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Conspiracy Encounters
Daniel Pace
Okay, smile. Come on. Let's just go. I'm sick of taking a pictures. One more time. Do you want a picture. Wait. Batteries are dead. No, I j...Rate it:

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I Spit on Your Grave
Adam Rockoff
FADE IN: 1 OMITTED 1 EXT. CITY STREET - DAY JENNIFER HILLS races down from a stoop, a suitcase ro...Rate it:

(3.67 / 3 votes)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Steven Spielberg
Are we the first? Are we the first to arrive here? Is the interpreter with you? I'm not a professional interpreter. My occupation is cartograph...Rate it:

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Cradle 2 the Grave
John O'Brien
Last delivery's here. [WHISTLES] [TRAIN HONKS] FAIT: Watch yourself! FAIT: X marks the spot. [PHONE RINGS] CHRISTOPHE: Christophe. FAIT: ...Rate it:

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Encounters at the End of the World
Werner Herzog
WERNER HERZOG These images taken under the ice of the Ross Sea in Antarctica were the reason I wanted to go to this continent The pictures were...Rate it:

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John Castro
1 GRAVE Hi. Can I have some mashed potatoes, please? No protein? No thanks. No meat. What? What's wrong? Spit it out. Shit. -Did you bite...Rate it:

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Grave Encounters
The Vicious Brothers
My name is Jerrod Hartfelder. I turn a video production company. Here in California. We focus primarily in- on reality shows. If you ever seen...Rate it:

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Grave Encounters 2
The Vicious Brothers
Hey guys, we're on the October 30th DVD update, and the next film I want to talk about is Grave Encounters. Grave Encounters. Grave Encounters...Rate it:

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Grave of the Fireflies
Akiyuki Nosaka
September 21, 1945. That was the night I died. Damn tramps. Watch it! Disgusting! Is he dead? The Americans'll be arriving any day now. It'...Rate it:

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I Spit on Your Grave
Meir Zarchi
( wind blowing ) ( horns honking ) - Thank you. - Take care. Have a nice trip. ( horns honking ) Hi. High-test, please. - Fill it? - Yeah....Rate it:

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I Spit on Your Grave 2
Neil Elman
( HORNS HONKING ) WOMAN: For two? Right this way. - Is this okay? - This is great. Thank you. Your menus. ( SIGHS ) Thank you so much. You ...Rate it:

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I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine
Daniel Gilboy
1 What's a pretty little thing like you doing out here all alone? No, no, no. Come here. Angie. I'm sorry, what? Group therapy. Have you th...Rate it:

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Open Grave
Eddie Borey
Wait! Come back! Please! Please help me! Help me! - We should help him. - Not until we know what's going on. Maybe he has access. There's a ...Rate it:

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Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave
William Butler
- Garrison? - Yes. You got it? It's in the back of the truck. One of the last of the missing Trioxin-5 canisters. You have my money? Whoa, ...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
Shallow Grave
John Hodge
INT. DAY A blurred image forms on a white screen. A horizontal strip of face, eyes motionless and unblinking. DAVID (voice-over) Take trust, f...Rate it:

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