The Butterfly

Synopsis: This is the story of a young girl named Elsa who was raised by a single mother (Isabelle) in the city. Isabelle and Elsa begin the film moving in next door to an elderly man who collects butterflies (Julien). Isabelle who "spends a lot of time with her friends" does not pay much attention to her daughter who walks home because her mother forgot to pick her up from school. After meeting her new neighbor, Elsa finds out about the butterflies and in short annoys Julien for a while. Julien receives a mystery package from a fellow entomologist. Julien sets out on his annual attempt to find a rare species of butterfly that he had once promised his son he would find (son dead) in the French country side, specifically a region known as Vercors. Elsa stows away in his car. After being discovered she convinces him to let her come to Vercors with him. They bond while hiking and camping until Julien, who is initially annoyed by Elsa, near the end of the film seems to have a grandfather-granddaught
Director(s): Philippe Muyl
Production: First Run Features
  1 win.
Rotten Tomatoes:
85 min

One more floor to go. - Can you please sign here? there? Come. I'm exhausted. - Thank you. Have a nice day. Come on, Elsa. The secrets of the Isabels. Do you know this booth's number? So mommy can call me after school. - Do you have something to write on? I'll remember. I just wanted to ask you something. My aunt can't find anybody to fix this. My hands tremble and my eyes are bad. Look at it anyway, you never know. It's is a good watch. That's a model 6264. But there are no parts available for this anymore. Sorry. - No problem. Can you believe it? She's sitting here for an hour already. Why doesn't she go home? - She doesn't have a key. What would you like to have? Water, juice? - Lemonade. I don't have any. Choose. Water or juice? What are those? - Buck eyes from Madagascar. The female and the male, the smallest one is the male. Here you go. Where are you? Where did you go? Here you go. The yellow one is a lemon yellow, which lives in the countryside. You've probably seen them before. - Never. Look closer. - I've never been there. But you do know how a butterfly is born, right? Now it gets difficult. Look, that is the caterpillar of a moon moth. See? It's is going to weave a cocoon and then gets into the chry... Chrysant? - Chrysalid. What do they teach you? And around that is the cocoon. Look here. This is a cocoon, and in a dozen days this will become a butterfly. That ugly thing is going to be a butterfly? Which brand? - How do you mean? What brand butterfly it will be? - You mean... I don't know. My contact usually writes its name on it, but he must've forgotten or maybe he wasn't sure. Where did you live? Tolbiac. - Didn't you like it there? I was fed up with the home and so was my mom. Does your mother work? What kind of work does she do? She's a nurse. You may not go in there. That's forbidden. Tomorrow I will go the movies with my mom. She will pick me up after school, we're going to the movies and to McDonald's. Both. - I understood that. Without her friends. - That's very well. Stay here, I'll be right back. Marguerite, I have to go but I'm looking after the kid from next door. How do you mean? - I'm stuck with her. Which of the two will it be? - I have my hands full with her. Get out of there. Quick. Out. From Venezuela - From Peru, the summer of '84. It's fantastic. You can have it. Trade a Calligo Dominus against a Graellsia Isabellae? The Isabel is pretty, claimed to be the most beautiful European moon moth, but compared to this beauty. May I ask you why? A promise I made a long time ago. What would you like to know? - Where and when it was found. And its gender. It doesn't matter. Why are you leaving in such a hurry? You have tons of butterflies. Why is this one so important? This one is special. - Why? Could I know why? It takes too long to explain. - That doesn't explain all this. The Isabel flies only ten days each year. If I depart tomorrow, I can still make it in time. Simple, isn't it? You know, sometimes you act like a child. Are there any tins cat food? - In the fridge. How many? - Ten. That will never be enough. - I'll only be away for a week. Are you sure this number is correct? She's not there. You know her cell phone number, right? - She doesn't have one. Where is she? I'm sure you know? With your father? I don't have a father. - With your mother, a friend? A friend. She told me she'd go to a friend. Parents