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Subida Al Cielo (Ascent To Heaven)
Ascent to Heaven The only agricultural exploitation of this town, which we will call San Jeronimito, located on the coast of the state of Guer...Rate it:

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The Prophecy 3: The Ascent
Gregory Widen
In the beginning There was only The Word, And with The Word He spoke into being the realm of Heaven and its angels. And He spoke into being th...Rate it:

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All Dogs Go to Heaven
Don Bluth
Itchy, A few more degrees to the left! Now! Tap! No, no! Your other left! That's it! Keep coming, keep coming! You're almost through! Yo...Rate it:

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All This, and Heaven Too
Rachel Field
Clara, look. Isn't it extraordinary? - What is it? - Can't you read? Wait till you hear about our new teacher. - I think it's romantic. - Oh,...Rate it:

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Leave Her to Heaven
Jo Swerling
It's good to see you, Dick. It's good to be back. Everything has been arranged. She's up there waiting for you. Thank you. Poor, dear man. I....Rate it:

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The Kingdom of Heaven
William Monahan
FADE UP ON: RAVENS in stripped trees. Frost clings to hedges, and low fog lies on the November fields of France. A season of mud and snow. T...Rate it:

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Days of Heaven
Terrence Malick
SETTING The story is set in Texas just before the First World War. CAST OF CHARACTERS BILL: A young man from Chicago following the harvest. ABBY:...Rate it:

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90 Minutes in Heaven
Michael Polish
I died on January 18, 1989. I was the father of three children, the husband of a wonderful wife. A man with a great future. I was 38 years o...Rate it:

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A Little Bit of Heaven
Gren Wells
Come on, let's go. Come on, kiddo. - We're going to have some fun. - Yeah! You know I'm the best friend ever. Now get out of here. - Have fun...Rate it:

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A Little Trip to Heaven
Baltasar Kormákur
1 After 20 years of payment, Mr. Fender, this can't be! Considering the circumstances, I think the death benefit is more than generous. But ...Rate it:

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All That Heaven Allows
Peg Fenwick
[Woman] Hi, Cary.|- Hello, Sara. you're way ahead of me. of my trees, much less get them pruned. Oh! I can't take|credit for that. Martin alway...Rate it:

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Between Heaven and Hell
Harry Brown
- Get Gifford out. - Yes, sir. Hey, Gifford. Gifford! Get your gear. Get that arm up, Gifford. You're still in the army. Colonel Miles wants...Rate it:

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Da nao tian gong (The Monkey King: Uproar In Heaven)
The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven Adapted from Journey to the West The King is back! The King is back! Children, gather and practice! Bring me ...Rate it:

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East Side of Heaven
David Butler
This is Postal Union with a personal greeting for Mr. and Mrs. James Travers. 'Twas 50 years ago today You said love, honor and obey A union ha...Rate it:

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Far from Heaven
Todd Haynes
Mother! Mother, can I sleep over at Hutch's tonight? Mrs. Hutchinson gave permission. Not tonight, David. Your father and I are going out, an...Rate it:

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Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of Heaven's Gate
Steven Bach
Can I play? Do you have any marbles? Yep. OK. Thanks. You're welcome. So, what's your name? Louis. Yours? Alan. You're not from around her...Rate it:

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Five Minutes of Heaven
Guy Hibbert
For me to talk about the man I have become, you need to know about the man I was. I was 14 when I joined the Tartan Gangs and I was 15 when I ...Rate it:

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Krzysztof Kieslowski
Follow the terrain. Good. Keep it perpendicular to the ridge. That's it. Under real conditions... you might have to compensate for the wind ...Rate it:

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Heaven & Earth
Oliver Stone
A long time ago... ... a young woman went off into the world... ... like her brothers and sisters. She fought in wars... ... had children... ....Rate it:

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Heaven Can Wait
Samson Raphaelson
- How do you do, Mr. Van Cleve? - Good afternoon, Your Excellency. - Very kind of you to receive me. - Not at all. - Oh, please. Sit down. - T...Rate it:

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Heaven Can Wait
Elaine May
Break! Let's move it. 20! 29! All right. You take the inside. On this one, you take the inside. 54... Ready, set... 2-85! Back! Throw! Throw...Rate it:

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Heaven Is for Real
Randall Wallace
1 Is heaven a hope? Or as real as the earth and sky? I once asked my grandfather that question. And he said by the time he knew the answer it ...Rate it:

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Heaven Knows What
Arielle Holmes
Please, please, I just need... Ilya. Ilya, please talk to me. Please. Ilya, I have to talk to you about something really important. Please, c...Rate it:

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Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism
Money is a common good. - Like water. Exactly. Algiers the White As Mireille Balin gives up Pp le Moko And as we have, once again, given up ...Rate it:

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Heaven Sent
Rick Ramage
BILLY: God, they say that You are Love. ( voice echoes ) If that's true, I sure could use a little of You right now. MAIRE: I know I've had ...Rate it:

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Heaven's Gate
Michael Cimino
1 James! She let you go then? Yeah. Afraid of nobody. I wish you could see into my heart, James, and know that, this very night... I am goin...Rate it:

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Heaven's Prisoners
Harley Peyton
I want a drink. I want a drink all the time. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, my eyes pop open... and I think, I got to have a drink... be...Rate it:

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Horror Heaven
1 Good evening, my dear friends. Let us undertake a cinematic journey... through the world of fantasy. To this end, I have dug up a few major ...Rate it:

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Just Like Heaven
Peter Tolan
Elizabeth. - How long was I out? - About six minutes. Thanks. - OK. I'll be right there. - OK, I'll be outside. Hey, Fran. What are you still...Rate it:

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Kingdom Of Heaven
William Monahan
She's denied the cross for suicide... and buried at the center of a crossroads. Show me the logic. Father? What? The devil is a practical man...Rate it:

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Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Thomas Jahn
Turn it off! Turn it off! OK, that's it for today! This is a brothel, not a chorus line! You don't have to make the people think - You have t...Rate it:

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Made in Heaven
Bruce A. Evans
the Story you are about to see could be true. You may even know some of the people Made In Heaven We lead such dull lives End. - It was grea...Rate it:

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Miracles from Heaven
Randy Brown
1 When I was growin' up, people didn't really talk about miracles. I'm not sure I understood what they were or if I believed in them. A miracl...Rate it:

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Mother Kusters Goes to Heaven
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
1,500. Last week, it was 1,600. I'm getting slower. I'm not getting any younger. I must put some sausages in the stew. Father is sick of your ...Rate it:

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My Blue Heaven
Claude Binyon
MAN: Does your husband know anything about this? - Hm? What did you say? MAN: Your husband. Did he have any idea you were coming here today? ...Rate it:

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Neither Heaven Nor Earth
Clément Cogitore
1 NEITHER HEAVEN NOR EARTH Afghanistan 2014, Wakhan District Here boy. Lie down. Here. South Post for North Post. South Post, come in. Capt...Rate it:

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Ocean Heaven
Xiaolu Xue
Subs edited by Bill M. Especially to the parents of children with special needs, ... who have given themselves continuously to the care of thei...Rate it:

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Pennies from Heaven
Jo Swerling
Warden, where does that fellow with the guitar hang out? Down there, at the other end of the prison. - I'd like to see him for a while. - Well...Rate it:

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Pennies from Heaven
Dennis Potter
Joan. Joanie, sugar? Come on, Joan. Sugar? -Wake up, baby. -No, Arthur, don't. -Oh, baby. Come on, sugar. -No. It's too early, Arthur. -Oh,...Rate it:

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Postman to Heaven
Eriko Kitagawa
Mom... Are you doing good? There isn't any problems there, right? It has been 7 years since you've left. Until now, I still can believe that yo...Rate it:

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Mitch Albom
1 This is a story about a man named Eddie... and it begins at the end, with Eddie dying in the sun. You might think it strange... to start a ...Rate it:

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The Kingdom of Heaven
Brian Nissen
When the Son of Man shall come in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory. And before Him ...Rate it:

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The Lathe of Heaven
Diane English
Yes. <i>No!</i> Hey, George! Not a bad day? - Better than most. - Going around to your therapy? - Yeh, I'm gonna see an neirologist...Rate it:

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Three Steps Above Heaven
Federico Moccia
One day it happens. You're standing somewhere and you realize you don't want to be any of those around you. You don't want to be the dick head...Rate it:

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