Synopsis: The film tells the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa's rugby team to help unite their country. Newly elected President Mandela knows his nation remains racially and economically divided in the wake of apartheid. Believing he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mandela rallies South Africa's rugby team as they make their historic run to the 1995 Rugby World Cup Championship match.
Director(s): Clint Eastwood
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
  Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 10 wins & 33 nominations.
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Mandela, Mandela, Mandela Mandela, Mandela, Mandela Who is sir? It's that terrorist Mandela, they let him out Remember this day boys, it's the day our country went to the dogs come, let's go, come I'm now in a position to announce The Lord Nelson Mandela will be released at the prison on Sunday,the eleventh of February at about 3 pm There's Mr. Nelson Mandela Mr. Mandela a free man Taking his first steps into a new South Africa This is the moment the world has been waiting for ...and the top news of the day here in South Africa and around the world The recent release of Nelson Mandela from prison has triggered a power struggle between the ANC and their rivals there are reports the government is secretly providing arms to these groups contributing to violence that has erupted across the country South Africa seems to be on the verge of civil war Mr. Mandela has traveled to Durban in an effort to persuade 100,000 angry young ANC supporters to make peace Take your knives and your guns and throw them into the sea After 4 years of talks the day black South Africans have been fighting for has finally arrived for the first time they are free to cast their vote along side whites And an estimated 23 million people went to the polls today I Nelson Mandela do hearby swear to be faithful to the Rebublic of South Africa Never, never And never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world there he is, like clockwork that makes him such an easy target yes, good morning morning morning how are you? how's your mother? she's much better thanks-you good, very good Watch your left Mandela, Mandela alright What does it say? it says he can win an election, but can he run a country not even one day on the job, and they are after you It's a legitimate question Today marks the beginning of a new era in South Africa as President Mandela takes office in Pretoria facing issues that range from ecomomic stagnation, unemployment and crime While at the same time balancing black aspirations With white fears yeah, I never thought I'd see the day I feel sorry for you son, you've got your whole life ahead of you what's it going to be like now? ah, don't be so gloomy now I added vitamins There is a horrible flu bug going around tell me when you get home Thanks mom now I'm telling you Francois Look at Angola, Mozambique look at Zimbabwe we're next, they're going to take our jobs and drive us into the sea just you wait Good morning. - Good morning Good morning Good morning Good morning everyone Good morning Ah Brenda, you've had your hair done I like it thank-you, we need to talk about your cabinet appointments and ministers Give me one moment please - Okay After you comrade President Thank-you sir Brenda please assemble all the staff for me all those who haven't already left "Right now? All of them? - Yes please Yes, Mr. President Ladies and gentlemen if would like to follow me please The president would like to speak with you here he comes yeah wants the satisfaction of firing us himself I'd like you to stay out here Yes, but we... I cannot talk to them hiding behind men with guns Good morning Good morning, how are you this morning? Good to see you Thank-you for coming on such short notice Some of you may know who I am I could not help noticing the empty offices as I came to work this morning And all of the packing boxes Now, of course, if you want to leave that is your right and if you feel in your heart that you cannot work with your new government Then it is better that you do leave, right away But if you are packing up because you fear that, your language, or the color of your skin Or who you worked for before Disqualifies you from working here I am here to tell you have no such fear What remains remains the past is the past we look to the future now We need your help We want your help if you would like to stay you would be doing your country a great service All I ask is that you do your work to the best of your abiities And with good heart I promise to do the same If we can manage that Our country will be a shining light in the world good morning is it still morning? yeah, when you get a chance, can I get the schedule for the month? yeah we need to plan security Office of the President good morning Yes sir we will have that ready for you We need more men - Did you talk to Brenda? - Yes, yesterday that must be Jason with the schedule come in beautiful What is this? Mr Jason Shabalala That's me Am I under arrest? Capt. Fader and team reporting for duty, sir what duty? With the presidential bodyguards we've been assigned to this office Here are our orders you're special branch, right? you'll see that they have been signed we'll OK the assinment just wait here Good morning sir, sorry You look agitated Jason that's because there are four special branch cops in my office oh, what did