aren't real parents anymore. It's sad. Luckily there are grandparents. - Granddad, I'm hungry. Give her something to eat. Tomorrow morning I'll solve the problem. Do I go to jail now? - Children don't go to jail. They'll take you home. If they notice that mommy isn't there they'll send me to the orphanatorium. The what? - For children without parents. The orphanage not the orphanatorium. I've lived in homes for too long already. In Tolbiac I cried every evening, even though mommy didn't know. That's another of your stories, I'm not falling for them. Take me with you. - Absolutely not Would you like to be put in a home? - That doesn't matter. Don't try to confuse me. Please. - No, no and no. I've always wanted to see a mountain and real birds that fly. and cows that give real milk. And butterflies. Too bad. It isn't allowed anyway. It's illegal. - If I ask, can I go anyway? But that doesn't change a thing. I'm not your father and not your grandfather either. Let's go. This is the only solution. Let's go. Is it clear? The slightest complaint or mistake... and you'll go home, by car, by plane or by mail if I have to. - OK. It won't be a field trip. - Great. We have to climb 1800 meters. It will take at least three days. By foot, not by car. I have to search the right spots. - Where is that then? A sloping field, no wind, near pine trees. That's where the females lure the males with their feromones. Why do they have francophones? - I'll explain later. Finding an Isabel is like finding a needle in a haystack. What is a haystack? That's a haystack. Look. Do butterflies live in haystacks then? - It's an expression. Because it's just hard to find. Could you find a needle in there? Do you have children? - That's none of your business. Don't you have a wife then? I've had seven, I've all burnt them in a coal stove. What is that? - A thing that leaves no traces. Who are you calling now? My landlady. If you call me grandpa one more time, I'll go alone. Then I'll leave you here and tell them to make you sleep in the dog pound. Hello, I'm looking for my daughter. - Your daughter? Then what happened? - I've talked to Mr. Julien. I had to baby-sit her until her mother returned. What time did you get home? - Quarter past eight. In the evening? - No, I slept over at friends. But that was yesterday? - I was working this night. Does your daughter occasionally goes to her father? Your decision or hers? - He left me when I was pregnant. What clothes did she wear? A jeans and a T-shirt with letters. - NBA. And shoes? - Track shoes. You weren't there, were you? - Track shoes is all she ever wears. Would you like to walk a bit? Do they fit well? Would you like something else? A coat, a hat? - No, thank you. We'll pay and leave. Take your backpack. Do you have everything? Then I'll close the trunk. I've had a nightmare. Do you want to hear it? - No, thank you. What is the difference with a dream? - Do you have a lot of those questions? What's the difference? - A nightmare is a bad dream. It's just like with kids. First it's a dream, then they grow up and it becomes a nightmare. No reception Too bad. Can we go now? You walk too fast. - Didn't I warn you? Don't complain then. - I don't, but you walk too fast. I don't like tomatoes. - Then take them out. I don't like potatoes either. - Then take them out too. That only leaves lettuce. - Don't you like lettuce? Just eat up Is that celery and remoulade sauce? I like that. Want to trade? - No thanks. Alright then. Take it. Let me have that. Ouch. - Ouch what? You're hurting me. - You're hurting me. Good God. Put your hands through. And your arms. Alright, sit down. - It's clear you never had any children. Oh really? How can you tell? Tell me. - You're doing it all wrong Don't put the car before the horse - The cart It goes: Don't put the cart before the horse. A car, a cart. All the same to a horse. Change PIN number? Yes. Damn. - Did you enter your PIN number? Of course. - Maybe you made a mistake. Sometimes there are memory problem. - Oh stop it. What is your code? - 4642. That's not correct. - Why not? I know my own PIN number OK. B3294 is the door, and 4642 my PIN number. I'll check if the chip is in place. Oh no. It feel. - Just what we needed. Now I lost my code and my chip. We have to find it. What was it again? A needle in a what? - In a haystack. Right, I must remember that. A needle in a haystack. Exactly. You won't let me search all alone will you? Is he married? - He's a Widower. Children? - A