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  December 2018     5 years ago

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Angels In The Outfield

Roger, do you believe in heaven? I guess. That's where they say my mom went. - Maybe that's where my dad went. - Probably. Hey, maybe your mom and my dad are friends up there. - That could be. - 'Cause you're my best friend down here. You're my best friend too, J.P. Roger, how come Maggie's...

by Holly Goldberg Sloan

added by jameslanderson
3 years ago

Men In Black

Start [The opening titles, cast, and crew are shown as a small bug flies around the screen before being swallowed by a dragonfly, which then flies around a desert landscape, through and in-between various vehicles, eventually right into the windshield of a truck] Truck Driver: Goddamn bugs... Ill...

by Ed Solomon

added by jameslanderson
3 years ago

The Lost World Jurassic Park

That looks fabulous. Thank you, Geoffrey. We'll also take a bottle of red as well. Thank you. Thank you, Barry. That looks wonderful. Beautiful day. Where are you going? - To eat my sandwich. - You won't be hungry for prawns. - I don't like prawns. - Darling, don't wander off. For God's sake, lea...

by David Koepp

added by jameslanderson
4 years ago

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The Hovitos are near. The poison is still fresh, three days. They're following us. If they knew we were here, they would've killed us already. This is it. This is where Forrestal cashed in. A friend of yours? A competitor. He was good. He was very, very good. Seor... nobody's come out of there al...

by Lawrence Kasdan

added by jameslanderson
4 years ago

Helbound: Hellraiser II

What is your pleasure, sir? HELLRAISER Jesus wept... We have such sights to show you... No, don't do that! Go to Hell! HELLBOUND - HELLRAISER II Ah, the Suffering... the sweet suffering. Welcome back. - Where am I? This is the Chanard Institute. It's a psychiatric hospital. Psychiatric? - Remembe...

by Peter Atkins

added by jameslanderson
4 years ago

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