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Mojave Moon
Leonard Glasser
Ever get so bored with your life you're afraid you're gonna do something stupid? But then you're afraid you're so far gone you can't even think ...Rate it:

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William Monahan
1 You know, people talk as if it's all suddenly just this, but you gotta remember that I've been famous in one way or another since I was 19,...Rate it:

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Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness
Mark Banker
[DAPHNE WHIMPERS] I'm so nervous. - Don't sweat it, Daph. You'll do great. SCOOBY: Mm-hm. - Yau think so? - Yeah, driving tests are easy. Eve...Rate it:

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Bitter Moon
Roman Polanski
Man: I still can't believe we're really on our way. Nor can I. It's so fantastic. Thank you, darling. Mwah! Oh, don't run away. I won't be ...Rate it:

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Kim So-Yeon
1 Hey! Hey,student! Where should I head to get to Jangseungbaegi Station? I'm trying to get there but things are so confusing in Seoul. Can'...Rate it:

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The Teahouse of the August Moon
John Patrick
Tutti-frutti. Most generous gift from American sergeant. Lovely ladies, kind gentlemen, pleased to introduce myself. Sakini by name, interpre...Rate it:

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Ehren Kruger
Lovingly and VERY difficultly cooked by Bakemstr We were once a peaceful race of intelligent mechanical beings. But then came the war. Between...Rate it:

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Two Moon Junction
Zalman King
The tradition of our sisterhood at Phi Gamma Kappa goes back to the days when cotton was king. And just as it has been for generation after ge...Rate it:

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Alabama Moon
James Whittaker
Just before Pap died He told me that I'd be fine as long as I never depended on anybody but myself I made Pap's grave just like he had done Mam...Rate it:

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A Walk on the Moon
Pamela Gray
More than the greatest love the world Good morning, Mrs. Levin. Good morning, Danny. Has known Where have you been? I was getting bubble gum. Okay,...Rate it:

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Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed
Robert Kiviat

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Amazon Women on the Moon
Michael Barrie
1 [ Brake Sets ] [ Humming ] - [ Rings ] - Hello? No. You got the wrong number. Yeah, but ain't no Thelma here, man. [ Lounge ] [ Blows N...Rate it:

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Bad Moon
Eric Red
There's a trading post 35 miles northeast of here in the plateau. Ten miles north of that is a landing strip. We can have the film pouched out ...Rate it:

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Black Moon
Wells Root
She's at it again! Hear that? This may sound silly and have no bearing on the case... but she's always playing with drums. Not toy drums, but ...Rate it:

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Black Moon Rising
John Carpenter

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Blood Moon
Alan Wightman
Pete, ol' pal... we've been together a long time. This is where we say goodbye. I just can't see you suffer no more. So long, partner. It'll ...Rate it:

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Blood on the Moon
Lillie Hayward
BLOOD ON THE MOON Who's that? Put a light on yourself. With what? Man, man. I didn't know anyone was here. - Well, I had a fire. - I couldn'...Rate it:

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Box of Moon Light
Tom DiCillo
Look out. Here he comes. Probably gonna to show us how to stack the paint. Hold it, guys. Let me give you a hand there. There we go. Nice and...Rate it:

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Busou Shinki Moon Angel
Koutaro Nakayama
The angel who lost her bearings deep in dreams descended on the world in a flurry of light I swore with the blue sky as my witness that I would p...Rate it:

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By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Robert O'Brien
By the light of the silvery moon I want to spoon To my honey I'll croon love's tune Honeymoon, keep a-shining in June Your silvery beams will ...Rate it:

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Carolina Moon
Stephen Tolkin
This is where the Russian plane went down. Yes. That's what my instruments are telling me. We have to retrieve the nuclear warhead... ...befo...Rate it:

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Castaway on the Moon
Hae-jun Lee
Your principle loan was $75,000. Yes. But after unpaid payments plus interests... You owe a total of $210,308. I see. Do you understand? Ye...Rate it:

