Superman II

Synopsis: Picking up where "Superman: The Movie" left off, three criminals, General Zod (Terence Stamp), Ursa, (Sarah Douglas), and Non (Jack O'Halloran) from the planet Krypton are released from the Phantom Zone by a nuclear explosion in space. They descend upon Earth where they could finally rule. Superman, meanwhile, is in love with Lois Lane (Margot Kidder), who finds out who he really is. Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman) escapes from prison and is determined to destroy Superman by joining forces with the three criminals.
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
  3 wins & 6 nominations.
Rotten Tomatoes:
127 min

Alert, alert, alert!

You three criminals have been caught

in a further act of seditious treason.

General Zod, your only feeling

was contempt for our society.

Your only desire was to command.

Ursa, the only feeling you showed

was for your vicious general.

Your only wish, to rule at his side.

Non, you are as without thought

as you are without voice.

This council has no hesitation

in proclaiming you...

... all guilty!


You will lie down before me, Jor-El.

Both you and them one day, Jor-El.


- Here, I'll just get the door for you.

- Yeah, thanks...

Sorry, after you.

- 'Morning, Phil.

- Excuse me, Kent.

Hi, Alice. That's a very pretty blouse

you're wearing today...

Catch you later, Clark.

Hello. I don't know. Okay...

- 'Morning, Louise.

- I'll check it.

Mr. White, how long should

the pressroom hold the front page?

Give it another 10 minutes. I'll tell him.

Thank you.

If we don't get anything new

in the next 10 minutes...

...go with the wire service copy under

the 40 point banner. Picture in 3 columns.

Kent, do a background story for the page

three sidebar on this terrorist group.


Sorry. Terrorists?

Get your heads out of the clouds.

Where have you been?

I was at home.

Don't you watch TV?

I don't enjoy TV, there's too much violence.

I was just reading Dickens.

Mr. Kent, a gang of terrorists

seized the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

He knows where the Eiffel Tower is, Olsen.

You do, don't you, Kent?

- Yes. Has anyone been hurt?

- So far the hostages are unharmed.


- Tourists, about 20 of them.

- That's just penny ante stuff.

If the French government

doesn't meet their demands...

...they've got a Hydrogen bomb

to level Paris.

Mr. White, that's terrible!

That's why they call them terrorists, Kent.

Get to the morgue. I want to know

everything there is on terrorism...

Does Lois know about this yet?

- Does she know about it? She's in it!

- She's what?

When the story broke,

I bundled her on the first Concorde.

If Paris might go kablooey,

I want my best reporter there.

But gee...

No offense. You're good,

but Lois Lane is better.

No, I meant,

isn't that a little bit dangerous, sir?

That goes with the territory, Kent.

Don't worry, if I know Lois Lane,

she'll not only come back...

...with a Pulitzer Prize story,

but a one-on-one interview...

...with the hydrogen bomb titled:

"What Makes Me Tick."

Now don't stand around, Kent...

Merci, Merci.

How did they get up there?

They were disguised as workers

to do repairs.

Can you say why they released

the first hostages?

We insist they do this to show good faith.

If not, we refuse to negotiate.

Will they release the other hostages?

In return for a guarantee

that we will not launch an attack on them.

There will no be attack?

No attempt to overpower the terrorists?

- We've made this guarantee.

- You'll honor it?

We have not the choice to refuse.

If we believe it's a real

hydrogen bomb they have.

Where is the bomb?

It's in a big oil can.

A hydrogen bomb? Are you sure?

How can we be sure? Today it's possible

to make a bomb if you have the equipment.

- This could blow up all of Paris.

- Oui.

The position of your government?

Will they meet the demands?

I am not authorized

to say what they will do.

At this moment there is an emergency

meeting in the Elyse Palace.

Non, ce n'est pas possible.

Excusez-moi? No. No comprende.

Moi, journaliste Americaine.

Non, non, c'est interdit!

Compltement interdit.

Attends. Wait.

- Voil. Qu'est-ce que c'est le mot pour...

- Qu'est-ce que vous voulez?

- Stairs. Stairs?

- Stairs...

S-T... S-T-A...


We'll bring them down now.

Get in.

- Come on. Watch out for any tricks.

- Do we look like the sort...

I don't know what you look like.

You're being released, so shut up.

- Come on then, everybody out.

- Okay, we're ready.

This way.

Come on. Quick.

Look, you're being released. Get moving.

I'll take a last look around.

Okay, send them down.

Up we go.

Pulitzer Prize.

Capital P...

Should we have let the hostages go?

They'll give in to us

as soon as we plant the bomb.

It doesn't matter one way or the other.

Nobel Prize. Capital N...

...little o, little b...

...little e, little I.

Nobel. Nobel. Nobel, Nobel...


Be careful.

It's me that controls the bomb,

not the bomb that controls me.

I hope you have

not many sins left to be forgiven.

