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The Brothers Grimm
Ehren Kruger
(lion roar) (wolf howl) (girl) Mama, it's so cold. (woman) It's very, very cold, Will. Put another log on the fire, lad. - There isn't any mor...Rate it:

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Step Dogs
Willem Wennekers
1 You have T60 seconds to impact. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4... Come on! 3, 2, 1, 0. Cut. We've cut. Okay hey people that's a wrap for today. Oka...Rate it:

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Step Up
Duane Adler
You're so eager to get to work you're sprinting off to the supply closet? It's 15 minutes. Don't I get a grace period or something? You've neit...Rate it:

(4.17 / 6 votes)
David Benioff
Hand Salute! October 7, 2007 Four days till we deploy. Grace knows I would do anything to get back to her. Anything. Today, I wrote her a let...Rate it:

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Step Brothers
Will Ferrell
Hey, Brennan. Mom, I'm watching the thing with the lady. I'm leaving. Okay? I'll be home around 11. - Bye, Mom. - Bye, Brennan. Let's slowly...Rate it:

(3.40 / 10 votes)
Step Up Revolution
Amanda Brody
When you grow up in a city as big as Miami, it's easy to feel small. Past all those skyscrapers and palm trees is my neighborhood, just a few m...Rate it:

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A Fine Step
Keith Suggs
1 ( SOFT MUSIC PLAYING ) CLAIRE (V.O.): They say when someone close leaves you... you lose a part of yourself. I believe that. Whoever said i...Rate it:

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Blues Brothers 2000
Dan Aykroyd
- Good morning, Warden. - Tom. Is that Elwood Blues? Yes, sir. Released yesterday. Did you tell him about Jake? No, sir. I thought you told hi...Rate it:

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Slim Z
FADE IN: EXT. FRONT PORCH - NIGHT Captain Sam Cahill, a 14-year-old boy with severe autism, is loading the final boxes into his car as his Middle...Rate it:

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Kin Chung Chan
Bro, you're driving too slow. Speed up now. I dare not to damage Dad's car. Go to hell! It's too slow. Let me help you! Awesome! Move faster! ...Rate it:

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Brothers in Arms
Jean-Claude La Marre
Faster, faster. How the hell are you? Get off that saddle, right now. Thats my little brother. I promised Mom I would always protect him... ....Rate it:

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Brothers in Arms
Trevor Doukakis
1 [police dispatch] Calling all units near Gilbert Street. [police officer] Dispatch, this is car five, go ahead. [dispatch] We have a two-el...Rate it:

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Cheech and Chong's The Corsican Brothers
Tommy Chong
History abounds in stories of men... who rose to meet the challenge of destiny... brave men, touched by the fire and passion... of revolution...Rate it:

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Christian Brothers
Siby Thomas Udayakrishna
Music: DEEPAK DEV REVENUE OFFICER KERALA GOVERNMEN Thank God! See who is coming? Good Morning Sir Come here! Don't you guys know him? He is ...Rate it:

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Four Brothers
David Elliot
Okay, Darnell, so the candy just happened to jump into your pocket, huh? l don't think so. Samir's gonna call the police now. - But l-- - Sam...Rate it:

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Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
Hey, Kevin, time to get up, buddy. - Gotta roll. KEVIN: I know. - What time is it? - Can you get up? - Four-thirty, man. - Okay. - How long ...Rate it:

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Legion of Brothers
1 - When we first, you know, walked into the country, I mean, you had the weight of the nation on your shoulders. You know, we were america's...Rate it:

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Albert Hackett
Scene I In the town. Adam enters. ADAM (Glances around) Must be early... (begins humming, then singing) SONG 1: "BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL HI...Rate it:

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Step Lively
Allen Boretz
- Package, Miller. - That way. Gordon Miller, collect. Charge for Mr. Miller. Laundry, valet. Charge to Gordon Miller. Flowers, candy. Crill...Rate it:

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Step Sisters
Chuck Hayward
[WOMEN CHANTING RHYTHMICALLY] T-H-E-T-A T-H-E-T-A Theta [MEN CHANTING] Theta [WOMEN CHANTING] Ooh, stop [WOMAN SINGING] There ain't no woman ...Rate it:

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Step Up 2 The Streets
Toni Ann Johnson
I remember the first time I saw someone move like they were from another planet. I couldn't keep my eyes away. When I was little my mom took m...Rate it:

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Step Up 3d
Amy Andelson
you move already Hey this is luke this is my film let me ask you a couple of questions why do you dance? because its like breathing, its like...Rate it:

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Step Up All In
Duane Adler
Sean: There's a magic that happens when you dance. Everything lines up. The world is in sync. And for one perfect moment, you feel totally ali...Rate it:

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The Blues Brothers
Dan Aykroyd
The assistant warden wants this one out of the block early. Wants to get it over with fast. Okay. Let's do it. Hey, wake up. It's time. Wake u...Rate it:

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