up! Mrs. Sulee! Open up please! We need your help! Be strong, Sulee wi...Rate it:

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Beat the Devil
Truman Capote
These are four brilliant criminals at the climax of their most magnificent effort. This effort began six months ago in Portoverto, where we w...Rate it:

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Beauty and the Devil
René Clair
THE BEAUTY OF THE DEVIL Based on the legend of FAUST, who sold his soul to the devil. Gentlemen, our joy is mixed with sorrow as we celebrate.....Rate it:

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Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Kelly Masterson
1 Oh, God. Well, what the hell happened? - We're an old married couple. - Mmm-hmm. Was it the pot? I don't think so, because we brought it w...Rate it:

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Criminal Minds Season 6: Crime Scene - Devil in the Details
aHruaia You know in life when... ...when something disastrous happens, you go back and replay everything and you see where it went wrong? Y...Rate it:

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Brian Nelson
When I was a child, my mother would tell me a story about how the Devil roams the Earth. Sometimes, she said, he would take human form so he...Rate it:

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Devil Fetus
Wen-Hua Cheng
Welcome all folks, today we have many items for bidding. The first item is Lucky Boat, the starting price is $10. $70. - $200! - Yes, $200! ...Rate it:

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Devil in the Dark
Carey Dickson
Adam! Adam! Adam! Adam! Adam! Adam! Adam! Daddy? Dad! Dad! Adam! Adam! Oh, god! Adam! Oh, god! Adam! Oh, my god. Clint! Over here!...Rate it:

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Devil Man
That's a werewolf. And that's a Centaur. - Ryo, do you like monsters? - Sure, I am one by myself. You? He always was a bit strange. Akira, yo...Rate it:

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Devil's Domain
Jared Cohn
1 You have to guess. Do it again. Feels like you're writing "z-z-z-z-z". I wrote your name. 'Cause you're my best friend. What are you doing...Rate it:

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Devil's Doorway
Guy Trosper
- Yes, Sir. What will it be? - Is your beer cold? - Lance... Lance Poole! - How are you, Bob. I heard that the rebels had you for breakfast. ...Rate it:

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Devil's Due
Lindsay Devlin
1 (RUMBLING) (MAN BREATHES DEEPLY) Let's just take it from the top, Mr. McCall. Mr. McCall? I told you, I didn't do it. (VIDEO CAMERA WHIRRI...Rate it:

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Devil's Gate
Peter Aperlo
1 Shit! Shit! Oh, fucking Christ on a stick! Shit. Hello? Is anybody there? Is anybody home? My car broke down. I could use some help. H...Rate it:

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Devil's Knot
Paul Harris Boardman
(SCHOOL BELL RINGING) Well, that's all right, Mama That's all right for you That's all right, Mama Just any way you do You sing real good, Ste...Rate it:

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Devil's Mistress
Ivan Hubac
1 I have loved a criminal. But that's not a crime. Kiss me, my girl. Kiss me now Kiss me, and look me in the eyes No one can resist your beaut...Rate it:

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Devil's Trail
Jeremy Biltz
This show has taken us to many exotic locales in our lives, but none as exotic, as scenic, oh yeah, there it is, New Jersey. Zombie guy is just per...Rate it:

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Devil's Tree: Rooted Evil
Chris Alonso
(soft dramatic music) (ominous music) Don't forget a journalist's job is to uncover the truth. Not to give his damn opinion! Always remember ...Rate it:

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Devil's Whisper
Adam Ripp
Amn. Can you believe it? Ugh. They gave me a ticket for parking the engine in front of a hydrant. No, no, no, i was not on a call. I was get...Rate it:

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Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil
Patrick Harbinson
(shouting in French) I had one of them in my sights. Why not let me shoot? Because that is not my plan, Mr. Hunter. The plan? We're here to f...Rate it:

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I Saw the Devil
Hoon-jung Park
Translation by Sejin Nam Brought to you by I saw the father and the nun today at the church. Well, I've done this often. I love kids...Rate it:

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Krampus: The Devil Returns
Jason Hull
Josh, what are you doing? Josh, what are you doing? Yeah! Josh, what are you doing? Jesus, Andy, calm down, have a beer. Cheers. What are we ...Rate it:

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Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon
John Maybury
Like a bomb exploding in reverse. Thoughts, ideas... fragments of images. Shards of memory, like shrapnel, all come back to me, and are forced...Rate it:

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Mun: The devil inside Us
Padmini Patra
The Vatican does not authorize the recording of the exorsismos. The Vatican did not endorse this film and helped his performance. October 30, 198...Rate it:

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My Brother the Devil
Sally El Hosaini
Brother! What is it? Ah... - All fucked up, man. - Oh yeah? - If... - I did not know, how was that? 'll Show you now. Hey, stop! Is that al...Rate it:

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Ninja She-Devil
"Kunoichi" (female ninja) It is a term of most unusual origin... Many believe it is based on the sounds creaeted while making the brush strokes...Rate it:

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Shake Hands with the Devil
Roméo Dallaire
1 United Nations, New York November 1, 1993 United Nations Mission in Rwanda (UNAMIR) Headquarters Excuse me? Do you know those young men? T...Rate it:

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Barry Strugatz
1 Some women are born beautiful. They make it look easy! But most women have to put a little time and effort... Into their appearance. And t...Rate it:

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Suing the Devil
Timothy A. Chey
~ Suing the Devil (2011) ~ My name is Luke O'Brien. I work as a salesman by day. At night, I attend the Billy Simon's night law school in Sydn...Rate it:

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The Devil and Miss Jones
Norman Krasna
Oh, George. Yes, sir? Has he seen it? Oh...Thank you. The richest man in the world hung in effigy outside his own store on 38th street Mornin...Rate it:

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The Devil Came from Akasava
Paul André
- Professor Forrester! - Yes, what is the matter? Someone wanted to kill your assistant. Hurry, bring him in here. Tell me, what happened? l ...Rate it:

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The Devil Is a Woman
Pierre Louÿs
Gentlemen, I'm going to be brief. Tomorrow the Carnival begins. Unfortunately, every crook within a thousand miles... every political offender ...Rate it:

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The Devil You Know
Alex Michaelides
[ Silence ] [ Sound Effect ] [ Music ] [ Music & Gun Shots ] [ Music ] Hey! [ Music ] [ Inaudible Discussion ] [ Birds Chirping ] That was...Rate it:

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The Devil's Brigade
William Roberts
Lt. Col. Frederick, good morning, sir. We're a bit late, sir. Could you hurry, please, sir? The Allies were in trouble... ...and so was I, that...Rate it:

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The Devil's Brother
Jeanie Macpherson
On yonder rock reclining That fierce and swarthy form behold Fast his hand his carbine hold 'Tis his best friend of old This way his steps incl...Rate it:

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The Devil's Candy
Sean Byrne
1 -Raymond! Raymond! -Ah! Ah! Oh.. -Ray? Sweetie? -Ah, I play it loud. Like, I can't hear him. - Pack your things, you're going back to th...Rate it:

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The Devil's Disciple
John Dighton
1 The year 1777 was the one in which the passions roused by the breaking off of the American colonies from England, more by their own weight t...Rate it:

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The Devil's Dolls
Danny Kolker
1 Where do you go When you die? Where do you go? Where do you go? Where do you go When you die? You go down down down Down down -Help me! ...Rate it:

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The Devil's Double
Michael Thomas
1 Hey. You haven't changed. Please, take a seat. How is your sister? I have three sisters. The one with the big tits. The one I always wanted...Rate it:

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The Devil's General
George Hurdalek
1 THE DEVIL'S GENERAL A Film Helmut Von Kutner Based on the eponymous play The plot of this film is a product of fiction. Any resemblance to a...Rate it:

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The Devil's in the Details
Waymon Boone
Good Morning, Nogales! Hi, Daddy, it's me! I wanted to tell you happy birthday. I love you so much. Bye! Hey! Hi. You coming in? Um, yeah, I...Rate it:

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The Devil's Nightmare
Pierre-Claude Garnier
1 Call the Baron, Greta. Calm down, he's coming. And then? So, Hans? I'm afraid the baroness is worse. Her heart is very weak. It's a boy? ...Rate it:

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The Devil's Own
David Aaron Cohen
- How was your day? - It was a bit cold. - How did Frankie do? - Frankie was tremendous. Are you hungry? Are you sure? Good. I won't give you...Rate it:

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The Devil's Rejects
Rob Zombie
Mr. Dobson, it's time for us to do what the Good Lord would refer to as a "cleansing of the wicked," and what my brother George, God rest his ...Rate it:

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The Devil's Rock
Paul Finch
- We're on the wrong fucking beach. - Ah... Tide turning. - Yeah. We were moving faster through the channel. - It plonked us around the fucki...Rate it:

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The Devil's Violinist
Bernard Rose
Violin What is it? - I've written, Dad. Can not you even do, what I say? Frenetic jubilation The people entertain themselves stimulated. Peo...Rate it:

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The Devil-Doll
Garrett Fort
Turn off your motor. Hold the light up in those trees. We'll get them before they leave the island. - Lavond, my friend, will we make it? - Ye...Rate it:

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The House of the Devil
Ti West
I can tell you like it. Oh. I love it. It's perfect. Well, great. It really is such a neat place. You know, I showed it to another girl this...Rate it:

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The Lady, the Devil & the Dealer
Cole Butcher
(soft oriental instrumental music) (car noises) (street and traffic noises) (Burmese) (low and indistinct chatter) (suspenseful instrumental m...Rate it:

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Where the Devil Hides
For blessed are the dead who die unto the Lord, for my enemies... The Devil has been invited into New Bethlehem under our watch. The signs of ...Rate it:

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Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway
"Apartment For Rent Furnished Spacious Loft $ 700" MANAGER Here you go. Well, the furniture's not new but it's in pretty good shape. And it's...Rate it:

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