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China Moon
Roy Carlson
I missed you. Door shut. Fix your collar. - What do we got here? - Looks like a shooting. - Inside? - Yeah. - Is this clear all up through h...Rate it:

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Closer to the Moon
Nae Caranfil
1 We're shooting a film. - What is it? - I don't know. Move. Let me explain, it's very simple. We pretend to rob you. Get out of the car slo...Rate it:

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Cold Moon
Griff Furst
Lunch is ready! - Grandma. - Hmm? Can I go up to school after lunch to help Mr. Perry? That's fine. Just be home before supper. Yield's gonn...Rate it:

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Dark Moon Rising
Justin Price
That's impossible. That's impossible. This is gonna hurt. Just finish me! What are you waiting for? The moment of clarity. Sin. Between the ...Rate it:

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Destination Moon
Alford Van Ronkel
There it is, General. It's your vindication. Profit without honor, heh? Well, at least I'm still alive to see this. They'll break their necks ...Rate it:

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Do We Really Need the Moon?
There are many moons in the solar system, but none like ours. It exerts an extraordinary influence on Planet Earth, keeping our world in balance....Rate it:

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First Men in the Moon
Nigel Kneale
- Well, we're here, Nevsky. - I see, colonel. Rice to crew. Transmit touchdown time and position to mother ship. Let's look at the environment ...Rate it:

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Fly Me To The Moon
Domonic Paris
Weather looks good today. On schedule for liftoff. T minus 30 minutes and counting. In 1957, the Soviet Union opened the final frontier by sen...Rate it:

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Full Moon High
Larry Cohen
Oh, I love your helmet! I love your cleats! Ooh, and I love your padding. That's not padding. Hey Janie, how about me, I scored once. I doubt ...Rate it:

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Half Moon
Behnam Behzadi
Sit down. Come here. How much for this fighting cock? One and a half million. And for that one? Two million tomans. Two million. Mr. Farshid'...Rate it:

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Half Moon Street
Edward Behr
Watch where you're going, you silly cow! Jesus Christ. Welcome to London, Dr. Slaughter... and to the Institute for Middle Eastern Strategic ...Rate it:

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Harvest Moon
J.P. Martin
1 [] I love these shoes. Gor-geous. Right? [Gasps] Oh... Good bones, excellent design, flawless style. I feel like these shoes say, "I a...Rate it:

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High Moon
John Christopher
Astronauts used to be heroes. Maybe we'll get a medal if we fix this sensor relay. Buzz Aldrin's spacesuit wasn't issued by the bureau of pris...Rate it:

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In the Shadow of the Moon
[Music playing] [Radio chatter] [Electronic beeps] [Radio chatter] Man: I kind of have two moons in my head, I guess, whereas most people ju...Rate it:

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Man on the Moon
Scott Alexander
FADE IN: INT. VOID - DAY Standing in a nonexistent set is ANDY KAUFMAN, looking a bit nervous. Wide-eyed, tentative, he stares at us with a need...Rate it:

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Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism
Tom Butterworth
1 This is Hardwick House Orphanage. I've lived here all my life. That's grumpy Edna, the cook. That's nice Mrs. Trinklebury. She looks after ...Rate it:

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Duncan Jones
There was a time when energy was a dirty word. When turning on your lights was a hard choice. Cities in brownout. Food shortages. Cars burnin...Rate it:

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Moon 44
Dean Heyde

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Moon Over Miami
Vincent Lawrence
Mornin', friend We recommend blue plate number two Our food is the best in the whole southwest What can I do for you I'll take hotcakes and a...Rate it:

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Paper Moon
Alvin Sargent
(BlG BAND MUSlC: ''PAPER MOON'') (WOMAN) # Say it's only a paper moon # Sailing over a cardboard sea # But it wouldn't be make-believe if you b...Rate it:

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Racing with the Moon
Steve Kloves
Hurry, the train. Henry, stop this. I'm sorry, Mr. Arthur. Quite all right, Mrs. Nash. Please don't be angry, Mr. Arthur. My son is only jokin...Rate it:

