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The Missing Lynx
Manuel Sicilia
Contro 5! Over Do you copy? Are you s eeping or what? Yeah! Is this for rea? Where? On the road to de dunes. I'm going to check it out now P...Rate it:

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16 and Missing
Michael Feifer
1 The forecast. Showers, heavy at times with occasional thunderstorms today and a high of 89 degrees. Partial cloudiness with a high of 74. Mo...Rate it:

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27 Missing Kisses
Nana Dzhordzhadze
That year there were two eclipses. One of the sun and one of the moon. Sibylla was 14. Alexander was 41. And I was 14, like Sybilla. I remem...Rate it:

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Braddock Missing in Action III
Arthur Silver
Yes, sir. I will do that. Urgent. Urgent. Where's Lin? Lin Braddock? She left. You know where she went? I don't know. Lin... is your man rea...Rate it:

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Bunny Lake Is Missing
John Mortimer
She may be a little late. Will you please wait for her? - Yes, sir. - Thank you. Good morning. Well, what complaint have you got to add to th...Rate it:

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Gekijouban K: Missing Kings
Seems like the request for approval hasn't been submitted yet. Blame Domyoji. I reminded him. - Let's go. - Right. Looks like it's not a false...Rate it:

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Young Ok Kim
Here give it to me! No, don't! Don't! Wow, Hyeon-jeong you're so pretty! Like a celebrity Hyeong-Jeong, let's take one together Ok, ok sure Wi...Rate it:

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Missing in Action
James Bruner
- Hang on, Junior! Take it easy! - Come on! Come on! Move it! Come on! Come on! Through here! Through here! Gotta cross this! Let's go! Let's...Rate it:

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Missing in America
Nancy L. Babine
Get out of my way, you damn lazy dog. Here. No good worthless old mutt. Get out of my way, you damn critters. Here. Here. Worthless buzzar...Rate it:

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Missing Woman
Eon-hie Lee
1 Presented by Megabox Plus M A Dice Film Production UHM Ji-won KONG Hyo-jin KIM Hee-won PARK Hye-joon Written by HONG Eun-m and E.oni Hel...Rate it:

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Missing: Sarajin Yeoja
Eun-mi Hong
Presented by Megabox Plus M A Dice Film Production UHM Ji-won KONG Hyo-jin KIM Hee-won PARK Hye-joon Written by HONG Eun-mi and LEE Eon-hee ...Rate it:

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One of Our Aircraft Is Missing
Emeric Pressburger
(Shouting in German) (Machine-gun fire) Fairpath. Calling Operations Room. M for Mother landed 04:26. No sign of any other aircraft about. Sti...Rate it:

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Stephen Davis
Looking back at it now... what can you say? It feels like it was a dream. Yeah, that's it, a dream. Maybe none of it never happened. Because w...Rate it:

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Ruby Bridges
Toni Ann Johnson
[ Bell Ringing ] [ Woman ] Hold Your Horses Now. [ Laughs ] Wait! [ Kids Chattering, Laughing ] Be Careful. Bye. Did You See Cathy's Glove?...Rate it:

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Ruby Gentry
Silvia Richards
If you should walk down to the waterfront in the coastal town of Braddock in the state of North Carolina, you'd probably hear a story told about on...Rate it:

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Ruby Sparks
Zoe Kazan
1 There you are. I've been looking for you. Have you seen my other shoe? What? Why are you looking at me like that? Go potty. Scotty. Come ...Rate it:

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The Missing
Jack Williams
1 EXT. LEICESTER SCHOOL. PLAYGROUND - DAY 3 1 It’s lunch break, and a mass of children are running around, playing football, laughing, and genera...Rate it:

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The Missing
Jack Williams
1 EXT. GRAND PLACE - DUSK 1 1 The central square in the small French town of Chalons Du Bois. It’s late November, and it’s already getting dark....Rate it:

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The Missing
Ken Kaufman
Ma! Seora Nunez came in. She's burning up with fever. Go cool her head. Recite the 23rd Psalm. I'll be there in a bit. New Mexico, 1885 "Thou...Rate it:

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The Missing Person
Noah Buschel
I could have lied there forever, but the phone rang. Hello? Hello? Good morning. Is this Mr. Rosow? Mr. Rosow? Yeah. Yeah, hi. I'm Drexler ...Rate it:

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The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years
Colleen McCullough
There is a legend about a bird... which sings just once in its life... more sweetly than any other creature... on the face of the earth. From ...Rate it:

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Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces
David Lynch
- Did you get the paperwork? - Yes. Jeez, Agent Desmond, it's 3:30. Where are we gonna sleep? We're not. You and I are gonna get something to...Rate it:

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