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Batman: The Killing Joke
Brian Azzarello
1 BARBARA: First of all, I realize this is probably not how you thought the story would start, not with a big shiny moon or a city that could ...Rate it:

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Killing Them Softly
Andrew Dominik
America... I say to the people of America... This moment is our chance to... Enough- To make of our own lives what we will. It is... That pus...Rate it:

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Yorgos Lanthimos
(somber orchestral music) (choral music in foreign language) - Nice watch. - Thanks. [Steven] What's the water resistance? [Matthew] 200 met...Rate it:

(4.00 / 2 votes)
Twilight Zone: The Movie
John Landis
["MlDNlGHT SPEClAL" PLAYS ON RADlO] [BOTH SlNGlNG] DRlVER: What way? What way? DRlVER [SlNGlNG]: Boy, look at the clothes Oh, yeah. [TAPE SCRATC...Rate it:

(3.00 / 3 votes)
The Killing
Stanley Kubrick
And they're off! It's Lucky Arrow breaking on top. Purple Shadow is second. At exactly 3:45 on that Saturday afternoon... in the last week of S...Rate it:

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Aliens: Zone of Silence
Fidel Arizmendi
1 [Music playing] [Morgan] hi, my name is Morgan Taylor. About four months ago, my brother hal and his best friend Alex, they went missing ...Rate it:

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Camp 14: Total Control Zone
I still suffer from nightmares. It's better than the beginning of my stay here. But I still have nightmares. It's not as bad as used to be. It...Rate it:

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Charlie Zone
Joseph LeClair
(Rock music playing) (cheering, jeering) He ain't got nothing on you. (Crowd cheering, jeering) Fuck you, man! Number one! The fucking champi...Rate it:

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Drop Zone
Peter Barsocchini
- Hey, Evan. - I got that stuff, man. Here, kitty, kitty. Hey, you guys. Come on. I got breakfast for you. Come on, come on. Here, kitty, kitt...Rate it:

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Essential Killing
Jerzy Skolimowski
ESSENTIAL KILLING (2010) It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah. Gate! What's handcuffs in English? Get him, boy! Get him! Blood trail! Up ...Rate it:

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Forbidden Zone
Richard Elfman
Whoa, lordy! Wooo, wow! Lemme outa here! Oh feet, do yo' stuff. Wu-huh! Wu-huh! Woooow! Going down down down How far can you go? You might fa...Rate it:

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Green Zone
Brian Helgeland
Just a few seconds ago, another huge blast has shake the city Cruise missiles and air strikes raining down here in an relenting assault on Bagh...Rate it:

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Killing Bono
Dick Clement
I always knew I'd be famous. Back at school, if you'd have told me that four of us... would become the biggest rock band on the planet, I'd ha...Rate it:

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Killing Ground
Damien Power
Salvation, eleven letters. - Salvation? - Yeah. Second letter, E. - Nah, sorry, can't help you. - Redemption. Redemption. R-E-D-E-M-P-T-I-O-N...Rate it:

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Killing Gunther
Taran Killam
I never gave my name. I have a message from pipenko. I knew you... I-i knew you were... Sorry. Hold on. - Gun! - I knew you had rocks! Dagna...Rate it:

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Killing Hasselhoff
Peter Hoare
Barry, do you hear that? Superhero. The Musical! I'm telling you, I know what I'm talking about. Get on the phone. Call the heads of all the st...Rate it:

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Killing Jesus
Martin Dugard
1 False king, God has no mercy on you. He shall fester you with boils... spawned by your many sins. A child born in Israel... will be a far g...Rate it:

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Killing Kennedy
Kelly Masterson
1 Morning, Lee. What's in the package? Curtain rods. Good morning. Hello? And here is the President of the United States. And what a crowd a...Rate it:

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Killing Lincoln
Erik Jendresen
# Killing Lincoln # Harry Ford: Hello, John. John Wilkes Booth: [humming]. Murcott: I am harmless except to myself. Florence Trenchard: I h...Rate it:

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Killing Me Softly
Kara Lindstrom
You know what happens at that height? The brain dies from lack of oxygen... cell by cell. It just shuts down... and the body goes with it. I...Rate it:

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Killing Salazar
Keoni Waxman
The Bratski Krug, known as the Circle of Brothers - an international drug cartel created with blood and guns. The man behind the empire, Joseph ...Rate it:

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Killing Season
Evan Daugherty
[Gunshots] Come on, go, go, go. Move, move, move. Get down! Get down! [Speaking foreign language] Cease fire! Hold your fire! [Speaking fore...Rate it:

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Killing the Joneses
Rob Johnson
Man, this thing rides smooth. lt's very nice. Yes. lt's like riding on the ass of an angel. l mean, l wish l could have sold a crossover lik...Rate it:

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Killing Veerappan
1 Smoking and drinking is injurious to health Smoking and drinking is injurious to health ls the information correct? I swear on my children,...Rate it:

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