you do? nothing they say they are the presidential body guards, have orders signed by you Yes, yes These men were specially trained by the SAS they have lots of experience they protected deClerk - Yes, sir, but that does not mean - You asked for some more men - Yes sir When people see me in public see my bodyguard you represent me directly The rainbow nation starts here Reconciliation, start here Reconciliation sir? yes, reconciliation Jason Comrade President... Not long ago these guys tried to kill us Maybe even these 4 guys in my office tried, and often succeded yes, I know Forgiveness starts here too Forgiveness liberates the soul it remove fear that is why it is such a powerful weapon please Jason try Sorry to disturb you sir Just a minute Thanks Jason, can we get rid of these guys now? here's the schedule for the month Let's look them over for assignments Right. What? Jason, can I talk to you How can we trust them? we can't that's what Mandela wants, OK? Let's go are there any special orders or conditions? no, oh yes Mandela does not like when you don't smile when you push people away seriously? Yes, seriously it's the new South Africa "Mandela? it's the president's name that's what we call him We'll call him Mr. President can we go through the schedule now? can you gentlemen come closer? Yeah, me too What are our orders how is going to do all this, huh? when does he take a break? he says he rested enough, in prison here's a headache what? the rugby match England against Springboks at the stadium Will be a headache for England that's for sure I don't care about the game all I care about is that the president will be exposed sports fans, mmm? yes, sports fans who didn't vote for him, who probably hate him who came out of the womb with guns in their hands What? OK guys, I want your eyes on the crowd at all times he's taking the middle of the field going to walk in, shake hands, and walk off, that's it Got it OK, let's go Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure today to introduce our newly elected president Mr. Nelson Mandela Good luck captain Thank-you Mr. President Good luck son good luck Good luck Chester yes sir Good luck - Thanks. stop him no, stay with him Thank you for honoring our new flag it's a pleasure sir Thank-you how are you? how are you? Good to see Good to see Mandela, Mandela you are delaying the rugby sir Yes, yes of course why didn't you stop him? you try next time does he do that sort of thing all of the time? that's my answers good thing it was just a cup and good thing he never saw it oh he saw it, he sees everything I hate rugby F*** man these english mean business we need to focus... FOCUS FOCUS Let why don't we do a little work while we watch we have a lot of promises to keep yes we do It's not too late if the boys can pick up their game if they don't heads will roll c'mon you bloody bastards where do you want to go first for foreign investment? where the money is. America, England... Saudi Arabia How long before the world cup? about a year now is time enough for improvement Mr. President don't get your hopes up we're a damn disgrace did you see all those old aparthied flicks? they're a disgrace but it's also the constitution along with the aparthied anthem, I know But it's time people moved on look at this all of the whites are cheering for the Springboks all of the blacks are cheering for England I used to do that on the island we would cheer for anyone but the 'boks it made the wardens very angry of course it did sorry I'm late, how's it going? very badly maybe it's just as well why? I've just been at a meeting of the national sports executive there's a strong support to drop the Springbok emblem and colors if they play badly maybe it's a good time to make a change this could be the last time we have to look at the green and gold Francois' team came to the stadium this afternoon unprepared and arrogant They left 80 minutes with their tales between their legs like whipped mongorels and I for one, am glad not because they lost but because there is now no way to ignore the fact that we are completely and utterly unprepared To re-enter the world of top-notch international rugby The Rugby World Cup is now less than a year away and I for one am relieved that we are the host nation and there for qualify automatically for the tournament somebody gets the axe because I'm not sure we can get in on merit alone who's it gonna be? team played without discipline Without strategy And without courage and there for... he's trying to get them to drop me he's just bitter because the Springboks were boycotted when he played Maybe But people listen to what he says They brought shame upon our nation and I for one can say without fear of contradiction that today, these 15 so called, men did not deserve to wear the hallowed green and gold Here's your tea, Mr. Mandela I warmed the milk tonight ahh, you are too good to me Mary your daughter called to cancel her visit this weekend Did she say why? No, she didn't she said to tell you she was sorry I see do you need anything else tonight? ahh, no Mary thank you, I'll go to bed good evening good evening Mary some nice pants for you God bless you there you go there you go God bless you you're a very lucky boy it's a real Springbok practice jersey I know it's a bit big, but it's warm and it will last forever c'mon, take it, it's yours why won't he take it? if he wears it, the others will beat him up because the Springboks