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Shoot The Moon
Bo Goldman
No, Marianne, honey, I don't want to look like a Spanish dancer tonight. I'm not particularly fond of that. - Molly, please. - She doesn't like...Rate it:

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Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon
Maksim Belozor
1 A long time ago in a country very away far called Russia, there were two best friends that went into space together. Their names were Belka...Rate it:

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Sword in the Moon
Min-seok Jang
He originally on that works off angerflushes the day? Ya! His Sword Law actually does not have said but, also is not unnecessary like this! Co...Rate it:

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Temptress Moon
Kaige Chen
What is opium... Ruyi, my daughter? Opium is the source of all inspiration. TEMPTRESS MOON PANG FAMI LY ESTATE - - Produced by: Tong Cunlin...Rate it:

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The Burning Moon
Olaf Ittenbach
What do you mean - work? Do you really think I wanna do that shit! Pharma Rep Fart My folks want that shit! Really, I'd call it bullshit! I do...Rate it:

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The First Men in the Moon
Mark Gatiss
# She came, she came to meet a man # She found an angel # Goo goo, goo goo Barabajagal was his name now # Goo goo, goo goo Barabajagal was his...Rate it:

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The Light of the Moon
Jessica M. Thompson
Thank you, darling. When can we get out of here? I'm almost done. Oh my god, this isn't even due until next week. I'll kill you. I will kill y...Rate it:

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The Man in the Moon
Jenny Wingfield
[humming] # My whole life through # [Humming] [Record player] # I will spend # # My whole life through # # Loving you # # Just loving you # ...Rate it:

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The Moon
1 1972 was the year a great love affair ended. The human race fell out of love with the moon. It was a classic case of familiarity breeds con...Rate it:

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The Moon Is Blue
F. Hugh Herbert
1 PANORAMIC: 1.20 DOLLARS Prices EXPENDABLES! 6 dozen and two pumice stones. Follow that car! Why were you in such a hurry? - Excuse me? At...Rate it:

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The Moon's Our Home
Isabel Dawn
Another telegram. This is the 4th in the last hour... I'm glad my grandmother can't even write a postcard.'re take it ...Rate it:

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The Moon-Spinners
Michael Dyne
& Moon-spinnerss, spin me a moon tonight & & Moon-spinnerss, spin it with a silver light & & Spinning on the sea & & Let the waterss glow & &...Rate it:

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The Stalking Moon
Alvin Sargent
What tribe are you with? Where are they from? Where are you from? - Could be up from Mexico. - Where are the rest of their men? Odds are about...Rate it:

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The Voice of the Moon
Ermanno Cavazzoni
Ivo Salvini. Did you hear it too? Someone is calling me! Let's see the pussy! The cha-cha pussy! Cha-cha pussy... Long live the pussy! Cha-cha...Rate it:

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This Isn't 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon': The XXX Parody
N NE NEW NEW M NEW MO NEW MOO NEW MOON These violent delights have violent ends... And in their triumph die, like fire and powder... Whi...Rate it:

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Three-Cornered Moon
Ray Harris
Look, Jenny. The recipe for the waffle batter calls for two glasses of milk. Do you understand? Keep away. Me for him, and she`s for me. St...Rate it:

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UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied II - Moon Rising
Jose Escamilla
[Crickets chirping] [Guitar ballad plays] # Among the trees and by the river # # Lying there, my darling shivers # # In her sleep she dreams ...Rate it:

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Under The Cherry Moon
Becky Johnston
1 Once upon a time in France, there lived a bad boy named Christopher Tracy. Only one thing mattered to Christopher. Money. The women he knew...Rate it:

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Under the Same Moon
Ligiah Villalobos
Come on. Let's go. The "Migra!" The "Migra!" - Are you okay, Rosario? - Shh, shh. She's getting away. Welcome to America, Juanito. Are you up...Rate it:

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View From A Blue Moon
Jay Tormohlen
The north shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu is just over 2,400 miles from the west coast of North America. The ocean floor rises five miles to ...Rate it:

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