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Stage Door
Morrie Ryskind & Anthony Veiller
1–6 EXT. FOOTLIGHTS CLUB—DUSK FADE IN LONG SHOT of a row of brownstone-front houses in New York. From one of the houses we see girls entering and...Rate it:

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Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold
Sean Quetulio
2 I went to San Francisco because I had not been able to work in some months. I'd been paralyzed by the conviction that writing was an irrelev...Rate it:

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U Turn
John Ridley
EXT. SOMEWHERE IN THE DESERT SOUTHWEST - DAY BEGIN TITLES OVER: It is early morning and already hot. INSECTS drone, crackle, and scurry for shad...Rate it:

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Wrong Turn
Alan B. McElroy
Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Oh, yeah! Okay, you're great. - You got the line? - Yeah. Come on up, slowpoke. Help! You okay? You know, we're 50 miles fro...Rate it:

(5.00 / 1 vote)
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
Turi Meyer
Hello? It's dead out here, and I'm hating you about now. - What kind of agent are you? - You'll find the road. Kimberly, look, it's 4:00 a. m....Rate it:

(4.25 / 4 votes)
Journey To The Center Of The Earth
Michael D. Weiss
Trevor! Max. Whoa, whoa. Although Wegener was ridiculed by the scientific community... ...he was eventually found to be correct... his...Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
Center Stage
Carol Heikkinen
And one. Heel forward. Good. That's right. Shoulders down. And brush. - Do you know how many they take? - Usually no more than 12. - Twelve?...Rate it:

(2.00 / 1 vote)
Wrong Turn At Tahoe
Eddie Nickerson
My father used to say, "Life is a road, "and every day is a mile marker. "If you don't slow down occasionally, you'll miss what each mile has to...Rate it:

(2.00 / 1 vote)
Bad Turn Worse
Dutch Southern
You know, I should've got biscuits and gravy. I mean, technically it's just biscuit and gravy. 'Cause it's just one biscuit cut in half, see? ...Rate it:

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Center Stage: On Pointe
Nisha Ganatra
CENTER STAGE ON POINTE Ladies and gentlemen... it is a great pleasure to be here on this special day to celebrate the career of a once-in-a-ge...Rate it:

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Center Stage: Turn It Up
Carol Heikkinen
1 (PEOPLE CHATTERING) All up in the cipher but don't know where to start off Oh, you know what it's about, raising the bar up You're square a...Rate it:

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It's My Turn
Eleanor Bergstein
[] KATE: Let me show you how to construct the map S, which is the fun of the lemma anyhow. Okay? So you assume you have an element in the ...Rate it:

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Journey to the Center of the Earth
Walter Reisch
Congratulations. Thank you. It's a wonderful article in the paper about you. Good morning, Sir Oliver. Long article about you on page two. ...Rate it:

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Lucky People Center International
I have founded a new lnternational- of uncontrollable torpedoes... We will cause mayhem. We will explode- we don't know when... Maybe with a ...Rate it:

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Nazis At The Center Of The Earth
Paul Bales
Wrzburg Germany, May 10, 1945. Live, Hitler. The Americans will come, Dr. Mengele. - Thank you, Sergeant. Careful. Place the device on board. ...Rate it:

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One Good Turn
H. M. Walker
FADE IN: INT. VAUDEVILLE THEATER - NIGHT A black signboard at the edge of the stage reads ETON AND FARRELL in white Art Deco type. A piano plays...Rate it:

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Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright
Doug Langdale
[DEWEY HUMMING] Careful with that. Lift with your legs. Your legs. Did you wipe your feet before you came in? I'm talking to you. Huh? [...Rate it:

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Stage Beauty
Jeffrey Hatcher
Stand by, flies. Stand by, flies. Stand by, flies. And cue. Cue! Cue! It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul, Let me not name it to you,...Rate it:

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Stage Fright
Whitfield Cook
- Any sign of the police? - No, no sign. - Looks like we're getting away with it. - Good. - How far is it to your father's boat? - Two hours w...Rate it:

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Stage Fright
Jerome Sable
No! Ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh Ohhh ohhh ohhh Must this be my sacrifice? My dream's come true, but at what price? Stand by, electrics 120. Go....Rate it:

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Stage Fright
Steve Box
[pigeons cooing] Hat! [growling, barking] [laughing] [mumbling] Oh! Ah! You bugger! [howling] - [audience chattering] - [man] All right, c...Rate it:

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stage nation
"Stag Nation" Script Scene One Night time, a car pulls up to a house and parks next to a line of other cars. Dusty gets out and walks u...Rate it:

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The Center of the World
Ellen Benjamin Wong
Rocks for my pillow and sand for my bed For better or for worse I left him for dead But two rivers to each other run Words that shook me lik...Rate it:

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The First Turn-On
Georgia Harrell
[music playing] NARRATOR: Ah, nature, it's beautiful and what better place to enjoy it than a summer camp. Welcome to Camp Big Teepee, a plac...Rate it:

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