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All Quiet on the Western Front
Paul Monash
'He's known as Kat but his full name is Stanislav Katczinsky. 'but most of all for food when there's none to be had. 'My name is Paul Baumer. ...Rate it:

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Class Rank
Benjamin August
If we renew our contract, we will get a 14% discount. As the board's foreign language committee rep, I recommend that we renew the Oui! Contra...Rate it:

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X-men: First Class
Ashley Miller
Mama! Mother. What are you... I thought you were a burglar. I didn't mean to scare you, darling. I was just getting a snack. Go back to bed. ...Rate it:

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The Front Page
Billy Wilder
Hey, Jacobi! Fatso. Hold it down, will you? People are trying to work up here. Screw you! No respect for the press. You in or out? I'm in. ...Rate it:

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All Quiet On The Western Front
Erich Maria Remarque
"ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT" This story is neither an... accusation nor a confession... and least of all an adventure... for death is not a...Rate it:

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MCA Middle Class Abbayi
Ramana Dumpala
1 Keep checking dehydration regularly Ok madam I will come back and check again Doctor, did you find anything? How many times shall I say? No...Rate it:

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A Touch of Class
Melvin Frank
Thataway, yes, sir! That's one. Let's go, boy. Let's go, baby. Come on. Check to him. - Safe. - Flex it. Come on. Pitch it in. Run! Fair bal...Rate it:

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All Quiet on the Western Front
Edward Berger, Lesley Paterson, Ian Stokell
1  EXT. WOODS, FRANCE 1917 - DAWN 1 
Softly LAPPING WATER. A creek running over roots, grass swaying in the stream. Ferns softly RUSTLE in the wind...Rate it:

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Jim Kouf
Well, we're here. Yeah, we are. Oh, you just look so grown-up in that new jacket. You do. - OK, Bones, take care. - Now... here is your bus t...Rate it:

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Class Act
John Semper
TROUBLE IN CLASS Jo! I mean, hey! Look, this is not me! I am Duncan Pinderhjuz. Watch out, I was a genius. I mean, I am a genius. -They housed...Rate it:

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Class Action
Carolyn Shelby
The principle, Your Honor, is informed waiver, a concept deeply embedded in the black-letter law of this state. This is a simple case of a cont...Rate it:

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Class of 1984
Mark L. Lester
When does a dream Become a nightmare When do we do what must be done When do we stand And face the future When there is nowhere left to run Y...Rate it:

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Class of 1999
C. Courtney Joyner
In 1992, there were 543,767 vioIent incidents in American high schooIs. In some cities, the areas around these schooIs were beginning to faII...Rate it:

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Class of 1999 II: The Substitute
Mark Sevi
1 BEND - OREGON Monday 09:50. Excuse me, I am the new deputy. Where can I find Mr. Praise, director? Thank you. Help. Help me. Help. CLASS ...Rate it:

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Class of Nuke 'Em High
Richard W. Haines
'Attention! Attention! We have a situation on sub-level 3. 'A situation on sub-level 3. 'All personnel, please report to emergency stations. '...Rate it:

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Front Cover
Ray Yeung
1 [brooding horn music] [bells tolling] [horn music continues] [cheery string music] [techno music rises] [upbeat techno music] [energetic t...Rate it:

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Front of the Class
Thomas Rickman
1 My name is Bradley Cohen. But when l was a kid, people called me by lots of names. My brother, Jeff, called me Dr. Bobo. My mom called me hon...Rate it:

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Front Page Woman
Laird Doyle
Curt Devlin, Express. Okay. Hi, Curt. I thought I left you in that bird cage at the office. What's a reporter without his cameraman? He's hap...Rate it:

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The Class
Laurent Cantet
- Hi! - Ok, Francois? And you? Stephane... Francois... - Still on the team? - As ready as ever. Hello. - This one? - At the back, please. ...Rate it:

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The Class
Ilmar Raag
Kikina presents What is honour? I guess we speak about something else. We say 'that sucks' or 'this blows'. We don't say 'honor'. Fuck! What...Rate it:

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the class a misflight
Hi My name I Marley Florence Morris I was born On the 28th of July 2009 here is Adelaide south Australia at the Calvary hospital. I am now 13 years...Rate it:

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The Class of 92
1 (CROWD CHEERING) COMMENTATOR 1: Welcome to Barcelona. Almost 100,000 people here in the Nou Camp this evening. It really is an extraordinary...Rate it:

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The Destiny of India is being shaped in the class room
The children are like clay as the teachers shape them with moral values, lessons and education they are shaped in that way. If our children are giv...Rate it:

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The Front
Walter Bernstein
1 Fairy tales can come true It can happen to you If you're young at head For it's hard you will find To be narrow of mind If you're young at ...Rate it:

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