are so bad? no because for them, Springboks still represent aparthied and now, for the next item on our agenda the embassy executive proposes a vote on the following motion that, as a permanent symbol of the aparthied era The colors emblem and the name of Springboks Be eliminated immediately and that all sports teams representing South Africa shall be known, as the Proteos Comrades, we will submit this motion to a hand vote and in the event of a close count will go to a written ballot all of those in favor of eliminating the Springboks Raise your hands Viva Proteos Viva Viva both units to their cars, right now what do I tell the Japanese trade delegation? I delegate that decision to you do you want me to inform the VP? No we should at least include the minister of sport No I strongly advise against doing this, especially on your own it gives the impression of autocratic leadership you risk alienating your cabinet and your party your advice is duley noted Dear Mandela, the people want this they hate the Springboks, they don't want to be represented by them yes I know, but in this instance, the people are wrong and as their leader, it is my job to show them that you are risking your political capitol you're risking your future as our leader the day I am afraid to do that, is the day I am no longer fit to lead at least, risk it for something more important than rugby tell the boys I want to go very fast we, the executives would like to applaud you for your diligence and your courage please, join us in our anthem Comrades, comrades members of the choir, we would only interupt such beautiful music For something truly important Please, welcome, President Mandela Thank-you Thank-you I thank you, please Smile Brothers sisters Comrades I am here because I believe you have made a decision with insufficient information and foresight I am aware of your earlier vote I am aware that it was, unanimous none the less, I believe we should restore the Springboks Restore their name their emblem, and their colors, Immediately let me tell you why on Rogha lsland In prison all of my jailers were Afrikaners For 27 years I studied them I learned their language Read their books their poetry I had to know my enemy before I could prevail against him and we did prevail, did we not? all of us here we prevailed Our enemy is no longer the Afrikaner they are our fellow South Africans Our partners in democracy and they treasure Springbok Rugby if we take that away, we lose them we prove that we are what they feared we would be We have to be better than that We have to surprise them With compassion With restraint And generosity I know, all of the things they denied us but this is no time to celebrate petty revenge this is the time to build our nation using every single brick available to us even if that brick comes wrapped in green and gold you elected me your leader let me lead you now Who is with me on this? Who is with me? a luxury we only needed one more yes than no what if you hadn't got it? Well you know that is the parties decision Sorry Mandela but we've got problems everywhere we look Housing, food, jobs, crime our currency you can't keep interupting affairs of state to placate a minority I must, that minority Still controls the police, the army And the economy if we lose them, we cannot address the other issues so, this rugby Is it just a political calculation? It is a human calculation if we take away, what they cherish The Springboks Their national anthem we just reinforce the cycle of fear between us I will do what I must to end that cycle or it will destroy us this tastes like sh*t man it's not the beer take another everybody take one I'd like to propose a toast to the taste of defeat drink it remember this and promise yourself, never to taste it again You're right, it tastes like sh*t here's the schedule for the overseas trip (speaking Afrikans) What did he just say? he asked when we were supposed to sleep as well as other basic human functions If Mandela could do it we can do it in a common struggle that has brought about our emancipation and pushed back the frontier Of racism the millions of our people say thank you and thank you again I come here with a message people of the United States of America open your markets to us and come invest in our country and in Japan, President Mandela met with Japanese officials as he concluded a grueling trip to the far east and in related news, it was announced that Mandela will visit South Africa stop it old man It's cold man - Good morning Mandela - How are you? - Well thank you sir - Good morning sir How is your family Hendrick? top shape sir, how about yours? I have a very large family I don't think I'll walk today we never, never ask him about his family but he asks about ours all the time Think, think of it Separated from his wife, his children How often do you see them here? He's not a saint, he's a man with a man's problems, he doesn't need us reminding him of them Good morning Mandela. - Good morning Thank you very much. - Enjoy it Very good Very good ahh Brenda, good morning Good morning Mandela I like that dress Thank you This is for you What is it? Your pay checks you haven't been collecting them what's wrong? This is terrible It's what deClerk got plus an increase for inflation Today President Mandela announced, that in his opinion his salary is too high He's right, they're all overpaid he has decided to donate a third of his monthly income to charity give me