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Molly's Game
Aaron Sorkin
A survey was taken a few years ago that asked 300 professionals one question: "What's the worst thing that can happen in sports?" Some people...Rate it:

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Lovely Molly
Jamie Nash
Whatever happened, it wasn't me. Whatever it's done, I'm... I'm not in control anymore. It won't let me do it. I'm hungry. - Hi, you're Pastor...Rate it:

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Molly Maxwell
Sara St. Onge
1 Whoa! Unidentified flying object And spin up. Woo! B-girl, you got some sick moves. Yeah, she could probably do something nuts. Oh, yeah? Tr...Rate it:

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Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism
Tom Butterworth
1 This is Hardwick House Orphanage. I've lived here all my life. That's grumpy Edna, the cook. That's nice Mrs. Trinklebury. She looks after ...Rate it:

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The Exorcism of Molly Hartley
Matt Venne
Father Barrow? Father James asks if you're ready. He needs you now. Will you bejoining us? I fear not. Depart, accursed one. Depart with all ...Rate it:

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The Molly Maguires
Arthur H. Lewis
Lager. Interested in a run of the cards? Nothing against it. Penny poker, nickel on a pair. Nothing like music to help you forget your trouble...Rate it:

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Futurama: Bender's Game
Matt Groening
(BELCHING) Yes, 10! Well done, Cubonius. You decapitated the unicorn. -Swell. -All right. Oh, oh! We search his tail pouch for treasure. De...Rate it:

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Game Over, Man!
Anders Holm
1 Yeah, yeah Turn my vocals up A little more, please A$AP - Yeah - A$AP Yeah, a little bit more - Yeah, I'm on it, yeah! - Woof! Woof! - ...Rate it:

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The Perfect Game
W. William Winokur
Fans here at Sportsman's are glued to their seats as the Cardinals and Dodgers are even at two apiece. Sal Maglie takes the sign from Campanel...Rate it:

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Two Can Play That Game
Mark Brown
He didn't think you'd fall for that line. Girl, I don't believe him. Oh, he's a dog. Mm-hm. Tail-having, anything-that-moves- humping-ass dog....Rate it:

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He Got Game
Spike Lee
Shuttlesworth! Shuttlesworth! - What's up, bro? - Game's over. Warden wants to see you. The warden? What's this all about? Don't know nothin'...Rate it:

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The Most Dangerous Game
James Ashmore Creelman
The channel's here on the chart. So are the marking lights. Then what's wrong with them? Those lights don't seem to be in just the right place....Rate it:

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Ender's Game
Gavin Hood
It's war in space the way it's really fought silent, flameless. When a ship is hit, there's a brief flash of light and debri...Rate it:

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Game Night
Mark Perez
1 Who cares about winning? Let's get drunk! Now we're going into the lightning round. Let's do it. So from now on, you'll be shouting out yo...Rate it:

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Michele Mulroney
The year was 1891. Storm clouds were brewing over Europe France and Germany were at each others throats The result of a series of bombings. Som...Rate it:

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Game of Thrones
David Benioff
EXT. CLEARING - DAY Snow drifts across the bodies of the fallen dead. Eight corpses lie frozen on the ground-- men, women, and children, wearin...Rate it:

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13 Game Sayawng (13 Beloved)
Hey Chit... Hi Chang. How are you? How are you? Ok Ok Ok Chit! That's the wrong note! Higher. Breathe using your diaphragm. This is as far ...Rate it:

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A Game of Death
Richard Connell
Well, what is it Captain? I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Whitney, but, I'd like to pull about and take the other course. We've been all over that...Rate it:

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A Little Game
Evan Oppenheimer
Our story begins, as so many do, in a doctor's office. You're 100% sure, Doc? Well, in my line of work, nothing's 100%, but I'm sure. Oh, w...Rate it:

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After the Game
Brewster MacWilliams
Financial times, 100 index of 11 points just above the key 3,800 level. As for the rest of Europe, Frankfurt's DAX gaining 9 points to 25.32. I...Rate it:

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Atari: Game Over
1 Alamogordo New Mexico. A small town, about 30,000 people but it seems to attract more than its fair share of strange occurrences. It's rig...Rate it:

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Barbie Video Game Hero
Nina G. Bargiel
BARBIE: You guys ready? I finally finished the level I was working on. Can't wait to see what you think. - Can't wait. - Super-stoked. Game on...Rate it:

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Big Game
Jalmari Helander
1 Helsinki, one hour, Senator. Is POTUS up and about yet? POTUS status unknown, sir. Actually, I heard him moving around just now. I think he...Rate it:

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Dangerous Game
Nicholas St. John
Will you eat on the plane? No. I hate plane food. Well, I hope this tastes better. Have some faith in yourself. This is going to taste fantasti...Rate it:

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Dating Game Killer
Darrell Fetty
1 [ Typewriter clacking ] [ The zombies' "time of the season" playing ] It's the time of the season when love runs high and this time, give ...Rate it:

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David Beckham: For the Love of the Game
1 Football has given me everything. Now that my professional career is over, it's never been more important to me to give something back... s...Rate it:

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End Game
J.C. Pollock
Great day to watch a game. But first things first. More important things to do. Thomas to Stevens. ETA 1700. Thank you. The Cherokees and the...Rate it:

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End Game
McCartney James
Why don't you take me to a nice hotel for once, Alex? (Alex) It's cheap. And when they find your body, they'll wonder what's a beautiful girl ...Rate it:

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Ender's Game
Gavin Hood
Fifty years ago, an alien force known as the Formics attacked Earth. Tens of millions died. It was only through the sacrifice of our greatest ...Rate it:

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Fair Game
Jez Butterworth
Jessica McDowell, Gnosos Chemicals. When do you leave Kuala Lumpur, Miss McDowell? I fly to Taiwan Tuesday, then back to Dsseldorf. Mr. Tabir ...Rate it:

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Fair Game
Charlie Fletcher
Warner Bros. [tires screech] [gunshots] Recording: You have reached gold coast savings and loan. If you're calling about a checking account, ...Rate it:

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Finishing The Game: The Search For A New Bruce Lee
Josh Diamond
Mr. Kurtainbaum, why did you decide to continue production on "The Game of Death"? I feel I personally owe it to Bruce to finish this picture. ...Rate it:

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For Love of the Game
Dana Stevens
[ Crowd Cheering ] [ No Audio ] [ Woman On P.A.] The captain has turned on the "fasten seat belt" sign... and we will be departing shortly. [...Rate it:

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Game 6
Don DeLillo
INT. LOFT APARTMENT - MANHATTAN - MORNING STEVEN SCHWIMMER, a drama critic, asleep on his bed. He wears a sleep mask. The bed is a mattress on a ...Rate it:

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Game Change
Danny Strong
For you, picking Sarah Palin was about winning an election, not necessarily about who's gonna be best as vice president. My job is to give pol...Rate it:

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Game of Aces
Damien Lay
[SIGHS] [EXHALES] [SCREAMS] [MOTORCYCLE STARTS] [BIPLANE ENGINE REVS] (CAPTAIN JACKSON) There are three kinds of people in the world. Those ...Rate it:

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Game of Assassins
Adam Lawson
1 Freeze! Freeze! You're under arrest. David, we gotta go! What are you doing? - Get out! - You said it was over. You promised me. Freeze! ...Rate it:

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Game of Death
Robert Clouse
Hai... wah! Cut. Ok, that's a print. That was great, Billy. Ok, everybody, get... Eddie, get up there and see what the hell's happening. Bi...Rate it:

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Gerald's Game
Mike Flanagan
1 ["Bring It On Home to Me" playing] If you ever change your mind About leaving, leaving me behind Baby, bring it to me Bring your sweet lovin...Rate it:

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Ghost Game
Benjamin Oren
Watch up, or you'll be inhabited by Jium Oh really? I would like to try as well. Oh no! A filthy mouth cannot utter decent language! Will it re...Rate it:

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Ghostbusters The Video Game
Dan Aykroyd
1. Cinematic One ================ Ray Stantz "Are you troubled by strange noises in the night?" Egon Spengler "Do you experience f...Rate it:

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Girl vs. Monster Live Game Challenge
( Wind Blowing ) ( Owl Hoots ) ( Wolf Howls ) ( Wolf Howls ) ( Woman Screams ) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! ( Sighs ) Still Not Straight, Is It? Nope....Rate it:

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Hacker's Game
Cyril Morin
My name Soyan Schwartz ... and I am an Internet activist. Three I've infiltrated the technological systems a few government agencies and corp...Rate it:

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Immigration Game
Mark Wachholz
1 Help! Help! Hey! Please help! Please, please! Help Okay- Please help me. Please! Hey! Please! My family. Please! Please, please! Hi my...Rate it:

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Indie Game: The Movie
Where's the remote? Is the remote over there? 7 months from now Super Meat Boy Xbox Release Day What the Hell? Are you fucking kidding me? A...Rate it:

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Mind Game
Masaaki Yuasa
That's her! Myon? Myon! Very impressive! "Send message" Hello? "Delivery failure" "One Way/Osaka-Tokyo" You live around here?! Right under...Rate it:

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More Than Just a Game
Tom Eaton
Left! Left! Left! Left! Left! Left! Left! In South Africa in the '60s, apartheid was Iaw. The poIice... The poIice were extremeIy powerfuI, Iik...Rate it:

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Mystery Woman: Game Time
Michael Sloan

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Ouija Seance: The Final Game

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Play the Game
Marc Fienberg
Step one: reconnaissance. First you need to identify your target. How about her? No, she's not planning on taking anything home with her ton...Rate it:

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Real Playing Game
Tino Navarro
... to overcome the last frontier, a return to youth is at your reach, in a body of your choice, beautiful and healthy... Can you turn it off, ...Rate it:

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Ripley's Game
Charles McKeown
Lovely! Beautiful. You're stoned and you're late. Quality is "numero uno". Is that everything? Is it everything? Everything is... You tell me...Rate it:

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Spirit of the Game
Darran Scott
Hello, Delyle Condie speaking. Basketball star. It's a long time since I've been called that. Yeah. Ken Watson? Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that...Rate it:

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Spy Game
Michael Frost Beckner
[Siren Blaring ] [ Siren Whooping ] [ Brakes Screeching ] [ Men Jeering, Metal Cups Clattering ] [ Speaking Chinese ] [ Groaning ] [ Shoutin...Rate it:

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Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
Once upon a time. There was a young Thumb Thumb named Juni. Juni was shy and had no self-confidence. Until one day evil Thumb Thumbs kidnapped...Rate it:

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Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Harry Tugend
Take Me Out to the Ball Game WOLVES - WORLD'S CHAMPIONS Hold it, boys. Steady. - That's it. All right for you, Pete? - Sure. Change clothes an...Rate it:

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Tenement: Game of Survival
Too fuckin' easy. Hurry up! They're in there. They have guns and they have drugs. Hurry! Hurry up, they're in there now. Cofio. That shot was the ...Rate it:

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The Badger Game
Joshua Wagner
1 Fuck. He broke up with me. Out of the blue. No reason, just nice knowing you, have a nice fucking life. I spent a week trying to get a hol...Rate it:

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The Crying Game
Neil Jordan
FADE IN: EXT. CARNIVAL - DAY A loudspeaker playing Percy Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman," as we see a carnival in the distance - wi...Rate it:

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The Game
John Brancato
EXT. MANSION -- DAY -- HOME MOVIES A stately mansion. A perfect lawn. A BUTLER carries a birthday cake with sparking sparklers... Past wealthy...Rate it:

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The Game Changer
1 Yesterday, the Japanese Consulate in Shanghai was attacked. Since the shooting in the Japanese cotton mill on June 5th, the deaths of the wo...Rate it:

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The Game Plan
Nichole Millard
All right, all right. All right, all right. Never say no. Well, this is Kingman's defining moment, Marv. If they win, they guarantee themselv...Rate it:

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The Greatest Game Ever Played
Mark Frost
[waves crash] [whacking in distance] [low indistinct chatter] Who are you? What are you doing? There's a golf links going in here. What's go...Rate it:

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The Imitation Game
Graham Moore
Are you paying attention? Good. If you're not listening carefully you will miss things. Important things. I will not pause, I will not repeat...Rate it:

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The Precipice Game
Zhou He
Chuan! Let us off! Get us off here! Hemostat. Mother: I'm downstairs. Mother: Are you done? How much longer? PET LOVERS VETERINARY HOSPITAL...Rate it:

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The Propaganda Game
Álvaro Longoria
1 Now we want to take everyone to North Korea. We have an unprecedented investigation by the United Nations taking us inside a kind of hell. ...Rate it:

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The Skin Game
John Galsworthy
Hello. I say, I see they're cutting down the trees in Longmeadow. Are they? I say, Jill, I hardly ever see you now. 'tis rotten. Why are they ...Rate it:

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When the Game Stands Tall
Scott Marshall Smith
This program was founded on certain ideals. They have been drowned by the noise and distraction of fame. We got lost, caught up in the hype... ...Rate it:

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