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The Cell (2000)
Synopsis: "The Cell" takes a shocking, riveting mind trip into the dark and dangerous corridors of a serial killer's psyche -- a psyche that holds the key to saving the killer's final, trapped victim who remains alive. Making this journey into the recesses of a killer's nightmarish fantasy world is Catherine Deane, a psychologist who has been experimenting with a radical new therapy. Through a new transcendental science, Catherine can experience what is happening in another person's unconscious mind.



Grains of sand dance in the wind. As we glide over a VAST

DESERT, the speck of dust becomes a HORSE AND RIDER.

CATHERINE YOUNG straddles the beautiful black animal, her

mesmerizing eyes scanning the horizon. A curious breeze

blows across her exquisite face and she drinks it in, as if

the wind itself were telling something to her...

Catherine sees a FLICKERING LIGHT in the sand. She pulls the

reins and the horse stops moments before the dune drops into

nothingness. She dismounts, affectionately scratches the

horse's neck, and follows the LIGHT. When she looks over her

shoulder, the Arabian is now a child's WOODEN HOBBY HORSE.

Not surprised, Catherine smiles and walks down a dune, sand

sliding beneath her feet...

She finds herself in a valley of dead trees whose decayed,

gnarled limbs appear to form hands. The light dances across

her face. She shades her eyes and pinpoints the source...

A SMALL MIRROR reflecting rays of bright sun, housed within a

locket and chain. It's held by EDWARD, a haunted-looking boy

of seven with a precocious grin and piercing eyes. He sits

on a fallen tree trunk, patiently waiting for her arrival.


Thanks for the horse.

He's a shy child, yet comfortable with Catherine.


You liked him?


He's beautiful...

Edward smiles, delighted he made her happy.


But I thought we were going sailing.

The boy frowns.


You promised.

A devilish glint in his eye, Edward redirects the mirror.

Catherine follows the flicker to a TOY BOAT in the sand.


We can't fit into that!

Edward shines light in her eyes, momentarily blinding her,

then snaps the locket shut. When her vision clears,

Catherine sees a GIANT SHIP perched among the dunes. A craft

weighing hundreds of tons just sitting there in the desert.


That'll do.

She walks toward it, but Edward doesn't follow.


(coaxing him)

Come on, Mister E.

She extends her hand, but he adamantly shakes his head no.


What now?


(nods at the ship)

's broken.

Undaunted, she... finds herself standing on the DECK.


(calling to him)

Who says?




Oh no... No you don't.


"Mocky-Lock is the bogeyman. Mocky-Lock

wants me where I am."


I bet we can fix it.

She opens a rusted iron DOOR. It makes an HORRIFIC

SCREECHING SOUND. Similar to metal-on-metal, but more

piercing, more pained. As if made by a living thing.


(familiar with the noise, a

warning to him)


The boy's FACE CONTORTS, turning into something half-human,

half-animal. A monster. Mocky-Lock. He SCREECHES, trying

to frighten Catherine, but she cocks her head...


We agreed. No more Mocky-Lock.

The creature sticks its tongue out and DIVES.



But it's too late! Edward/Mocky Lock slithers into the sand

and disappears. Resigning herself to a failure, she opens

the palm of her left hand, revealing a SMALL BUMP in the

flesh between thumb and forefinger. She presses hard and...



We are looking at a large SCREEN showing an electronically

generated three-dimensional view of a human brain featuring

color-coded neurological activity. In a specific section of

the image, cells flash from yellow to red...

PULL BACK TO REVEAL HENRY WEST surrounded by computers,

monitors, electronics, and keyboards. DR. MIRIAM KENT stands

before a peculiar diagnostic machine scrutinizing data and

images. Both wear garb favored by surgeons or microchip

assemblers. The impressive, weird computer system HUMS as it

shifts programs, the unusual brain image changing colors.

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Mark Protosevich

Mark David Protosevich is an American screenwriter. He wrote the screenplays for the films Poseidon and I Am Legend. Protosevich was born in Chicago, Illinois and is an alumnus of Columbia College Chicago. more…

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