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Small Town Crime
Eshom Nelms
1 [singer] And I think of all the good times That I've wasted Having good times When I think of all the good time That's been wasted Having...Rate it:

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Once Upon a Crime...
Rodolfo Sonego
Buon giorno. You have reached Pope John Paul ll. I can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave... your name and a number after the sou...Rate it:

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A Delicate Balance: The Truth
The truth is our beautiful world is in danger. The planet, the environment and all of its inhabitants are subject to global warming. A world, ...Rate it:

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A Night for Crime
Arthur St. Claire
1 [Music] By order of the fourth interceptor command work is leaving the air to retrain when the blackout is over [Music] How about letting m...Rate it:

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An American Crime
Tommy O'Haver
I used to love the carnival. Daddy worked all the fairs selling pretzels and candy apple... ...always looking for something better. Sometimes ...Rate it:

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Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter - Lifetime
Antonia Pyk
I have to buy a new bike. - Why? - The mine was stolen. - Again? Wasn't it locked up? - The third time already at the office. - The third time...Rate it:

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Christmas Crime Story
Sean Chipman
1 Silent Night Holy Night All is calm All is bright Round yon virgin Mother and child Holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peac...Rate it:

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Crime and Punishment
Joseph Anthony
CRIME AND PUNISHMEN The time of our story is any time, the place any place where human hearts respond to love and hate, pity and terror. To al...Rate it:

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Crime and Punishment
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Thank you, sister. I'll pray for you. Yes, Dunya. I want your complete devotion. A leading light, darling. A leading light. Her life is what ...Rate it:

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Crime and Punishment
Fyodor Dostoevsky
l don't recall requesting the pleasure of your company. -Rag? -Brush. You know, after van Gogh chopped off his own ear... ...there was a rash...Rate it:

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Crime and Punishment
Fyodor Dostoevsky
- Sorry to disturb you like this. - Not at all. We know you're busy. Show them the banner. You can hang it up from here. We should take a pict...Rate it:

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Crime Spree
Brad Mirman
FADE IN: INT. DARK ROOM - NIGHT Pitch dark. We hear two men speaking FRENCH in hushed voices. NOTE: All dialogue is in French unti...Rate it:

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Crime Story
Tin Nam Chun
A Jackie Chan Production Did you check the Mark Six lottery numbers yet? What for? If this goes well, it'll be better than winning the lottery!...Rate it:

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Crime Wave
Crane Wilbur
Hiya. Hear that record? I wrote in and asked for it. - Fill her up. - That's Gershwin. They're playing it especially for me. You know, the Ni...Rate it:

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Criminal Minds Season 6: Crime Scene - Devil in the Details
aHruaia You know in life when... ...when something disastrous happens, you go back and replay everything and you see where it went wrong? Y...Rate it:

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Delicate Crime
Marçal Aquino
"DELICATE CRIME" Nineteenth Century. In the streets, the proletariat's emancipation. In the patriarchal households, the women's liberation. A...Rate it:

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Henry's Crime
Sacha Gervasi
(CAR HORN) # Answer me # Sweet Jesus, don't you hear me calling you? # I need you, Lord # Answer me # Sweet Jesus, don't you hear me calling...Rate it:

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Life of Crime
Daniel Schechter
So you done heard it now. So, what do you think? What I don't see, I don't see a schedule of events. It's a little loose. But see, what we are...Rate it:

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Shell Squad - The Crime-Fighting Girl Turtles
John Briggs
Title: Shell Squad - The Crime-Fighting Girl Turtles FADE IN: EXT. NEW YORK CITY - DAY We see four turtles wearing colorful bandanas and wieldin...Rate it:

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The Element of Crime
Niels Vørsel
Fantasy is okay, but my job is to keep you on the right track. We are after the facts. You seem to return to Cairo and me whenever you have a p...Rate it:

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The Queen of Crime
Yo-sup Lee
1 When you beat the odds to succeed they say it's like a 'Rags to Riches' story. The bar exam is the most representative. But, after 2 years, t...Rate it:

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True Crime
Larry Gross
Blood pressure: 120 over 70. Normal. All right, open wide. Looks fine. Healthy as a horse. Just one more thing, Luther. You got to whiz in the...Rate it:

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Un crime hors de prix
Quentin Lestienne
Excuse me... Come here, honey. So how did it go? Very well. We went towards the dam, and then... How did it go? Very well. We went towards th...Rate it:

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