son. They are nice, butterflies, aren't they? Have you seen these two big ones? Collectors are often psychopaths. - Hello fellow stamp collectors. One guy was a sugar bag collector. He'd strangled seven women. He cooked ducks in their blood. Have you tracked his cell phone? No, there's no signal anymore. Maybe something's wrong with the chip. Will there be a road here? - It's for a golf course. What? You know this area well? - To the millimetre. I don't know which way to go, and was wondering... Elsa, 8 years ran away from home or kidnapped? Have a nice trip. Are you coming, Elsa? Elsa, what are you doing? My phone, your Gameboy. We don't have any luck with machines. Why the long face? Its probably just the batteries. Fine. Put on a long face. What do you want me to say? Can I ask you something? Feel free to ask. Go ahead. - You don't want me to call you grandpa. Grandfather equals coal stove, remember? What should I say then? - My name. What's my name? -You haven't told me. Haven't I told you my name? That sounds old. - You think Elsa sounds young? Can I ask you another thing? - My last name? Larrieu. It's a riddle. - I hate riddles. Do you know how Captain Hook died? He scratched his balls. - Where do you learn that? At school. I know another one. From Mamadou, who has everything big. Big arms, big legs and even... - Alright, I know that one already. I'm sure you don't know this one. Mamadou wants to get married. When do you breathe, anyway? You've been following me for two days and my ears are ringing. Now I tell you to be quiet. - Too bad, it was funny. I'm sure you would have laughed. What do you hear? The wind? The birds? And the insects? From now on, I only want to hear the wind, the birds and the insects. But, Julien, I... - Quiet. Be quiet. I never said stop walking, I said stop talking. Else, what are you doing there? - A pee. A nice shower, warm food, a real bed. Would you like that? I prefer a bath. - What else? Sauna? Jacuzzi? I jumped last week. - You're a parachute jumper. I'm afraid of heights. You know that. - We had a deal. Yes or no? - I don't know. Stop it now. Here we go. If you loved me you'd jump. Stop it, Bernard. Stop it now. Let me tell you this. Their love is hanging by a thread. One, two, three, there we go. Here. Say, what does NBA mean? National Basketball Association. It's English. What do you like about basketball? - Being big. Being small isn't nice. When I grow up I will be very big. How big? - As big as Edith Piaf. But Edith Piaf was very small. My mom claims she is the biggest singer in the world. How old are you Elsa? Eight? - Nine. I was born on May the 30th, I'm a Gemini and a dog. You know a lot about it. - We read our horoscopes every week. Do you believe in that stuff? - Mommy does. I like the comics. Why does it hang on a thread? For the couple. The parachute heroes. If you have to proof for someone's love you don't have any confidence in them. And where there's no confidence, there's no love. Who lives here? - It's a cabin for hikers. In high season it's always full but we're all alone here. My feet are so tired Dig in, sir. - It's probably better than ravioli. And your biggest heartache - I'm a heart surgeon. To me the heart is a muscle. - Yeah, and emotions are chemical. It was a joke. You're so sensitive. Hand on, I'm going outside. Where have you been? Do birds like ravioli? - I think Italian birds do. May I feed them a little? - Yes, sure. Go ahead. Your granddaughter is cute. Few kids address their grandfather with his first name. She could call you grandfather. - That's nice. Or pepe. - Yes, that sounds good. Give me Mikey. What's the market on red? Forget it. Give me blue. Sell 5.049... 10.049. Got it? What a long face. Bad news? - I just earned 350.000 dollar. I sold everything. Best move ever. - That's great. Those people yesterday, are they rich now? Apparently. - Why are there rich people and poor people? Because 'Liberte, egalite, fraternite' sounds good, but doesn't work. How can one become rich? - So what you like. But how does one become rich then? - I just told you. She is looking at us. She doesn't look at anyone, she smells something. When the wind turns she will know we are here and she'll will flee. Stand still. Those damn poachers. Go ahead, drink. Don't you want any water? Julien, why did they shoot the deer? For the money. - What does 'damn poachers' mean? Well, damn means that... - No, poacher. Poachers? They're people that kill animals while it's forbidden. That's