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Not Without My Daughter
David W. Rintels
Mom, you be careful. ALPENA, MICHIGAN 1984 I think this is longer than it used to be! What a lovely day. BASED ON A TRUE STORY - Dad is lookin...Rate it:

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Rebel in the Rye
Danny Strong
1 [projector clicking] [instrumental music] Dear Whit.. ...I regret to inform you that Holden Caulfield is dead. I know you thought he cou...Rate it:

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Rebel Without a Cause
Stewart Stern
CAST OF CHARACTERS JIM'S FAMILY JIM'S GRANDMA: A chic, domineering woman in her sixties who has made her son Frank ...Rate it:

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Radio Rebel
Danielle Joseph
TARA: This is "Radio Rebel," live from the underground. You don't know who I am... But I know who you are... Because I'm one of you. Repo...Rate it:

(4.67 / 3 votes)
The Heart Is a Rebel
Richard James
the heart is a rebel and cannot be trusted it always is seeking its own will to do it has no allegiance so desperate and wicked the heart is ...Rate it:

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A Day Without a Mexican
Sergio Arau
0 Wake up and my husband.. he left ! Affection! Robert, these there? Robert? I sought this, he was calling... It is usually when waking up ...Rate it:

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A Lady Without Passport
Howard Dimsdale
Ramon. I've been looking all over new york for you. Get in. You can't get away with that money, ramon. Palinov wants to see you in havana. ...Rate it:

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A World Without Women
Guillaume Brac
Well... uh... Want me to try? It must be one of them. Well... Let me try. You'll see, it's really beautiful. Bravo! I don't know why it didn...Rate it:

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A Year Without Love
Anahí Berneri
World-wide famous poet professor in his autumnal years looks for companion, partner, protector and friend young lover, delicate soul, exuberant...Rate it:

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America: Imagine the World Without Her
Dinesh D'Souza
"September 11, 1777. "My loving wife, "these past few months away from you and Nathaniel have been difficult, "and I miss both of you terribly....Rate it:

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Born without a heart - Miraculous Ladybug
Lila : (comes running, lookes pale) Alya : Lila! Are you okay? Lila : Yes, Marinette... Alya : Yea Yea another Lie Lie-La! Lila : No! I have a pro...Rate it:

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Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel
Alex Stapleton
In a filmmaking career that has spanned over 30 years, my next guest is the man responsible for such cinematic classics as "the house of Usher,...Rate it:

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Fiend Without a Face
Herbert J. Leder
We've gotta figure out where that power fade comes from. Okay, I'll see you later. Bye. You ever think of trying sleep instead of benzedrine? ...Rate it:

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Just Cause
Jeb Stuart
You want my money, best throw some elbow into that. $1.50. That's 2-bits shy a car wash. $1.50 each. No, man. You must have got me confused wi...Rate it:

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L.A. Without a Map
Mika Kaurismäki
1 This is Bradford in England. And 'here that my father took me by Scotland when I was fifteen. It was a time when everything seemed perfect....Rate it:

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Life Without Principle
Kin-Yee Au
Excuse me Sir. - You can't leave. - Where are you going7 Inspector is coming, He's got questions for you. - You can't leave - Go back, Go ba...Rate it:

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Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour
1 Medieval warrior bitch goddess. That's what I'm going for. Blood, sweat and tears. Blood, sweat, tears. The hardest process... My hands are...Rate it:

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Man Without a Star
Borden Chase
1 Who knows, who knows Who knows which way is the right way goes The night is dark and the way is far for a man without a star. Who knows, who...Rate it:

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Me Without You
Sandra Goldbacher
Take a step forward. And another one. And another. Now lift your right leg up. Higher. What's the matter, Holly? Don't you trust me? Now hop...Rate it:

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My Life Without Me
Isabel Coixet
This is you. Eyes closed, out in the rain. You never thought you'd be doing something like this. You never saw yourself as, I don't know how...Rate it:

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My Year Without Sex
Sarah Watt
What? It's Dad's birthday. Happy birthday, Dad! Argh! Oh, bugger! Happy birthday. I'm sorry I don't actually speak phone plan. Do you mind ...Rate it:

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New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 2: Boss's Head
Susumu Saji
TOEI COMPANY, LTD kanmon Channel The kanmon Channel is the gateway to Japan... that has been open to the continent since ancient times. It ha...Rate it:

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Rabbit Without Ears
Anika Decker
I used to only make that art house crap. And Berlin's pseudo-intellectual, pop culture idiots would watch that shit. Deep down inside, I was ve...Rate it:

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Lawrence Raghavendra
Why can't you go home early after visiting the temple? Do you need to be out this late? l took a vow, on top of it this rain got me delayed Yo...Rate it:

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