the houses and cars they give him and I'll donate a third to charity too Hello hang on a minute please yes, of course they're lining their pockets as fast as they can must be his girl friend eh Oh, he knows I'll bloody well kill him what? Who was that? well... I told you it was his girl friend I've been invited to tea with who? the President The president of the SA rugby? Count your fingers after he shakes your hand boy The President he wants me over for tea, week after next you must tell Mandela that the pass service is very bad and too expensive he must do something about it. Good night everybody Good night What the hell does he want with you? I don't know you've met him before I shook his hand on the rugby field and you didn't even vote c'mon, he's still the president I play rugby, what am I going to say to the guy say to him, thank-you for inviting me what if I pull something stupid in front of him you won't go ahead, I'll pick you up right here bye Mr. Francois a picture please They can not pass They can not pass see who's coming for tea? if you want me to get his autograph who? Francois Penaar call him in I will No autographs, OK? I know how to do my job, OK? Who is Francois Penaar? you can't be serious, he's the captain of the Springboks I like soccer myself you know what they say about soccer it's a gentlemans game, played by hooligans On the other hand Rugby is a hooligans game, played by gentlemen ya ya ya, I've heard that one before And it wasn't funny the first time Can I ask you a question lieutenant? yeah, of course what's he like? when I worked for the previous president, it was my job to be invisible This president, when he found out I liked english toffee he brought me some back from his visit in England to him, no one's invisible That's where you wait One of his assistants will come for you and the bathroom's over there if you need it uh, OK, thanks What are our chances in the world cup? I mean, for real We'll do our best, that I can guarantee Office of the President so, what is he like? well he's not as big as he looks on TV and we don't stand a bloody chance in the world cup Mr. Penaar right this way please Francois what an honor I am so excited Thank-you for coming to see me thank-you for inviting me Mr President so, tell me Francois, how is your ankle? my ankle? I was told it was hurt has it healed? the truth is sir, you never really play at 100%, no matter what ahh, yes in sports as in life, yes? yes sir Please, sit take this one looking into the light hurts my eyes Mrs. Dreis you are a shining light in my day Yes sir this is Francois Penaar captain of the Springboks (speaking Afrikans) shall I pour sir? no, no, Iwould prefer to do it myself Thank-you very much Mrs. Dreis how do you like your tea Francois? just milk, please the English have given us many things including brandy But afternoon tea That is the greatest Here we are Thank you sir You have a very difficult job I do? I have a trading business Captain of the Springboks a very difficult job well not compared to yours, Mr. President well, no one is trying to tear my head off while I'm doing mine Yes sir tell me Francois What is your philosophy on leadership How do you inspire your team to do their best? by example, I've always thought to lead by example sir well that is right that is exactly right but how to get them to be better than they think they can be That is very difficult I find inspiration perhaps how do we inspire ourselves to greatness When nothing less will do? how do we inspire everyone around us? I sometimes think it is by using the work of others on Robben lsland When things got very bad I found inspiration in a poem a poem? a Victorian poem just words but they helped me to stand, when all I wanted to do was to lie down But you didn't come to hear an old man talk about things that make no sense No, please, Mr. President it makes complete sense to me On the day of a big match Say, a test In the bus, on the way to the stadium Nobody talks ah yes, they are all preparing right but when I think we're ready I have the bus driver put a song something I've chosen, one we all know and we listen to the words together and it helps I remember when I was invited to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona Everyone in the stadium greeted me with a song at the time, the future Our future seemed very bleak But to hear that song And the voices of people all over our planet made me proud to be South African it inspired me to come home and do better It allowed me to expect more of myself may I ask, what was the song sir? Well, it was Ozisikilili Africa a very inspiring song We need inspiration Francois Because in order to build our nation we must all exceed our own expectations so what's he like? he's not like anyone I've ever met before what did he want? what did he talk about? Francois, it's like talking to a brick wall what did he say? I think he wants us to win the World Cup Excuse me What do you think? it doesn't matter what I think Yes, it does I think he looks like one of the policemen who forced us out of our house I don't like seeing you shake his hand And I'm not the only one you criticise without understanding you seek only to address your own personal feelings That is selfish thinking it does not serve the nation wait please here Give this to your mother for me please What is it? It's a bracelet I found unpacking why don't you just throw it away? I don't have the right, doesn't belong to