why the deer died For a few stupid banknotes. Are you sad? You know, death is part of life. But it never knocks first. Many people live like they have an eternity ahead of them. but no one is sure whether they can finish their will. In 2050 people will live to be 150. - But that won't change anything. Life will always be a second, plus a second, plus another one. Tick tock, tick tock. Are you asleep? When I was young, even younger than now, I had a dream. It had a canary in it. You know, those yellow birds. I took it out of its cage, opened the window and my hand. And guess what. It didn't fly away, but stayed with me. I was happy. Do you know why? - No idea. If it wanted to stay with me it was because it loved me. It's lovely here. - Of course. It's like a calendar picture. - A calendar? This is better. What's it doing? - Flowers are like people. There's males and females. The flowers cannot move so... they can't make love. - That's one way of putting it. The butterfly helps. It takes the pollen from flower to flower. Like the mailman? - One who only delivers love letters. Try it. Scoop some air into the net. And when you catch a butterfly quickly take it down to the ground. Try again. I caught one. I got it. It's an Apollo butterfly. It's beautiful. There's cotton and cyanide. It will die a quick death. What is it? Poacher. Are we going? - I want to go back. What? - I want to go home. But there's nobody there. Not for at least four days. I want my mom. - She won't be there. I want to be there when she returns. - Are you coming or not? Come with me. You little... Ouch. Are you hurt? - Help me. Do you really want to go back? How will you find your way? - It's downhill. I'll get somewhere. And then? - Then I'll hitchhike home. I won't stop you. God luck. What are you waiting for? Go. Move it. I'll tell my mother you forced me to come with you. And the police will come after you. - Of course. Why? - For holding me hostage. I will tell them you kidnapped me and that you locked me up for money. And I will tell them the opposite. - They won't believe you. Adults believe what adults say. Not what kids say. And? - And what? Are we lost? - I think I've missed a path. It's all the same. - Now what will we do? What do you think? Go back where we came from. Go. Giddy up. Julien, please. How do I know you won't run away? - I'll give you my word. Alright, there we go. Wait. Over there. -Are you sure? I won't force you to come with me. This is the spot. Come on. There are two sorts of butterflies. - What's the difference? Diurnal butterflies fly during the day, Nocturnal butterflies only at night. When does the Isabel fly? - It's a crepuscular. That means it'll fly when the night falls. If it's not there before midnight it won't come. What does it eat? - It can't collect honey, so it doesn't eat. How long do they live? - Three days and three nights. That's not very long. It's the life of a butterfly. Did you bring sheets? Then why are we sleeping in sleeping bags? It's not for us. it's for the Isabel. Now we must be patient. Isabel is a strange name for a butterfly. The scientist who... The hunter who discovered it in 1839 was a Spaniard. He named it after the Spanish queen. My name is Elsa because my name was misspelled. I was supposed to be called Elisa but they forgot the i. But it's OK, Elsa is a nice name. Elisa, is that short for Elizabeth? - Yeah, I think so. And what's Elsa shot for? - No idea. Nothing I guess. That's better. - Why is it better? Because it's no fun being short. Nosy little creatures. The Isabel is much bigger. How big? - About the size of your hand. What if it doesn't show up? - We'll talk. They don't have ears. It's not coming. It's too late. Go to bed. First tell me a story. - I don't know any stories. Why did you get this old then? - Don't call me old. You could make one up. - Make up a story. Fine. But after that you'll go to sleep. Promised? It takes place on judgement day. - What's that? It's the last day on earth. This planet's career is over. All creatures meet with the Lord to see who's worked hard. The rabbit is up first. What have you done with your life? - I ran in the field and made kindles. Next is the bird. What have you done with your life? - I flew around and made little birds. The deer arrives. What have you done with your life? - I sang in the woods and made fawns. The dromedary. - Travelled and procreated. The wolf's up next. - What did you do with your life? On a winter's day I needed the