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The Polar Express
Robert Zemeckis
NARRATOR: On Christmas Eve, many years ago... ...I lay quietly in my bed. I did not rustle the sheets. I breathed slowly and silently. I was li...Rate it:

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Infinitely Polar Bear
Maya Forbes
EXT. COUNTRYSIDE. DAY A man strides up a grassy hill. He is in his late-30s, clean- shaven with shaggy hair. He wears a well-cut tweed riding ja...Rate it:

(4.00 / 2 votes)
The Perfect Storm
William D. Wittliff
Bobby. Bobby. No! All right, we lined up? Get that line. Put the stern line on quick. Bobby! Hey, baby! Missed you. Hey, big man, how you ...Rate it:

(2.00 / 1 vote)
After the Storm
Hirokazu Koreeda
1 Now for a report on the latest typhoon. Yes, please. The powerful typhoon, Number 23, is... Number 23? That's way too many typhoons for one ...Rate it:

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Darkwave: Edge of the Storm
Sue Morris
(Radio broadcast sounds) - This is the ministry weekly emergency broadcast number 1,042. All citizens are to observe and abide by ministry trans...Rate it:

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Fragile Storm
Dawn Fields
1 What have you done? Nothing, nothing, nothing... Please... No, no, no... Stop it! Stop! Get off me! Stop. What do you want from me? I w...Rate it:

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Fung wan II (Storm Warriors AKA Storm Riders 2)
Wing-Shing Ma
Lord Godless, the evil warlord and Master of Godless Palace, always coveted power and the massive land of China. Attempting to usurp the throne...Rate it:

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Ghost Storm
Paul Ziller
[THUNDER CRASHING] DAISY: Will? Rob? Stop playing games. Will? [GASPS] Will! [WILL YELLS THEN GIRLS SCREAM] [WILL & ROB LAUGHING] You ass....Rate it:

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Into the Storm
John Swetnam
[THUNDER CRASHING] [RAIN PATTERING] BOY 1: Hey, pass the bottle over. BOY 2: A little busy back here. Okay? GIRL 1: Yeah, we can see that, Dav...Rate it:

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Jernanger (Shooting the Sun AKA The Storm in My Heart)
Pål Jackman
Damned sun. -A shot and a beer! -Play one more and l'll give you a shot. -You're cruel, Eivind. -You get a beer. My throat is totally parched!...Rate it:

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Polar Storm
Jason Bourque
Hello. This is Lou Vanetti, reporting live from KBRX. I don't know if-- [buzz] [with echo] anyone out there can hear me or not. [buzz] [d...Rate it:

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Måns Mårlind
-What's the matter? -There's too many of them. -What happened? -I don't know. So, you got it? Where do we meet the others? We're the only one...Rate it:

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Storm Boy
Sonia Borg
(BIRD SQUAWKING) You can throw that in the rubbish. What is it? Radio. We don't want it, son. (WOOD CREAKING) (BIRDS SQUAWKING) Why don't w...Rate it:

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Storm in a Teacup
Bruno Frank
Baikie West Coast of Scotland Is this for the carrier? No, I am expecting a car. - Thank you. - You're welcome. I don't seem to be. What's it...Rate it:

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Storm Rider
Craig Clyde
- Hey, Dani! - Hey! Sweetheart, you took the competition by storm. Oh, thanks dad. Mm, so proud of you. When the rest of the competition is ...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
Storm Rider Clash of the Evils
Ma Wing-shing
Golden scales is not meant to be in a pond, because it will become a dragon when wind meets Cloud. The world's best world Fighting Association...Rate it:

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Storm Warning
Everett De Roche
B.J. Frocks ain't gonna like it. B.J. Frocks don't need to know. lm getting off. We've got to be in Riverport tonight, the both of us. I'll be...Rate it:

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Storm Warning
Daniel Fuchs
B.J. Frocks ain't gonna like it. B.J. Frocks don't need to know. Im getting off. We've got to be in Riverport tonight, the both of us. I'll be...Rate it:

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Summer Storm
Thomas Bahmann
SUMMER STORM She has nothing against it that's what she said exactly Let's slow down a bit How can you concentrate on your meter when you had...Rate it:

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The Dust Storm
Ryan Lacen
1 Smelling your pillow Been drinkin' some wine I'm thinking about you All of the time I'll admit that I miss you If you admit it was wrong T...Rate it:

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The Ice Storm
James Schamus
EXT. TRAIN - DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN Suburban Connecticut, outside of New York City, 1973. The still after a terrible storm. Trees dripping, their br...Rate it:

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The Mortal Storm
Claudine West
The Mortal Storm (1940) PAL 25fps 1:40:19 When man was new upon the earth, he was frightened by the dangers of the elements. He cried out, "T...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
The Storm
Marjolein Beumer
The weather forecast until tomorrow night. Heavy storms throughout the night, especially on the coast. In addition, gale force winds... ...vee...Rate it:

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The White Storm
Benny Chan
Good stuff. Yes Sir. Cuff him. Police check. Run away? Hey, cheers.. Bottoms up. Hey, did you know where we'd go next? Columbia. Cappucci...Rate it:

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