Because if you let go of that,

you'll have only 60 seconds to list them.

You are right. Do you hear something?

It sounded like

someone moving underneath.

It's your nerves.

Where are they now?

They are near to the lift.

One is still inside with the bomb.

Ils sont prs de l'ascenseur. Y en a un

dedans avec la bombe. Il y en a un qui sort.

The third one has come out of the lift now.

The third one is out now.

The bomb is still in there?

Yes, we think so.

This is the boring bit.

Tell them to get ready.

Standby. Attention! Prparez-vous.

Get ready.

Come on.

We'll cut the lead cable

when we get the word.

Haven't they had time to find the bomb?

Of course not. They haven't.

We've been watching them all the time.

Vas-y! Go. Now!

- It started!

- Oh, my God.

I believe this is your floor.

Thank God.

How did I get myself into this?

- Are you all right?

- Yes.

- A bomb! There's a bomb up there!

- I know.

Fresh melons here! Nice fresh melons...

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Jerry Siegel

Jerome Siegel (October 17, 1914 – January 28, 1996), who also used pseudonyms including Joe Carter and Jerry Ess, was an American writer of superhero comics. His most famous creation was Superman, which he created in collaboration with his friend Joe Shuster. He was inducted (with Shuster posthumously) into the comic book industry's Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1992 and the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1993. more…

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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  • Jett Woodward
    Jett Woodward
    In another script revision Zod,Non and Ursa fall into a disintigration pit when Superman takes their powers and Superman turns Luthor over to the North Pole police aine
    LikeReply3 years ago
  • Jett Woodward
    Jett Woodward
    Balloon Scene: Luthor and Otis inch along the prison wall. The searchlight passes them. 
    Luthor: Freeze! Freeze! Freeze!((Otis makes rabbit ears over Luthor's head, momentarily startling him. He swats Otis and they wait until the light passes and then Luthor inches along around the corner. Otis quickly follows,starts to call out Luthor's name. Luthor grabs him and pulls him around the corner In he searchtower the guards are watching sports ) 
    Otis: How are we gonna get over that wall?
    Luthor: How did we get in?
    Otis:We flew in.Don"t you remember?
    Luthor:Well that's how I want us to leaveOtis:Oh no! Not that guy! (He turns,but Luthor grabs him.) 
    Luthor:Of course not him you idiot!
    Miss.Teschnacher(Up above in a hot-air balloon):Pssst!
    Luthor (to Otis):Did you just go psst?
    Otis: I wish I had Mr.Luthor,before we left.
    Luthor:No!Not that psst! That psst!
    Otis:Oh.That psst
    Luthor:Yes! That psst!
    (For a moment,all 3 are going psst.)
    Luthor (to Otis): Don't go.psst when I go psst! 
    Otis:Oh. Okay.
    Luthor (nods and whispers to Otis):Go out there and find it.
    Otis:What am I looking for?
    Luthor:You'll know when you see it
    (Otis goes psst again.. Luthor rolls his eyes and Otis walks out into the open He looks around and shrugs. Behind him,Miss Tescgmacher has dropped a ladder. Otis turns back and bumps into the swinging ladder.)
    Otis:I think I found it.
    (Luthor nods,shushes him and hurries forward carrying his on a sling around his neck.)
    Otis:What is it?
    Luthor:It's a ladder you dummy
    Otis:Oh.(Looking up)Hi Miss.Teschmacher!
    (They shush him and he whispers)
    Otis:Hi. Miss.Teschmacher.(Luthor gives him an amused look and starts climbing up the ladder as Otisholdsit,momenray stifling a GASP as Luthor momentarily steps on his hand. )
    Miss.Teschmacher:Come on.Hurry up.Hold that ladder Otis.Come on hurry.
    (The guards in the tower are still oblivious as Luthor keeps climbing and finally makes it to the top and I to the balloon basket.
    Miss.Teschmacher(to Otis) Come up!
    Luthor:Come on!
    Otis:Here I come Mr. Luthor! (Otis starts up the ladder, but he's too heavy and it collapses under his weight and his tugging on it is sinking the balloon.
    Miss. Tescgmacher:Oh!Otis! We're sinking!
    Luthor:Get off!Get off!
    (Otis struggles with the ladder)
    Luthor:Get off! Get off!
    ((In the watchtower the guards are alerted that something is going on band start searching with the spotlight again.Luthor climbs over the balloon basket and kicks at the ladder untill it comes loose and both Otis and the ladder fall to the ground with an oof.The alarm goes off as Luthor and Miss.Teschmacher fly upward. Otis disintangles himself from the ladder,looks up and forlornly but understandingly waves goodbye.Luthor and Miss.Teschmacher wave back as the police come out with guard dogs on leashes and surround the sheepish Otis and apprehend him. Luthor and Miss.Teschmacher fly over the prison wall and out of
    LikeReply3 years ago


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