strength to feed my young... and I ate a rabbit. The dog arrives. - What did you do with your life? I've listened to my master and made puppies. Then, man came. What did you do with your life? I've worked, earned money, defended myself and had children. What has become of your children? They died in the war. Then the Lord announces his verdict. The animals have worked hard, but man made too many mistakes. What does it matter anyway, everyone off to paradise. "Even man?" the animals cry. "Yes, even man", God says. It's my fault. I created earth in only seven days. Had I taken two weeks time, no one would have blamed me and maybe it would've been more of a success. Repeat after me. Cocoon yellow a weird fellow. - Cocoon yellow a weird fellow. Cocoon green isn't mean. - Cocoon green isn't mean. Cocoon red isn't mad. - Cocoon red isn't mad. They're strange creatures. Go head, shake the branch. Harder. Come on. Very good. Now watch. Watch closely. Down in the umbrella. And? It tickles. - Put it in the jar. What will you do with it? - We'll take them to Paris. Show them the Eiffel tower and watch them transform into butterflies. If you like you can take one or two to school. The kids in my class are dumb. The teacher told us about Napoleon. How he defeated the Austrians in Marengo. Do you know what Maxime asked her? No, what did he ask her? - What kind of car he drove. What kind of car? Napoleon? Elsa, come on. Why are we going through the forest? - It's faster. If it was to get a shower, thank you. Did you know it was going to pour down, Mrs know-it-all? It's over. Let's go - Look. Cows. - Is that what they look like? Of course they do. Flocon, foot. Please, come in. My mum. The clock's stopped and she keeps staring at it. It's almost like she's watching TV. Come in, sit down. Their tent on the other side of the valley. They're staying here tonight. You'll find them tomorrow. - Your hair is soaked. Sebastien, could you get me a towel? I'll be right back. Please take off your coat. Holiday homes, they're our future. Mama, come here. - They're always after the average man. Fine. - Next time we'll need a hotel education. Go. - Happy birthday daddy. Happy birthday. - Thanks. Happy birthday. Let me blow out the candles. One, two, three. Well done. Sebastien, take off the candles please. Do you want to cut it? - I'll open up the champagne. Can I have some too? - She loves champagne. How old are you today? - 43. Now go to bed. Good night. - Sweet dreams. Sleep tight, honey. - You too. Lights out in five minutes, OK? He was handsome, athletic. He travelled a lot and loved his work. And suddenly without a warning he fell into a black hole. He became manic depressive. They kept him in St. Anne for two weeks. Instead of his entire life. Half a year at home and in the hospital. One day he called me and said: save me from this hell hole. Daddy, I took everything that was in the medicine box. I want to die. Help me die. They hospitalised him and I've spoken with his psychiatrist. He said it would only deteriorate and he wouldn't come home again. I don't know why, but one other day he asked me: please bring me a butterfly. First I found one, then two. Then ten. That's how it all began. Months passed and he grew more and more sad. He never smiled anymore. I gave him a large picture book. And he showed me a large blue and green butterfly. "Bring this for me." It was an Isabel. I've searched three years but never found a single one. The type was extinct. One day I went into his room and noticed his bed was empty. He had passed away that night. The doctor told me he hadn't suffered much. He was 28, still a child. He would've been your age now. This clock is at least 150 years old, isn't it?. Look at this stamp. That's the monastery's. Mama, it's me. Elsa, where on earth are you? Talk to me, Elsa. - Won't you be mad at me? Do you know where you are? Tell me. - In a house. What house? - I don't know. I'm in the mountains. In the mountains? What mountains, Elsa? - I don't know. Wait. I'll tell you what to do. Are you still there? Hello? - I just wanted to tell you... Do you ever lie? Why do you ask? - No reason. Everyone lies about small or big things. The most important thing is not to lie to yourself. I have to tell you something. I lied to you. - I know. I know you're not nine yet. It's not a big lie. You have no idea? no trace? I don't know. Elsa is friendly, she smiles a lot. She's comfortable talking with adults. Maybe she trusted someone. What time is