me if she left it, she meant to throw it away "Mrs. said you finished with the paper ya, of course Here we go The World Cup is played every 4 years each playing in 90 foreign venues around the country each pool to the quarterfinals Ivory Coast qualifies that's wonderful According to the experts, we'll reach the quarter finals and no further According to the experts you and I should still be in jail you make a personal appearance in the finals and at the opening match between Australia and Springboks the finals will be broadcast to over a billion people around the world live A billion people watching us? This is a great opportunity I reckon you've knocked the stuffing out of him today I haven't even begun they may not be the most talented team in the world but sure as hell going to be the fittest let's go again guys Brenda yes sir please get the head of South African rugby for me right away thank-you Dr. Ledges wants a few words please afternoon men good to see you all working so hard I have a short announcement as part of the build up to the world cup you will be conducting coaching clinics in townships all over the country I know, I know, you've plenty on your plates already But this is a request from the top the very top Thank-you This is complete crap man What is this? Are we some sort of circus act now? they expect us to play our best give our bloody all, then they add to our bloody work load What do you think about this Chester? well, I try not to think, cause it interferes with my rugby See? Talk to the Captain you gotta make them understand that don't have the time for this I'm not going to talk to them Why not? we've become more than just a rugby team and we might as well get used to it this is you speaking? Or Mandela? you know me better than that you know times change and we need to change as well Sh*t ya glad I don't live here don't forget, we've got cameras on us at all times what a bloody joke CHESTER CHESTER CHESTER Chester, I reckon you're up what am I supposed to do? what you do best lets roll Who wants to play Rugby? Who here knows the rules of rugby? me What is it? You hit another player when the ref isn't looking No, no, no The first rule of Rugby It can only pass the ball backwards or sideways do we practice today? yeah Form a line Have fun, pasalo Hands up like this like this I'm here so I make it like this Now you run so I want you in groups of 3, OK? And in addition to the nationwide RP campaign We propose that that all retail outlets charge a fee for plastic bags ahh, excuse me Mr. Minister if you'll forgive me this sounds excellent, we'll return to it please indulge me for one moment while soccer is usually their favorite sport here... But things changed today When a group of local kids reall took to the Springboks in a surprise visit... See that? That picture is worth any number of speeches this is Johan Revelius Reporting live from Cape Town airport Where the Sprinboks' flight has just landed the green and gold have just one week to put the finishing touches to their grueling training program And I for one, must admit to being cautiosly optimistic I say cautiosly because in my humble opinion The Springbok team has been over practised on the field, and over committed off it which makes beating a bower house Austrailian side in next weeks opener a tall order Especially as this is an inexperienced team with a history of coming up short in big matches This is Live in Cape Town returning you to the studio in Johannesburg around the world objectively What are they saying about our chances to beat Australia? Everyone thinks they'll beat us And if they do we will have to go through England and the rest just to get to the final so, it is very important that we beat Australia? Thank-you Mandela, the cabinet ministers are here to brief you on the trip to Taiwan Yes, I'll be right out one week boys want snipers on top of the stadium and the surrounding buildings here No problem want those 2 approaches completely sanitized he comes in at the last moment We want uniforms plain clothes sharp shooters And sniffer dogs And if you need more men, we have an army unit on standby we are not going to take chances gentlemen The President is going to be exposed much too exposed Brenda I have been studying for the summit in Taiwan? good ahh, no, not exactly test me look like... block out their names, see if I can recognize them Andre Joviur Kevin Johnson did I get them right? yes Mandela that's the way I used to study in law school Unfortunately Chester is far too easy to identify But that will change it must team meeting, after dinner gather round what's this Francois, homework? make sure everyone has got one What is this? We need to learn this song we can't just mouth the words anymore nobody cares, as long as we're winning the matches you're wrong, they do care it's their bloody song, not ours flippin' terrorist song they used to arrest you for singing it now it's one of our anthems I can't even read it or pronounce the words It's optional, take it if you want to It means, God bless Africa which, you have to admit, we could use Tell us, Mr. President Have you always been a rugby fan? ahh, people don't realize that I played rugby myself when I was a student it's a very rough game, almost as rough as politics How do you think the Springboks will do? I think they will do very well Their level of commitment is tremendous now it's been said, you used to support any team that played against