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Gary Ross
FADE IN: EXT. WASHINGTON D.C. - AERIAL SHOT - DAY It sits like a jewel off in the distance -- all glittering and white. The deep blue of the Pot...Rate it:

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Killing Them Softly
Andrew Dominik
America... I say to the people of America... This moment is our chance to... Enough- To make of our own lives what we will. It is... That pus...Rate it:

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VeggieTales: God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!
Phil Vischer
-VeggieTales: God Wants Me To Forgive Them?!? Bob: Hey kids, welcome to VeggieTales. I'm Bob the Tomato. Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber. Bob:...Rate it:

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
J.K. Rowling
Dougal... you settle down now, please. It wont be long. Next. British, huh? -Yes. -First trip to New York? -Yes. Anything edible in there? -N...Rate it:

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Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth
Dave Chappelle
Why'd you pick San Francisco | to shoot your special? This is one of the best towns | that ever knew comedy. And this is the most historic venue ...Rate it:

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Love Comes Softly
Cindy Kelley
[Yelling] Ho! Ho! Ho! [Woman Narrating] It's been almost ayear since I left my home in the East... and traveled west with the man I loved. I ...Rate it:

(3.50 / 6 votes)
Deep in the Heart of Texas: Dave Chappelle Live at Austin City
Dave Chappelle
He's in the trance. He isn't thinking of jokes, though. He's composing the voiceover I'm saying to you right now. Getting me to agree to this ...Rate it:

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Ain't Them Bodies Saints
David Lowery
Ruth. Hey, Ruth. Where are you going? Home. Home's the other way. Not mine. Are you going back to your mom's? It's a 15-mile walk. I know ...Rate it:

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Daddy and Them
Billy Bob Thornton
Come on! Come here! No! I'm gonna do it! I swear I will! Let me go! Stop it! Stop it! - Stop it! - I'm telling you! - Give me that! - Ow!...Rate it:

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Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly
Dave Chappelle
Wooo! Ya'll gone make me lose my mind. Up in here! Up in here! Y'all gone make me throw her out. Up in here! Up in here! Y'all gone make me ac...Rate it:

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Dave Made a Maze
Steven Sears
1 Remember, they won't hear me, so if you could answer the questions in complete sentences. "I built the maze because?" I built the maze becau...Rate it:

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For Them That Trespass
J. Lee Thompson
1 FOR THEM THAT TRESPASS Oh,look.They printed it. What,dear? My poem.In the Morning Post It looks like much better than in Christie's writing....Rate it:

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Killing Me Softly
Kara Lindstrom
You know what happens at that height? The brain dies from lack of oxygen... cell by cell. It just shuts down... and the body goes with it. I...Rate it:

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King Dave
Alexandre Goyette
1 Fuck it, man! Yo. I get to this party. Don't know anybody!? Now that's unusual. Seriously! I got invited by one of my boy's boyz. But neith...Rate it:

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Lucky Them
Huck Botko
I knew Matthew Smith for 15 years before the night of his final show. Everyone remembers his talent and face. But the Matthew I knew was stran...Rate it:

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Me, Them and Lara
Francesca Marciano
ME, THEM AND LARA Ladies and gentlemen, in a few minutes we'll land in Rome's Da Vinci Airport. Sir, your seatbelt and tray. - Giulio! - Carl...Rate it:

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Meet Dave
Rob Greenberg
Dude, dude, no, l was, like, "Yes, we do have nuclear missiles." And he was all, like, "No, you don't." And l was all, like, "Yes, we do. Whate...Rate it:

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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Andrew Jay Cohen
Oh, no, oh, no Ahhh, oh, no, ahhh, oh, no Ahhh, oh, no No, she don't mess around No, she don't mess around 100% blue agave. Taste it. Look, ...Rate it:

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She Made Them Do It
Gary Tieche
Another one. Which one? The redhead in the hoodie. She totally just checked you out. - Yeah? - Yeah! She probably thinks I'm on the football...Rate it:

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The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them
Ned Benson
1 Would you still love me if I couldn't pay for dinner? Possibly. Yeah. What do we do? I'm thinking. We could have a big row. And... and th...Rate it:

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Ted Sherdeman
301A to car 5W, code one. 5W to 301A, go ahead, Johnny. We're chasing the wind, Ben. Maybe the guy who sent in that report drank his breakfast....Rate it:

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Turn the Key Softly
Maurice Cowan
Follow me. Three. Three. Discharge. Over there. Jarvis. Yes, miss. Quilliam. Yes, miss. Marsden. Yes. Three pawn tickets for 1.67... I r...Rate it:

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Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here
Peter Gawler
1 This is a sad and tragic day for all Victorians. It's a job where you send them out to it. But there's alw ays an element of danger. However...Rate it:

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VeggieTales: Dave and the Giant Pickle
Phil Vischer
Bob: Okay, Larry, it's time for the theme song. Larry: Uh, yeah, Bob. What do I do? Bob: Hmm... Let's see. I know. You play the guitar. Larry: B...Rate it:

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