your appointment? - Would you like to say anything else? Please don't hurt my daughter. Don't hurt her. Here's the phone number once more. Don't hang up. What gourmet meal did you make me? What is this? - Eggs and sardines in oil. Eggs and sardines in oil? You mixed them? You told me that's what we would eat. But separate, not mixed. And? Well it's not that bad. Once, when my mum wasn't home I made eggs with chocolate. Chocolate eggs? That's hard to make. - No, with chocolate. It's fried eggs, but with cocoa on top. How old is your mother? - 25. Then she was a mother very early. It's because it was too late to have an abortion. What will happen with babies after an abortion? Nothing. That's not nice, being nothing. Why is the saying "to fall for someone', not to climb for them? I don't know. Mama fell in love and was pregnant immediately. Look. A shooting star. - What's that? It's God losing his hairs. - And what it is really? It's an Isabel. A female. Come, it's beautiful. Quick. Dear god. Watch where you're going. Where are you? Get away from me. Go away. You ruined it. No, go. Are you deaf? Do what you want. I won't beg you. Are you there? Climb up. I'll help you. I can't. I'm still down below. - Are you hurt? Julien, get me out of here. Get me out. Is your son there? There's been an accident... - I'm almost done. I'm listening. - A girl fell, in the mountains. She slipped and fell down into a cave. She's only bruised. She can hear you. You can talk to her. It's me, mum. Structure? - Instable. Too dangerous, it could collapse. The nearest entry is 7 km away. - 80 meters below. That'll take three days. - Any ideas? Can you hook her up? - Will you be OK? Go on. Slowly. Are you ready? - I'm afraid. Me too. How will you get up again? - They're lowering the line again. I'm ready. Go on, it's OK. Take it easy. Take it easy. It's all over now. I used to wear baggy jeans and sweaters. It was fashionable then. For six months nobody noticed. And your parents? Your mother? My father worked night shifts and my mother... Never cared about me. When I was 8 she left me in a store. Forgotten. I saw my belly and I ran away. - How old were you then? Sixteen. Why does she like basketball that much? Unfortunate children want to grow up fast. Do you think I'm not a very good mother? A good mother feeds her children and worries about their future. A good mother comforts, hugs and kisses her children. She's asked you for help. Try and talk to her. What should I say? Simply that you love her. - She knows I do. Would she have done all this if she knew? Three little words. I could never say those few words either. And, Julien? - Not yet, Elsa. Not just yet. How long then? One day, two days? Two or three days. Is it for today? - You're early. You have to wait a little bit longer. Do you really want to see how a butterfly is born? Come on in then. Watch, Elsa. Watch closely. We've travelled far to find it and now it is waiting for us here. Give me your hands. Fly. Where do you think it'll go? To someone that's been waiting for her a long time. You never told me your mother's name. - I didn't tell you? Then I think we've both found what we were looking for. Why does a chicken lay an egg? - Because they turn into chickens. Why do lovers kiss? - To make the doves coo. Why do lovely flowers die? - It's all part of the game. Why would there be a devil or a god? To make nosy tongues go faster. Why does wood burn in fire? - To keep us warm like a blanket. Why does the sea have low tide? - To make them beg for water. Why is the weeping willow gone? - To make room for another tree. Why does the wolf eat the lamb? - Because he has to eat something. Why the turtle and the hare? - Because little goes a long way. Why do angels have wings? - To make us believe in santa claus. Did you enjoy our trip? - Very much. We saw some lovely things, didn't we? - I would've liked to see crickets. Why crickets? - And dragonflies. Well, maybe next time. Can I ask you something? - Now what? Do you want to sing some more? - Absolutely not. Please. - No, no, no. It's the last verse. - Aren't you overdoing it a bit? Why does our heart go "tick tock"? - Because branches go "crack". Why does time fly by so quickly? - The wind is blowing it away. Why do you want me to hold you hand? - Because I feel great with you.

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Philippe Muyl

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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