the 'boks yes, well obviously that is no longer true I am 100 % behind our boys After all, if I can not change when circumstances demand it How can I expect others to? Francois Welcome, Mr. President Gentlemen, forgive me for interupting your work the day before such an important match but I just wanted to come and wish good luck in person Sometimes, very seldom, as president I'm allowed to do what I want Mr. President, this is... Oh I know who this is Andre, good luck Brendan, good luck to you Kevin, good luck James, good luck Yapi, good luck did you ever imagine this? how could I? Thank-you, good luck Good luck Good luck to you Good luck Good luck son but uh, where is Chester? he's injured sir, his hamstring we're trying to keep it quiet Well, will he be out for the entire tournament? with hamstrings, who knows we'll miss him the whole country will miss him - Well gentlemen... - Mr President this is for you, from us I am honored gentlemen, truley honored and you must know that your country supports you completely Good luck to you all Thank-you sir Francois, walk with me I have something for you It has helped me through the years, I hope it helps you Thank you Mr. President Thank-you it's time for bed Dada ah, I'm going to stay up for a while The country is excited tonight you need to sleep The doctor said the doctor has no sense of vocation Thank-you Do you know what's the best thing about you being the captain? um, the honor? No, we don't have to share a room no no no, I can't, I can't I need to be really angry... I know, it's working What is this? A poem from the President how does a poem help? the same way your visit does, inspiration what happened? we scored We won! we did? Very good What do you think? Great, that was fantastic you must be very happy. Any man would be happy dancing with a beautiful lady like you Mr. President, you're exaggerating not at all, my father was a polygamist As you know, I am not but when I look at you, I envy my father coaches room, 6 AM coaches room, 6 AM Jones, coaches room 6, 6 AM hey guys, I hope you're not going to be this slow next week what's going on? change of place that's what they used to do, smuggle gravel in from the yard throw it across the floor so they could hear the wardens come in can we see the President's cell? yes, of course Can you believe this? the number on the door, 46664 means he was the 466th prisioner here in 1964 we've done it up just the way it was Come with me Out of the night that covers me Black as the Pit from pole to pole I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find, me unafraid It matters not how strait the gate How charged with punishments the scroll I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul Dada? sir? What happened? simple exhaustion, but it will lead to worse if it's not treated he needs a complete rest and I don't mean simply shifting the affairs of state to his bedroom No phone calls, no meetings, no visitors, no politics you know him, he won't do that then I'm going to put him into hospital, in isolation no, not yet, I'll threaten him with hopital if he doesn't behave I'll cancel everything and I'll come back tonight to make sure he's not waking Don't cancel the trip to Taiwan, not yet Chester's back Point for Green Mandela, this is the delegation who... I know who this is Welcome, thank-you for coming so far to see me thank-you how do you do? I'm fine, welcome Thank you very much Ladies and gentlemen, the game is delayed this is it, let's go International business alliances strong industries have developed in shipping... um, please excuse me yes Mr. President, of course Gentlemen, let us continue in ten minutes This is good, very good so, who is our next opponent? All Blacks play England tomorrow then we'll know I see, you will make sure that my schedule is free for the entire match oh yes Dada This is good This is very good Why do not we do a little work while we're here? Just enjoy the rugby. so let me understand this the All Blacks are killing a team that trashed us last year Thanks for reminding me. we're gonna really have to tackle against the English are those the judicial appointments for the free states? they'll keep until after the match Here's the kick I am the president, you know And the conversion is good are you watching this guy? he's about your size how much you suppose he weighs? same as me Ya, but you're slow he looks or contact every time he gets the ball yup It's good for us I will break my arm, my leg, my neck, but I will not let that guy go Well said Well said ...when you pass it grab this Run! still think I'm wasting my time with the rugby? he's in the clear and he will... tell the minister of sport I would like a full report on the All Blacks this rugby, it's still strictly political? oh yes, oh yes of course hello, hello Francois... don't lose them, I won't be able to get more thanks Francois Wait, there is a forth who's that for? the All Blacks beat lreland 43 to 19 I see they beat Wales 34 to 9 I see they beat Japan 145 to 17 It is a new international record they beat Scotland 48 to 13 in the quarter finals you saw the match with England yes not that close They seem unstoppable If the opposing team plays them face up, Lomo runs wild if they focus on Lomo, that leaves others free. And then there's Hacca a Maori war mask, yes, it is very powerful sources say half of the All Black matches are won before the start because of it How can we beat them? I have the coaches number, maybe you can call him and ask no no, I don't want to distract their focus, even for one minute But how can we win? Maybe we won't, they're favored 2 to 1 we've already exceeded all expectations on and off the field It is not enough, not now. Not so close. This country is hungry for greatness. brought one of your Mom's protien shakes thinking about tomorrow? no tomorrow is taken care of one way or another I was thinking about how you spend 30 years in a tiny cell and come out ready to forgive the people who put you in Go home man, there's nothing more you can do today ever mentioned to you I hate the rugby? once or twice, yes I just want to get him through tomorrow safely, that's all we all do the tickets sold out long before the team became popular there's not exactly going to be the rainbow nation out there and that's the reality now all it takes is one idiot trying to make a statement Or one fool who thinks god is speaking to him through the radio and it's happened before but not today Not on our watch, and not today We are on the spot on this historic day where even this early, crowd expectation is at fever pitch because there beloved green and gold has managed to defy all expectations but now they come up against a team unlike any they have faced before these All Blacks are possibly one of the greates international sides ever with a player as dominant as any this correspondant has ever seen final approach captain let it be noted that I'm taking control of the aircraft duly noted I take full responsibility for what happens from now on Do you see that jet to the east? did they get clearance for this? not from us Where is he? VIP box get him out of there, NOW - No time What the hell was that? - A win - Yes! Come on! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the President of the Republic of South Africa Mr. Nelson Mandela Dr. Nelson Mandela, the President of South Africa a rugby jersey with the number 6 on his back... Francois, your country is very proud of you - Thank you sir - Good luck Good luck son Good luck son (radio broadcast) Chester I want you to know your whole country is supporting you Good luck Thank you sir Good luck son ...dramatic moments, I don't think I've ever seen so many flags in one stadium Hi their captain honored sir It is a pleasure Nice to see you I'm a little afraid of you you all be careful now thank-you NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON ...Dr. Mandela just lifting his cap to the 62 thousand people... ...wonderful aerial shot of... (anthem singing) The national anthem of South Africa South Africa national anthems (anthem singing) ...what an unbelievable spectacular year in Johannesburg (anthem continues) Are you okay? Here we go. Maybe we should make a little wager All your gold, for all our sheep I was thinking more along the lines of a case of wine The celebrations over, we now come to the big game... Come on! (chanting) ...that's the Maori challenge, laid down before going into battle... Hey, get out of here ...knocked him down and stole the ball... ...put into play by New Zealand, here's a chance on the outside... huddle what the heck are we doing? Lomo is killing us Foreward, we must start scrumming we must disrupt them at the first phase we cannot allow Lomo the ball in space he's freeking killing us, but listen, if Lomo gets the ball... Whoever is there, James, Yust, hit the f***ing guy, hold on to him help will come, help will be there (whistles) ...they want to get the ball... ...most of the opportunities have gone New Zealands way... GO GO GO listen up first blood to New Zealand... important kick for New Zealand... score for New Zealand ...score now New Zealand 6 South Africa 3 Come on! BOOT IT ...South Africa in the lead for the first time in the match... Advantage for South Africa 9-6... Scoring New Zealand Half time unsuccessful kick, the score remains 9 - 9 that's the closing score 9 all, there will now be a 5 minute break... so, what does this mean? extra time, 20 minutes I don't think I can take it a test of great character... who's the greatest team on this field? who's the greatest team on this field? New Zealand 12 South Africa 9 penalty against green too many guys off their feet speak to your team Heads up, look in my eyes Do you hear? listen to the country Defense, defense, defense This is it! This is our destiny, Go! How long? important kick... YEAH! tie score Now, now! ...can hear the big man coming... Now! ...has he got 'em? ...great play there... (whistle) Chester, will you lead us in a prayer? thanks god, for getting us into this final thanks for no serious injuries, and most of all, thanks for the win Amen Amen Francois a few words? Great game, but you couldn't have done it without the support of the 63,000 here Ya, we didn't need the support of we had the support of 43 million South Africans I have to thank-you for what you have done for our country No Mr. President, thank you for what you have done for our country this route is crowded let's change to conceal There's no hurry No hurry at all Mandela says there's no need to hurry I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul I am the master my fate I'm the captain of my soul.

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Anthony Peckham

Anthony Peckham is a South African-born American screenwriter and producer. more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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